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The whole cave is one route, so one catch, thats how most people do it. But it's your rules, so each floor can be a different route if you want.
I'm currently running a Nuzlock in Fire Red. I'm currently doing pretty good so far, as I've only lost one pokemon, my Zubat Bat-man. However, I am rather nervous about losing pokemon (naturally) and may be spending TOO much time grinding, possibly ruining future captures.:pirate:

Anyway, I was hoping that I could get some tips on what to do with my team. There is no breeding or trades, and since it's Nuzlock I can't get a bunch of pokemon of the same type to try and get a good nature, so I have to ignore that. As such, I need advice based solely on the pokemon in question to help maximize my team. Currently I'm preparing for the Psychic Gym, but I've never been good with Ghost types. I'd appreciate any help or advice I could get.

Pokemon Alive:
Kadabra (sleep powdered that Abra!)

Pokemon Dead:

Any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Note: I posted this elsewhere earlier, not knowing there was a Nuzlock thread. Sorry.
I just started a Nuzlocke of LeafGreen, and I've decided to keep track of my progress so the cops will have some record of my descent into insanity.

So far, nothing has died. If this were an action movie, the music would be building to a crescendo as some idiot goes "It's too quiet"

I'll be updating this post every two badges, with my team, my progress, and my graveyard. I fully expect to get destroyed.

Somebody wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

EDIT: The game has glitched, and just collapses every time I try to move past a certain point in the SS. Anne.
I Googled the problem, it's possible my game is a bootleg copy of LeafGreen.
If I had paid more than five bucks for it, I'd be angry. Even so, what a waste of time...
Just died in my Platinum Nuzlocke. I had already lost Staravia, Turtwig, Pachirisu, Budew, and Psyduck and all I had left was Ponyta, Onix and Bibarel (all level 16) + some random underleveled Pokemon when I challenged Saturn. Obviously she completely decimated me.


Texas Cloverleaf

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My LeafGreen challenge is going swimmingly :P

I caught a Diglett to smack Surge...which died while grinding leaving me with a Mankey and a Wartortle...which by the time Lt.Suurge went down were both level 28 >.<

Seriously, grinding 4 levels at the start of the game pays off so much in the long run, I havent killed a single wild Pokemon since Route 2.
About to start an SS Nuzlocke, but since it's my first try at one:
1. I don't have to catch the first pokemon in a route if I have one already
2. I cannot buy, but can use healing items
3. I can use Pokecenters indefinitely

Just wondering, what's the verdict on Pokewalker use?
No idea....
Also you forgot nickname all pokemons and if they faint they die, and i am confused by the first one......
I meant for these to be in addition to all standard rules. And the first one just means that if I encounter a rattata as my first pokemon in a route, but I already have one, then I can catch the next thing I see instead.

Firenze the Totodile, Mortimer the Hoothoot and Gigalith the Geodude are all doin great. About to fight Falkner!
Hey guys, was looking for a quick tip, right now on my team, yet to faint I have a Tirtouga, Servine, Litwick, Galvantula,and Krokorok, and I'm in twist mountain. I'm not sure what Pokemon I should put in as my sixth team member, I don't have much in my storage box, other than a Swoobat, Gurdurr(That I caught as a Gurdurr, not trained), and something else. Any suggestions would be appreciated on what I should attempt to put on my team, thanks :D.
Both Swoobat and Gurdurr would be fine choices on your team even though one is a bit weak and the other one is unevolved.
Hey Smogonites!

Fresh off my first Scramble challenge, I figured I'd try for something a little more difficult, so I decided to start up a Nuzlocke! I'm not sure if I want to turn this into a story or not (if I do multiple Nuzlockes), but I figured having some sort of presentation would help keep me motivated to follow the rules.

And my rules are simple:
1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and goes to the Cemetery in the PC.
2. I can only catch the first Pokemon I see in any route or area. If I mess up, tough, move on.

So far I'm rocking a LeafGreen Nuzlocke, in my attempt to tackle all five regions in the game (with Johto being the last one, but we'll see how far I get).

The results early on have been encouraging. My team just sort of got, big. I'm carrying a full six Pokemon who seem to be handle every situation thus far. It hasn't all been easy, but with 0 deaths so far, it's at least been encouraging.

