Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread


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For my fantasy teams sake and my stance as a basketball fan, please for the love of god stop giving James Harden the ball with 6 seconds left on the shot clock. Thnx


Tree Young
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why man? don't you like him giving up the ball to dwight for corner threes with the shot clock winding down?

I lost it when I watched that lol, didn't think it would be on YouTube already. But yeah, it forces him to take horrible contested shots, ugly to watch and ugly for my fg%. The rockets need to keep moving the ball with the three point shooting threats they have on the floor.


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Knicks shouldn't even have been in overtime, Bucks straight up missed two wide open looks at the end of the 4th lol. There was also the one play against the Wizards on Monday where Udrih clearly calls for help defense because he knows he can't guard Beal alone, and Bargnani simply stands there and guards Gortat near the fucking three point line. And don't even get me started with Mike Woodson's brain fart holy shit. f.m.l


Tree Young
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Time for the Lakers to tank. Who the hell plays PG since Blake, Farmar, and now Kobe are injured? Meeks??? lol
Kendall Marshall to the rescue. Also if anyone bitches about injuries on their team again, I will fucking flip it. Nash, Blake, Farmar, Kobe all out. Is this even real life.....
lol it's lakers downfall. they need to rebuild. I thought lakers will be fine after kobe returned, but he got injured again.

Pacers for Championship ;)

What a fucking awful slate of NBA games today... It's a joke that the NBA does not flex appropriate games into its Christmas day schedule and it's criminal that teams like the Pacers and Blazers weren't incorporated while shitfests like the Knicks and Nets get blown out on national television.
The schedule's made long beforehand. No one expected the Bulls, Knicks, and Nets to be this bad or for the Blazers to start off ridiculously well. No one expected Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, AND Brook Lopez to all be out when Christmas rolled around.

I agree that the games were still awful nonetheless (Heat vs. Lakers wasn't too bad, all things considered) and that the Pacers really should've gotten a spot just considering how good the team was last year.
The schedule's made long beforehand.
I know. That's the point I was trying to make. Just as Sunday Night Football on NBC flexed the Bears vs Eagles game bumping out Patriots vs Ravens, that's what I want ESPN to do for these Christmas day games. Pick up the games featuring the teams doing well a couple weeks in advance. Nobody wants to see Shaun Livingston attempt to play basketball on national television.
I'm pretty appalled at the games the NBA scheduled regardless. Even with Kobe back, there's no way Heat-Lakers was going to be as entertaining as Heat-Thunder or Heat-Pacers. If the NBA is going to schedule a Heat-Thunder showdown, why wouldn't they just make it on Christmas? That alone would've made the whole day significantly better for basketball, regardless of how the other matchups ended up looking.

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