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I love that Kyrie chose to leave Cleveland. He was clearly sick of playing in LeBron's shadow, yet there were LBJ supporters who hated on him for that, while at the same time hated on KD for joining a 73-win regular season team. Obviously LeBron is great, but sometimes I do feel like he's too ball-dominant and only looks for assist passes rather than actually share the ball. Kyrie is a guy who idolised Kobe growing up, of course he'd want to be the alpha dog on a team after watching people discredit his idol's first three rings because he was "carried".

Drummond replaces Wall as an All Star, and now Kevin Love will miss 6-8 weeks. Cavs secretly rejoicing over the injury, too, probably.

Oh, and Harden just posted the first ever 60-point triple double.
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I bet Simmons will replace Love for the all-star game, since I don't see Dragic replacing him. Or of course, Griffin could sub in for him too. Btw, LeBron is right about loyalty in the league, since they're basically non-existent at the moment right now. Especially, after what the Clippers did to Blake when he decided to stay. (Shout out to Dirk and the Mavs though)
I've been saying that for a while but I don't get quoted :(

Adam Silver is just picking based on who the next highest vote-getter is in the coaches vote.
LeBron tried to voodoo Isaiah Thomas but got Isaiah Canaan instead :(

All Star Saturday participants

Slam Dunk Contest: Aaron Gordon, Larry Nance Jr, Victor Oladipo, Dennis Smith Jr

Skills Challenge: Spencer Dinwiddie, Joel Embiid, Al Horford, Lauri Markkanen, Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray, Kristaps Porzingis, Lou Williams

3-Point Shootout: Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, Wayne Ellington, Paul George, Eric Gordon, Tobias Harris, Kyle Lowry, Klay Thompson

Lowry making it back after a dismal 9-point performance last year!
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Seeing all this stuff behind the Blake Griffin's trade to Detroit, especially after that EMBARASSING fake retirement ceremony of his number by the Clippers, I ask myself: How much a player is right to be loyal with a franchise and a few seconds later being stabbed in the back by them and be seen as the wrong part in the situation for some retards?

I mean, Kevin Durant was called a snake for a whole year for his lack of "loyalty" with OKC and really soon we saw not only Blake being discarded but Isaiah Thomas also going to Cleveland as a pocket change for Kyrie Irving.

My final thoughts? Loyalty to teams my ass, players have to be loyal to their families and just to them.
Confirmed torn ACL in Kristaps Porzingis's left knee.

LeBron really out here trying to voodoo his Cavaliers teammates but ends up voodooing his Team LeBron teammates. Oh, and they turned a 21-point lead into an 18-point loss today, scoring 9 points in the 4th quarter lmaoooo.
Love Luke's decision to bench Tyler Ennis for good and start Josh Hart, who has had 3 straight double-doubles in points and rebounds since getting the start (we even call him Josh Barkley now). Ingram at PG also seems to be working so far, as an extension of last year's (failed) experiment. Randle is increasing his trade value every minute, to the point where I want to keep him forever.

Oh, and Giannis did this.
Ennis is a decent backup PG at best and has no business being a starter. Reminds me of when Ramon sessions came in for a season and fled the spotlight as soon as possible lol.

As for.the warriors. I feel like draymond's game will age the worst and should be allowed to walk in FA. Yeah he's the proverbial heart of the team but passion can only take you so far. Keeping klay, Wardell and Durant is a better nucleus imo
Holy fuck you Lakers fans are some kind of deluded

Enjoy watching us in the playoffs with your asses firmly planted on your couches
I'll definitely enjoy watching your mediocre team get bounced in one of the first two rounds. Also did you hear George say he wouldn't rule out being a Laker next year? An early flame out in the playoffs by OKC means those rumours are more likely to come true.
Another thing to consider is how cheap the okc owner has been in past. I doubt he's going to keep rolling over the luxury tax just to keep a team that can't make it past the second round. He traded fucking james harden to save a few bucks for fucks sake. And with the loss of Roberson the team will have a harder time hiding Westbrook on defense come playoff time.
Aaaaaaand we just gave up Clarkson and Nance to get IT's expiring deal. Clarkson was a nice piece but I'm sad to see nance go. I really liked what he brought to the team and could have been useful going forward. Guess we'll have to see how bad this trade looks in a couple of years
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In all seriousness, I do feel bad for I.T on how he's fallen from grace from his Celtic's years. But snitches his attitude in the locker room was really wearing the cavs down both on and off the court. As a cavs fan myself, good riddance.

Also, Tyreke is still in Memphis.
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