Myself after Lt. Surge, and my six Pokemon:

Boxed Pokemon don't really matter at the moment, but I will reveal them if they are ever needed.

Next up is Rock Tunnel after a short detour through Diglett Cave to get Flash!
Started a Nuzlocke in Saphire a little while ago, using standard rules, adding the rules:
-No buying items, all finding
-Unlimited use of pokecenter
-No duplicates, ever! Even if the one I have dies/faints, I can't catch a new one.

As to the last rule, I caught a Whismur on route 16, so I can't catch a pokémon in the Rusturf tunnel.

I got past Roxanne with my awesome Combusken. Everything else sucked, so no awesome story. Spamming Double Kick just works.

Team so far:
-Chuck, formerly the Torchuck, now a Jolly Combusken
-Morticia, the female Ralts with the Trace ability (my jaw dropped too...)
-Stripe, the Zigzagoon, that I had to recatch (lvl 5 female), because I forgot to nickname ><
-Jet, the Jolly Tailow. Yup, let the evil times roll!
-Roxanne (thank you Sting+Police) the Whismur. Caught on route 16, so thanks for blocking me in the rusturftunnel ><
-Leviath, it's his middle name. First name: No. 17, last name: Dragon. He's a Quirky Magikarp that loves long walks on the beach and romcoms.

Boxed, not dead:
-Yami, the Sableye. Remember kids, back in the day sableye had Keen Eye, not Prankster, so it sucked. Used repel to get a level lower, hoping for an Aron...

Right now, I will be training my pokemon to a level where they can compete with Brawly, as right now they are all floating around level 12/13 (Magikarp 9), with the exception of Combusken at 18, but I don't want to break the challenge by just getting Blaziken before Mauville...
So, I started a Leaf Green Nuzlocke challenge a LONG time ago, and I have to say I've fucking dominated, with only two deaths - a Rattata and a Persian, the latter was sadly lost in Silph Co to one of the Rocket Brothers' Selfdestruct attacks. Damn terrorists. At this point however, my team is around level 50 - Venusaur, Dodrio, Electrode, Starmie (MODEST! By the way, Starmie totally breaks Blue/Yellow/Leaf Green Nuzlockes, js), Hitmonlee and Hypno, and I'm currently grinding to level 55 for the Elite 4. I need a better grinding place though, it's taking forever.

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Will be restarting my Black and White nuzlocke that has already started being written into a story of if I'm going to publish it, but depending on if I like it or not, I may. My last nuzlocke ended in my starter falling to the second gym which I admit was my fault (sorry Blue...closes eyes for my dear dewott...), and then a series of sorry deaths by crits to the rest of my team. I carried on until I had only one pokemon left, a trusty herdier by the name of Harper, at which point I just gave up. :( To be honest, I would have continued if it was Blue left, because I wrote so fucking much about him. But it wasn't...and...and...


Note to self: NEVER write an elaborate story based on your pokemon, and then be a terrible trainer and leave them all to die. It hurts.

Oh well, restart is coming. Unova, I CHALLENGE YOU!
OK, so I decided to give this a try and started a Nuzlocke Challenge run of Fire Red (only free cartridge I had available to use) and instead of writing a story about it, I decided that I would instead record my gameplay (using my capture card and playing it in my GameCube) and narrate it. The links to what I have uploaded so far are down below. I do have the second episode actually recorded, but I have yet to edit it due to my focus being moreso on my final exams this week, though I'm hoping to edit it and get it uploaded by this weekend. Also, I apologize for the terrible mic quality. I just bought a new mic yesterday and, after testing it, it works far better than the one I used for the first video so I will use it for the remainder of my videos during this run. Also, there will probably be some technical difficulties at times when I export the videos because I'm not fully used to my editing software (Pinnacle Studio 14) and what it can do, but that will come with experience... as will my capabilities to narrate, because this is the first time I've ever tried to narrate something. But, as they say, practice makes perfect.

Edit: My second video is now uploaded, and I've added the link down below. Didn't feel right making another post over it since there aren't that many posts after mine anyways right now.

