NYC Elite 4 (Round 1) VGC Tournament Stream is Now Live!

The stream is now live! The tournament will be running from now until 7pm EST.

Click the image above to head over to the livestream! Be sure to give the channel a follow! -_^b
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what if he kicks the ghost
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For those who missed the event, here's the grand finals:

Events long over now, but wanted to complement you guys on the stream. I only peeped in and out on Saturday but what I saw was pretty great. My only criticism is that early on you had some iffy commentary that rambled a bit too much / yelled into the mike, but adjustments were made and you had some really chill, enjoyable commentators towards the end (and whoever that initial commentator was, it's nothing that can't be fixed with a little practice). Eager for the next one of these to come around!
yea it wasn't bad. i wasn't watching it near the beginning but near the end the in game music was super loud and i couldn't hear the commentary. the music should compliment the commentary, not be a distraction. no other complaints otherwise :]
Thanks for the feedback! We are definitely looking to improve upon the mistakes from last stream, so be sure to check out more in the future! =)

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