Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread

Heat also have a mediocre coach.
I agree with everything else you've said, but I'm not sure if this is fair. In 2008, the Heatt went 15-67. The next year, Spoelstra's first as coach, they made the playoffs, and did so again before the Big 3 landed in his lap. Then he was able to manage three superstars and lead the team to four consecutive final appearances; I think a lesser coach wouldn't've been able to handle the pressure and the team would have imploded. Not saying he's going to be considered an all-time great or anything (although he did make history as the first Asian-American head coach in all of the big four sports which is pretty cool) but he's definitely better than mediocre. This upcoming season should really tell us how good a coach he is.
they went 15-67 with D-Wade heavily injured and shooting worse than usual (because of injury? tanking? whatever), and nobody on the team started more than 53 games

remember that team that made ("won") the finals was basically all in on Wade and Shaq, and Shaq got worse that season too

Spolestra is mediocre as fuck and this season will not tell us shit; in a conference this bad, Wade+Bosh+Deng defense will still win 45 games as long as Wade is healthy 50 games and Bosh is healthy 75 games

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