My Rules Video
Episode 1
Episode 2


It's all coming back to me now
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Part TWO

Chandelures powerful attack simply picked up Jenn and then sent it spinning through the air to crash into the wall. Shauntal gave a smirk before Jenn gave a groan. The attack had done massive damage, but Jenn was still o.k. Learning against the wall for support, Jenn got back to its feet, then lashed out at Chandelure, its fist glowing purple. Thanks to Jenn moving second, Payback received a power boost, which Jenn took full advantage of, smashing into Chandelure with all the attack power it could muster. Chandelure was sent flying and did not get back up. Thanks to the gritty determination of Jenn I was still in this.


I was rather confident as I stepped up to face off against Grimsley. I knew that he was a Dark type trainer and I had two of the most bulkiest fighting types in the entire game. Rather confident, I stepped up to Grimsley, and challenged him, our battle beginning right away.

Grimsley sent out his first pokemon, a Scrafty. I was tempted to send out my own Scrafty, Jenn, but decided against it, instead opting for Jude, the mighty Throh.

I hurled my ball and Jude appeared, landing heavily on the ground before sinking into a crouch, ready for his opponents first move. Grimsley eyed up Jude, and I knew that he was searching for any weaknesses he could spot. Abruptly, Grimsley yelled and order and Scrafty charged toward Jude. Scrafty thrust its fist forward, attempting to land a powerful punch, but Jude was up to the task, blocking the blow with his own fist, before lashing out with a punch of his own, which stunned Scrafty, Trying to take advantage of the stunning blow, Jude tried to connect with a second punch, however Scrafty slammed its tail into the ground, flicking up sand into Judes eyes, causing his attack to go wide.

Scrafty withdrew a little, giving itself a little bit of space, while Jude desperately tried to get the sand out of its eyes. Suddenly, Scrafty darted forward, landing a sudden punch on Jude causing it to give a groan of pain. The attack had hurt Jude, but the damage was not severe, and Jude lashed out, grasping Scrafty into a tight hold, before throwing it bodily across the room. Scrafty crashed into the dirt, knocked out.

Frustration was evident on Grimsleys face as his first pokemon had been dispatched with ease. Under pressure, he sent out a powerful Liepard to face off against Jude.
I had faced many Liepard on my journey, and wondered why Grimsley was choosing to sent it out now. Curious, but prepared for an unexpected move, I kept Jude in, confident that it could take any attack that Liepard could unleash. Jude kept low, ready to strike the moment Liepard attacked. Grimsley took a little while to make his move, but when it was a good one. Liepard leaped into the air, before slamming into Jude, who grunted from the power of the Aerial Ace. Jude staggered a little, before counter attacked with a powerful Revenge, which crunched into Liepards side. Not being know for being very bulky, the single attack removed it from the battle.

Grimsley now looked pissed, but still confident. Jude had taken a fair bit of damage, and with its slow speed was in danger of fainted before it could hit back at an opposing pokemon. Grimsley threw a ball, revealing a powerful Bisharp. Bisharp looked to be Grimsley’s strongest pokemon, and I decided to call on my second fighting pokemon, Jenn.

Jenn appeared in a blaze of red light as I recalled Jude, its work done. Jenn stared down Bisharp, who gave an evil smirk. Without waiting for a command, both pokemon charged towards each other, Fists flying, both pokemon hurled themselves into a no holds barred fist fight, Bisharps Night Slash was blocked by Jenns Crunch, while Jenns Brick Break was stopped clean by Bisharps Aerial Ace.

The two pokemon traded blows, both trying to find an opening in each others defence while Grimsley and I screamed out orders. Both pokemon were evenly matched, but Jenns fighting aura was steadily draining Bisharps energy, the powerful fighting attacks wearing it out. Aiming to use this to my advantage, I ordered a powerful brick break from close range. Bisharp twirled in the air and blocked the blow with an Aerial Ace. The two blows connected and both pokemon were thrust backwards due to the power of the two strikes. Jenn however, wasted no time, lashing out with a powerful kick at Bisharps head. Caught by surprise, Bisharp was slow to react, blocking the attack, but only barely. Flat-footed, Jenn followed up with a Brick Bteak into its opponents chest, crushing Bisharp into scrap.

