Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!

Suction Cups: Negates moves that force switching out such as Whirlwind and Roar. Also negates the Red Card item's effect.
Sniper: The power of critical hit moves is tripled instead of doubled
(DW): Inconsistent: It's stats go up and down (Can anyone test this ability to see how exactly it's supposed to work?)

HP: 75
AtK: 105
Def: 75
SpA: 105
SpD: 75
Spe: 45

-It's name. I mean Octillery? That right there is badass.
-Reliable attacking stats in both areas at a decent base 105
-One of the finest offensive movepools that does not lack in type variety

-Is ridiculously slow
-While it's defenses aren't beyond awful, they aren't good either
-No stat buffing moves aside from charge beam

Important moves

By level up
Gunk shot
Rock Blast
Bullet Seed
Signal Beam
Ice Beam

By tm
Ice Beam
Boiling Water
Knock Down
Sludge Wave
Sludge Bomb
Fire Blast
Energy Ball
Charge Beam
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon

Egg Moves
Water Spout
Acid Bomb

4th gen only
Icy Wind
Seed bomb
String shot (You've gotta be fucking kidding me..)

He didn't have a topic and I just couldn't resist. Let's all discuss the uses of this badass and how he can work in 5th gen. He may not have gotten a +3 stat buffing move, nor a lot of new weapons to abuse in this generation, but he could still have some application...right?

I'm no good with EVs, but I imagine he'll work as an excellent baton pass recipient. Sniper is meh and Octillery didn't get Ice breath. I don't know how Inconsistent works. But Suction Cups keeps him from being phased.

With the new +3 tail glow and gorebyss/huntail being able to baton pass shell break/white herb to him, maybe he can pull off something.
At the end of each turn the pokemon with this ability will increase a random stat [2 stages] and decrease a random stat [1 stage]. The random stat includes Accuracy & Evasion.
That could potentially be amazing- -atk +2 speed or something or potentially awful. Sounds like it might be fun to play with though!
Sounds pretty... Inconsistent. lol

But yeah, could be fun for gimmicks, but I don't see anyone giving up on Suction Cups soon for competitive play.
A Sub Protect White Herb set could prove fun. Sub and protect until you get that +2 Evasion boost, laugh, hope you get it again, laugh as you can't be touched.
Octillery learns Water Spout?

That's one Trick Room'd user I don't want to face! Practically a Kyogre level of scary.
Well, Octilerry is a good "user" for Inconsistent.

If it gets speed boosts, cool. Even if it drops your attack or something, because you can go mixed to ensure the drop won't crap all over your attacks.

Defense and Special Defense (not that bulky), Speed(this thing is slow anyway)... all stats are doable if decreased, the same way all stats are useful if raised.

Doesn't seem a bad ability overall to me.
Just stall with sub protect until you get a bunch of boosts and then start laughing in your opponent's face.
Ah, my usernamesake. :P

Inconsistent isn't quite as bad as I feared, but Suction Cups will still probably be the go-to.

Tempted to make a Trick Room Pass team just for him.
I mean, pass this thing a SD/CU + speed boost from Blaziken and it's a beast if your luck is right. Waterfall + Fire Blast is a sick combo that takes advantage of any stat boost Octillery can get, getting defensive boosts helps it tank Water attacks since Fire/Water doesn't cover other Water types.

+2 Attack = Waterfall
+2 Defense = Tanking Priority/Gyara
+2 Sp.A = Fire Blast
+2 Sp.D = Tanking Vacuum Wave
+2 Speed = Sweeping
+2 Accuracy = Fire Blast
+2 Evasion = Haxing

Add SubProtect, and you should accrue enough boosts to sweep as long as Cune and to a lesser extent Pert don't show up. (Well, Quag too)
Hello everyone.

I believe Octillery getting the new move "Submersion" is very noteworthy. Out of the 9 evolution lines that get this move (which changes the opponent's type to Water) Octillery alone can threaten with Charge Beam and Energy Ball for super effective damage. Not only this, but robbing the opponent of STAB is of course useful to its defenses.

A bulky build with a bit of Special Attack could go far, I believe. While uncertain of the ideal EV spread or defense-boosting nature, an effective moveset for Octillery built around Submersion could look like this:

-Charge Beam
-Energy Ball/Acid Bomb
-Boiling Water

Trap opponent into being Water type, either hit them hard with Charge Beam and possibly get a boost to special attack, or scare them off after an Acid Bomb and try to burn whatever comes in with Boiling Water or start again with Submersion. Energy Ball seems a good choice despite the redundant coverage that Submersion + Charge Beam has, as it can hit water/ground types for 4X.


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I feel like people are trying to spread Octillery far too thin to take advantage of Inconsistent; while you are prepared for any stat boost/drop, and make it so that Octillery can averagely use everything, you are also making it so that it excels in nothing.

Vehemoth, I think your set is very interesting, and could cripple a lot of things.
What happens when Submersion is used on a Pokemon with dual typing? Does it simply become Water, or is only one typing changed?
First of all, do the stat boosts and drops from inconsistent stay or are they reset each time there is a different boost?

I think Octillery will get see some more use even if inconsistent doesn't work well. Trick Room seems much more useful this generation with all of the new slow and powerful Pokemon and Octillery definitely works well on those teams.
I'd rather have Octillery with Suction Cups. Sudden Impulse sounds like a risky gimmick to me, especially if it's been Baton Passed the Shell Break boosts (when one of the boosted stats would be lowered).
I prefer Suction Cups as an ability (if just to laugh in the face of Skarmory and Swampert and OHKO them) to Inconsistent, but it could theoretically get some use. Octillery was already beast in TR, so Inconsisten can potentially make it much better (or much worse)


Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!
After a shelll break, max speed octillery hits 414 speed, getting him out sped by base 100 speed CS users. I don't like baton passing to him with water spout thanks to entry hazards either. But water spout could probably do well in doubles/triple battles.

Inconsistent seems like a fun ability to play around with. But obviously, I'm not seeing its reliable application.
Inconsistent looks interesting. It isn't brilliant, but can be unexpected.

Octillery @ Expert Belt
128 Attack 128 Sp. Attack 252 Speed
~Ice Beam
~Energy Ball

Protect for the random boost, then try to sweep (?). Mixed set to ensure that all attacks won't be nerfed by the random loss.


Volt turn in every tier! I'm in despair!
With that set, the worst thing that can happen to you is an accuracy boost in exchange for a nerf to anything.

Gimmmicky, but I'm considering actually using Octozooka now since Inconsistent grants evasion and accuracy modifers.
It could lower accuracy, which would probably be a giant pain, considering that it nerfs all of your attacks except Swift or whatever. Looks like a better ability for Smeargle, as he can baton pass it accordingly, and maybe use Acupressure for more inconsistency! (Of course, Tail Glow and Butterfly Dance boost more stages more reliably.)
I don't think you guys are seeing what I'm seeing. Inconsistency seems amazing.

You can live with any stat being lowered (except maybe sp. atk or acc), but a +2 most stats would be awesome.

In average, it's a +1 every turn, just like speed boost. A bit more unreliable, but the difference is that it could be better than speed boost, or worse. I think it's an ability at about adaptability or guts level.

A protect, seed bomb, surf, ice beam/fire blast set could be fantastic (seed bomb to take advantage of eventual attack boosts)
Trick Room Water Spout user. And a damn good one. I used to use Specs, but I switched to Life Orb.
Thats because choiced water move sucks, with Burukeru on every team. And there are so many water absorbers.

Also, seed bomb isn't compatible with inconsistant (4th gen only).

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