Official Smash Bros Tournaments for 3DS/Wii U (UPDATED 04/09/2015)

Im joining the 3DS Tour, and my Pokemon Showdown Username is Starry Melody. My friend code is 4270 - 1610 - 9798. I shall be using Zero Suit Samus for the Flower Power Cup. :)
ayy, I'm in for wii u, sadly I can't compete in the 3ds tournament. Villager
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Sorry but can I make a character change for the 3DS tournament? Instead of Zero Suit Samus; I'll be playing Lucina. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. lol
I'll be participating for the 3DS tour.
PS Username: NotMo
I'll be using Peach.
IGN: Nathan
FC: 3282 3533 7615
I'm joining the Wii U tour.
My PS name is Echks.
And my Wii U name is Echks.
My name for anything that you may require is Echks.
I'm using Zero Suit Samus.
i had to create an account just so i could join. i hope i dont forget it.

gonna be on 3DS
PS name: SmogonFag
Friend Code: 2122-6688-8323
Character: Peach

i hope i dont get last place on my first tour

if im not allowed to enter because of my username please register me under the name CrazyMuffin , i'll change account when fighting.
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Due to popular demand,Wendy, Sheik and FEMALE Miis are allowed now. If you want to change your character, tell me.
Im gonna join the Wii U Tourney.
PS Username: Piko10e
I'm going to be using Female Villager cause she's awesome

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