Jenn was worn out but the battle was not yet over. Grimsley still had one final pokemon he could call on and he made use of it now, sending in a Krookodile to battle. Krookodile revealed Intimidate so I knew that there was no danger of it going out of control and ripping through my team. Jenn was ready to go on but I was worried for its health and so withdrew it in favour of Typhoon. My oldest friend faced down the terrifying crocodile creature. The end was not long in coming, Krookodile slammed its feet into the ground, sending a powerful Earthquake rippling through the field. Typhoon swayed, before retaliating with a powerful blast of water, which proved too strong for the ground type to resist, granting me victory. With half the Elite Four defeated, my challenge was almost over.
About to start an SS Nuzlocke, but since it's my first try at one:
1. I don't have to catch the first pokemon in a route if I have one already
2. I cannot buy, but can use healing items
3. I can use Pokecenters indefinitely

Just wondering, what's the verdict on Pokewalker use?
I did half a PokéWalker only SoulSilver (faulty ROM failed me) and had one each route (first I saw ofc). It was great fun. my only concern would be that with routes + pokewalker you could end up with alot of pokemon in your box.
So, I started a Leaf Green Nuzlocke challenge a LONG time ago, and I have to say I've fucking dominated, with only two deaths - a Rattata and a Persian, the latter was sadly lost in Silph Co to one of the Rocket Brothers' Selfdestruct attacks. Damn terrorists. At this point however, my team is around level 50 - Venusaur, Dodrio, Electrode, Starmie (MODEST! By the way, Starmie totally breaks Blue/Yellow/Leaf Green Nuzlockes, js), Hitmonlee and Hypno, and I'm currently grinding to level 55 for the Elite 4. I need a better grinding place though, it's taking forever.
Yeah, seriously, I could do with some tips for grinding prior to the E4. It's getting fucking old.

In the meantime I also have a Diamond Nuzlocke going on that I forgot about. I've reached Snowpoint, and the team is Crobat, Rapidash, Gyarados, Bronzong, Lucario, and I think I'm going to add one of the Snovers I've caught, mostly for the electric resistance, but also the sexy 100 accuracy Blizzards. I lost my starter (Turtwig) to a Pachirisu's Bide (I know. Humiliating. Wouldn't have happened if Razor Leaf had fucking hit.) and apart from that, the only deaths have been a Geodude (heartlessly sacrificed to Roark's Cranidos while I healed Turtwig), a Buizel (vs. another Pachirisu, but at least it was to Spark...) and a Meditite that for the life of me I can't remember how I lost.

One thing I'm really enjoying about this Nuzlocke is that it's forced me to use Pokémon I'd never consider using otherwise, like Bronzong and Rapidash, who have proved themselves to be fucking bros. Bronzong refuses to die, is my main Gyarados check, and once it learned Extrasensory as a Bronzor, hit surprisingly hard. Plus 70 accuracy Hypnosis :D. Rapidash pretty much soloed the ice routes, and would have soloed Byron's whole damn gym if they didn't all use Onix -_- And then he soloed Byron himself. Bronzor? Fire Blast! Steelix? Fire Blast! Bastiodon? TWO Fire Blasts, and the first one missed. Megahorn isn't bad either...
Might as well post about the state of my current Plat Nuzlocke, even tho it's already in endgame XD

Currently standing right in front of the E4 entrance with my team fully ground up to appropriate levels and set up with decent items. I've been narrating the game on IRC, so a lot of my mons are named after Smogon users :P

Shii the Empoleon, lvl 60
@ Wise Glasses
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Flash Cannon
- Aqua Jet

Spiffy the Ambipom, lvl 59
@ Silk Scarf
- Return
- Brick Break
- Astonish (haha)
- Last Resort

Uncle Sam the Magnezone, lvl 61
@ Choice Specs
- Thunderbolt
- Discharge
- Thunder Wave
- Mirror Shot

Blitzen the Rapidash, lvl 56
@ Expert Belt
- Flare Blitz
- Fire Blast
- Megahorn
- Bounce

Paperblade the Mamoswine, lvl 57
@ Shell Bell
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard
- Ice Fang
- Ancient Power

Echo the Crobat, lvl 44
@ Amulet Coin
- Cross Poison
- Fly
- Confuse Ray
- Mean Look

So it's not the greatest team, but other than a pretty horrendous fighting weakness I'm happy with the team.

