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I have lots of stuff I'd like to transfer but will limit to the main essentials once I can determine which ones. Among them includes mostly breeding fodder such as dittos or those caught in 4th generation balls or for egg moves. The only thing I really have for offer is a 5iv modest xerneas I caught and managed to get some clones of as displayed in my closed trade topic. Most of my good stuff is still in prior gens.
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Hey, I have a box of pokemon, i want to transfer over to my gen 6 x and y, please check my thread and choose any 2 shiny pokemon you like, I know you have a long line, I just want to put my name in the line, thank you.
Hillo there.

Ive got ~3 boxes in total, but am perfectly fine with doing 1 box at first, if ur busy.

I can offer a 5iv Gourgeist-H and clones of any transferred pokemon:)
Full list:
Edit: Oh, also a few that arent transferred to gen5 yet:
Shiny emerald mew, shiny firered mewtwo, shiny hp ice manectric, shiny mawile, shiny mudkip.
U can also order almost ANY pokemon Except gen3 restricted events and colosseum/Xd.
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I need to transfer 20 pokemon. I don't have much but i can give you my Shiny Palkia in box 1 shiny warturtle in y. Here is my friend code 3DS:4871-3609-9773
White FC:4514-1062-7079
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I need quite a few pokemon transferred over man. Let me know if you're able to comply. Most are breeding fodder dittos and stuff I want to breed but they are mostly all rng'd shinies so pm me when you're free
I'd need to transfer a box, may offer a couple of flawless Dittos or some EV trained legendaries from my old VGC teams.
I have a few boxes of pokes i need to transfer. Probably could get away with one box if you are interested. Things include HP Ice/fire Celebis, latia(o)s', shiny gen 5 stuff.
If you transport my dragonite for me I will give you a perfect magikarp that can become a great gyarados. It is adament. I have you added on both accounts so it will be quick
I'd like to enter the queue for your wonderful services. Is it ok a shiny Skerlp 5IV and a shiny Froakie 5IV for your help?
Would like 20 pokémon transfered (can lower the amount if any of us don't have enought time, then I'll just adjust the "reward" accordingly ). You can pick 6 pokémon off you choice (Either from any of my 6th gen pokes or the 5th gen pokes that are listed at post #4) I could probably offer more than 6 pokes if you pick the 5th gen ones as its a pain to clone in XY :P


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Hello there, ma'am!

I'd like to request your Pokébank services (not for me, but for a friend as i don't have 6th Gen games ATM. :P) to transfer like 10-15 of my Pokémon from my Black 2 if that's not too much trouble for you.

In exchange for your help, feel free to take 8 of my Pokémon, Any of them (except my Trophy Case stuff), from my temporarily defunct 5th Gen Trade Thread with whatever moves you want, nicknamed, fully trained or not, etc. Or you can also ask for something that's not listed there and i'll see if i'm able to get it myself.

Thank you in advance! and i hope you have enough spare time to help me with that. :)
I would be interested in this service, likely somewhere between half a box and a full one. I am sure the queue is long, so just send me a message when you are nearing me and we can work something out.
Hi, I'm in need of your services. I only need a single Pokemon transferred over, and it's a perfect japanese Ditto. You can keep a clone of it as payment.
hi there. I noticed you haven't been around for a while now. I hope everything is ok!?

if it isn't too much trouble.. is it possible to get 1 pokemon transported please?
I have a selection of shinies you can browse in my trade thread and select one.

i hope we can help each other out!
Hey. this is a pretty cool thing you got going on here. Its the only one I have been able to find lol. I have 1 full Box of Pokemon I need transferred, along with 7 other Pokemon.

Since that's technically more than 1 box of Pokemon, I;m offering the following:
- 4 IV Shiny Cloyster, Naughty, and with Skill Link, and it's OU moveset.
- 4 IV Shiny Volcarona, Mild, with it's OU moveset.
- 4 IV Shiny Ferrothorn, Sassy with it's OU moveset.

Im a very cautious guy, so I have cloned all my Pokemon over to my Black Version 2, for trading purposes like this. So since I have nothing to lose, I will even trade you the Shiny's first. Although that may have already been your policy lol.

FC: 4742 - 6455 - 5683
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Hi there... I've got 9 Pokémon that I really need transferred over to my X version! Is there anything you'd like as payment from my thread? =)
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