DOU Official Doubles Winter Seasonal [Round 3] [Losers' Bracket Only Round]

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won, ggs i have to go to class so i can't post replays so maybe pwnemon or someone could for me

shoutouts snake pwnemon and edgar for the teams

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I can't see whoever my opponent is -- search function was not helpful either. Whoever shifty112 is and whether they have a username change or not I'd like to know, thanks. Stratos perhaps you could help / make a call?

EDIT: Never mind, contacted opponent. Thanks for the help on Showdown.
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Well, I gotta request the activity win again sadly. I've been posting consistently on my opp's wall in these past few days, but we still haven't been able to see each other. We decided on battling yesterday, but he was only available at ~midnight my time while I was available for about 3 hours at, at least what I believe to be a reasonable time. However, he didn't completely ignore me or not reply, so I guess Stratos has to decide on this one. I am no longer available to play today, and I have waited 2ish hours hoping for him to come online, so I have to go for the activity :( Anyway up to you Stratos
yeah croven was going to get the activity win at the end of last round anyways if void hadnt posted right before the deadline, i probably shouldnt have extended it in the first place


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Opp hasn't been on since Monday and never responded to my VM (which I had sent before he was last online and in theory should have been seen)

Already posted on FAJI's wall, but he hasn't responded. I call the activity win.

EDIT: He just posted, so nvm.
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