Blitzen and Shii are expected to do 90% of the work, taking out Aaron, Bertha, and Flint. Shii has proven to be ridiculously bulky even against SE moves. Lucian will be a bit of a pain, but Sam's specs Tbolts are unstoppable and Blitzen's there for Zong, even though I have serious concerns about Zong surviving and OHKOing with EQ. Paperblade's main purpose is to WRECK Garchomp with Ice Shard, and Spiffy's there to spam disgustingly strong Returns. Echo is the second Crobat I've had, since my first died to selfdestruct, and I've never really used him too much, and was too lazy to grind something that would really only take out 1-2 E4 mons. Assuming I'm in need of a boost toward the end of the E4, I have 10 rare candies than I'm ready to spam onto any one member and get the boost I expect I'll need @_@

Up until now I've had only 4 losses, but they've been painful. Wilma the Shinx died right away during grinding, but that wasn't the end of the world. Batman the Crobat died to a Graveler selfdestruct on Route 214. Science the Jolteon died to a Screech/Ice Punch combo from Cyrus's Sneasel because I narrowly missed a 2HKO. And finally Quags the Gastrodon was killed when his Mud Bomb failed to OHKO and Bastiodon hit back with Metal Burst x_X

I have to say, this is the most satisfying Nuzlocke I've done. I finished FireRed, then failed Emerald and Black, and I honestly forget how SoulSilver turned out (pretty sure I beat the Kanto gyms but didn't bother with Red). My only complaints are that I got 4 Bidoof and a Bibarel, yet never managed to get anything from the freaking Starly line. I want Intimidate.

So yeah, Cynthia here I come ;_;
Sorry for forgetting about this, Smogon!

Just me as the player and Gary Oak as rival
As I started my Nuzlocke, my game of survival
You know how it started, I got Bulbasaur
Named CRITTER, got my first Pokemon, now some more
I got a Spearow on one route, hooray
But I distinctly remember pushing Pidgey away
'Cause that was on Route 2, I wanted something new
In the forest Metapod appeared out of the blue
These three I wanted to stay till Mewtwo
All that's happened so far is true.
Then out of the forest, and into the Gym of Rock
Whenever Brock used an attack I would block
Because I had Vine Whip, his Pokemon were older
So I managed to get the badge made of a boulder.

On the next route, I got a Mankey again
I named it PIGNOSE like last time, and then
I added it to that list of a hero
With BUG EYED my Butterfree and FLYAWAY my Spearow
Got through the tunnel, CRITTER evolved, Misty's dreams would fade
I got the badge also known as Cascade.

So I did not tarry, started grinding to beat Gary
I evolved my Spearow, every move he made I'd parry
And it worked, yes, you'd better believe it
The SS Ticket, I did recieve it
But I went on that boat with great disdain
I went over to Diglett's Cave, and well
Let's just say it helped a lot when Surge fell.

I trained up a Bellsprout, thought it might have some might
Never expected that Critical Bite
VEGETABLES the Bellsprout, such a shame
You never managed to rise to fame.
But there was no time, for all this worry
34 lines, only at Rock Tunnel, let's hurry
But what's happened here, more awesome than Snape
Diglett's now Dugtrio, Mankey now Primeape.
Even through the bad things that happened in the past
BUG EYED and FLYAWAY killed the Grass gym real fast.

We were all so annoyed, it was a real bad intrusion
When PIGNOSE died to Selfdestruct, and a Dragonair to confusion
A Dragonair, yes, from the game corner you see
Oh DRAGINI, the snake, we hardly knew ye.
It got much worse when I tried to keep my cool
Gary appeared again, killed two great pals that rule
FLYAWAY the Fearow, my first ever catch
You would've thought that Charizard knew Snatch
Since it took away my best Pokemon so easily
And EONMON a Jolteon, the hero-would-be.
Unfortunately, that Jolteon died too
But never mind four, that was only a few.
SURRRRRRGE the Dugtrio, BUG EYED the Butterfree
Both taken down by... have a guess, who was he?
Koga, that's right, well I put up a fight
But SENSEI, Hitmonlee, also taken into the light
That Snorlax, I caught it, well who would have thought it
I thought it could kill dragons, but I guess I bought it
So DRAGONKILL, Snorlax, the range was so wide
That even ALPHA KARP, my Gyarados, died.
After all this fighting, it was hurting my brain
At the end of Koga, only Venusaur did remain.

So I rebuilt my team, but while training, some died
DEATH RAT, Raticate, I felt so bad inside
Even DUPES my next Spearow was fried.
So many dead (12 so far) I could've cried.
I would rely on a Lapras, nicknamed WAVES
To make all those real tricky saves
It was even Modest, but I'm no hacker
I got Modest Aerodactyl, still a physical attacker
That was called ZOMBIE ONE, Oma-thingy, ZOMBIE TWO
But I only used ONE, you're surprised because that's new
Physical stuff beats Psychic gyms any day
So I got my Badge Number Six, well hooray.

I trained up a Mankey called PIGNORSE, who's not lesser
But instead named after a predecessor.
Flew back over to Cinnabar, challenged the gym
Let's just say it's a shame that Fire-types can't swim.
Blaine tried to fight WAVES, but there was no worth
Fighting Rain Dance STAB super effective Surf.

Let's cover the other new additions to our team
It wasn't all as easy as it would seem
UBER TIER, Nidoqueen, for a start
And survived Selfdestruct, only just, played a part!
These five names, the team nearly done
Found Ponyta, pushed all the others aside
But in it's first gym battle, poor AWESOME died.
Yeah, it's time on the team was hardly seen
But it still means the death count just rose to thirteen.
So I got a Venonat called THURSDAY instead, that's alright
It evolved, used Psychic, oh what a sight
So thirteen deaths, but we've made it, yet
So I let out with a loud cheer, 8th badge get!

But Gary was waiting outside Victory Road
His team wasn't great, and it really showed
I beat him with no deaths, that time
To lose one to him would have been a crime.
So that's 8 badges, there are no more
I'll recount the story of the Elite 4.

Lorelei: Started with WAVES, had to switch real quick
To UBER TIER, KOed with Earthquake (Didn't learn Mega Kick)
So Cloyster was beaten quite well, with no grief
Sleep Powder first, KOed with Razor Leaf.
Then a Lapras mirror match, both level 54
But my Lapras, WAVES, was awesome more.
Lorelei had one more, but her hope sinks
ZOMBIE ONE crit AncientPower, and I beat Jynx

Bruno: I started with THURSDAY but an Onix lead
It had to mean CRITTER was the one I'd need
One hit KO, CRITTER is no traitor
That would go the same, for the other Onix later
THURSDAY used Psychic, Hitmonchan used Rock Tomb
But my Venomoth dodged and that fighting type went Boom
Machamp was slightly harder to beat
But I didn't take too much damage, that's neat.
Now ZOMBIE ONE against Hitmonlee, why?
I just wanted to end things with Fly.

Agatha: Started with Gengar Shadow Punching
It coulda been worse, I guess, coulda been Crunching
But Venomoth really is the best, but had to rest
'Cause next woulda been Golbat, the pest
So I switched to UBER TIER, using Ice Beam
When you're in the Elite 4, you work as a team
I healed UBER TIER, coulda been worse
Because Haunter lowered it's own health by using a Curse
I must say, it really did make my day
Because I switched to WAVES, Rain Danced and Surfed away
UBER TIER Earthquaked, to deal with an Arbok
Was only 12 Pokemon away from finishing a Nuzlocke
After that, Gengar vs. WAVES, how nice
Hypnosis missed not once, twice, but thrice.
I couldn't really tell if it really was worth
OHKOed by Same Type Attack Bonus Rain Dance boosted Surf!

Lance: Don't heal your Gyarados, don't waste a Full Restore
But good enough for me, if you like your Gyarados more
Lance never saw the weakness in his team
I soloed most of it with WAVES using Ice Beam
That's four, but I saw, that Lance said there was one more
Not Gary again! Oh well, I could try, or
Say, I give up, I lose,
The losing option was the one I wouldn't choose.

Gary: Why must you Sand Attack me?
Well you have a Pidgeot, I guess it happens naturally.
I use Thunderbolt, then you switched to Ground
Rhydon, yeah, but I turned things around.
Surfing was the way to go
Until Exeggutor, oh no.
If Giga Drain would just stop, it's so annoying
If it weren't for this, my team would be destroying
Eventually I managed to gain control
And take down Exeggutor, I was on a roll
Next was Alakazam, Psychic type
This could be the thing to cause a wipe.
But fortunately, WAVES took Psychics again and again
I beat it, and then Pidgeot, it was looking good, but suddenly then
Gyarados, getting Full Restored, three times
I was seriously angry for it's crimes
Thunderbolt, finally, taking it down at last
But then suddenly, flash back to the past
FLYAWAY the Fearow, my first ever catch
You would've thought that Charizard knew Snatch
Since it took away my best Pokemon so easily
And EONMON a Jolteon, the hero-would-be.
So we're back here at the present day
One more Pokemon, then it's over, hooray
Go to ZOMBIE ONE, to finish this game
But AncientPower didn't do the same
Aerodactyl couldn't KO with it's attack
But then suddenly, I had another flashback
I remembered, that thing had Fire Blast
That attack could be Aerodactyl's last.
He attacked, Aerodactyl engulfed in flames
Or ZOMBIE ONE, Pokemon by their names.
Out of 161, 59 HP stayed
I was suddenly glad for the game I had played.
AncientPower to win, yes I won, it's true.
But I still had to beat one last challenge, MEWTWO.

I traveled to the cave, Level 56s away
Running into no Wobbuffets on the way
Although it may have caused me pain
I tried to solo it with old WAVES, was I insane
I set up the rain, I had nothing to gain
But as I battled Mewtwo, I knew
Only one combination could beat it, it was true.
Mewtwo clearly saw, it wouldn't be worth
Fighting same type attack bonus Rain boosted SURF.

Just me as the player and Gary Oak as the rival
I'd finished my Nuzlocke, my game of survival
You know how it ends, I had Venusaur
Named CRITTER, and five more, when I beat the Elite 4
Lapras from Silph Co., nicknamed WAVES
It always made those awesome saves
Nidoqueen, UBER TIER, Primeape, PIGNORSE
But you all know, there are two more, of course.
THURSDAY, Venomoth, with which I beat
All of the people in the League and Elite.
And last but not least, Aerodactyl, ZOMBIE ONE.
I now declare this Nuzlocke DONE.

Merry Christmas, Smogon :D
My Diamond Nuzlocke came to an abrupt end at Cyrus on Mt. Coronet tonight. Fucking stupid losses though...

First Yeti the Abomasnow, to a wild Graveler on Mt. Coronet. I used Razor Leaf. It survives with 1 HP and uses Explosion. OHKO.

Then there was Shergar the Rapidash, killed by a critical Poison Jab from Jupiter's Skuntank. Whore.

Saleh the Lucario met a similar fate at its Flamethrower.

Fianna the Crobat soloed the rest of the battle (Barry proved less than useless), then fell to a Drill Peck from Cyrus' Honchkrow, leaving me with only Wally the Bronzong and Herp the Bibarel (HM Slave). Wally bossed his way through the team only to miss a Hypnosis against Gyarados, and fall to a critical Aqua Tail.

In the box, the only usable Pokémon is Fluffy the Gyarados... I HAVE FAILED!
So, I've been doing an Emerald Nuzlocke for quite a while now, and it occurs to me that I haven't made a post about it on Smogon! Shocking!

Well, the problem is it's pretty image intensive. But I guess it will be fine if I just put it all in spoiler tags. So here you go!

If you can't read the weird font I used in the first one, my rules are:

1. Catch only the first Pokémon in each new area
2. If a Pokémon faints, it may no longer be used
3. No buying items (unless you have 0 Pokéballs before entering a new area)
4. In gym leader battles, you are limited to using the same number of Pokémon as the leader has
5. In gym leader battles, you may not use any Pokémon of a higher level than the gym leader's highest

WARNING: My drawing skills are terrible. My computer drawing skills are even worse!

So, what do you think? Should I continue posting these here?
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