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With the first edition of the Official Smogon Doubles Tournament finishing next week, so I thought now is a good time to get this thread started. Here you can post cool replays you want to share, teams you used, and even cool sets that you think deserve more usage. You can even post cool ideas you never got around to testing/using. Happy Posting!
I'm gonna share the two teams I used for OSDT and towards the end of seasonals here since I've been getting lazy and using them way too much recently so making them public will (hopefully) force me to actually build.


This team was designed to beat any Zygarde/Heatran/Kartana teams and does the job well. The idea is just to permanently cripple any offensive threats with thunder wave early on so Buzzwole and Dragapult can outspeed them even under tailwind later on. You also have two trick room setters who are really there to reverse opposing trick room since everything on this team is pretty fast, though there might be some situations where you want to set trick room yourself. I wouldn't recommend using this team now though since Fini usage is rising and this team does not do well against it.


The original version of this team for seasonals used freeze dry Kyurem but I switched it to dragon dance for OSDT. Unlike the last team I think this team could still be viable with a few changes since it does rely a bit too much on Amoonguss against Urshifu.

Don't really have many replays to share since I pretty much lucked my way to top 16 with matchups but I did have a good game against pj in round 3. I was impressed with how he played considering he isn't a DOU player and I would've lost if I didn't get lucky. Unfortunately I don't have the replay of game 2 which was a much cleaner game.
My run was ended at top 8 after some relatively poor play from my end vs Qwello but I figured I'd share replays and maybe give some insight since the rest of my run was quite good. Not all of the teams used were mine I used a combination of teams from me, umbry, gma, and nido so I won't be pasting them.

R1 vs Spurrific
Game 1: :drifblim: :tapu-lele: :necrozma: :kartana: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zygarde:
Game 2: :kyurem-black: :rillaboom: :incineroar: :tapu-fini: :metagross: :ribombee:
Game 3: :venusaur: :ninetales: :kyurem-black: :tapu-lele: :naganadel: :mew:

Round 1 I got probably my second best opponent all tour in Spurrific, who also was in a discord server I'm in that a lot of people used to bounce osdt ideas off of which was annoying to say the least. I figured he'd bring some stuff similar to my sample and at the time drifblim had some minor hype (it's p bad don't use it) so I wanted to bring that g1 to catch anything like that and discourage him from using anything like that again g2,g3. I ended up running into a different offensive drifblim team with regidrago and ended up losing in a close battle where I had to guess if his urshifu was banded/lo or scarfed (I stand by the fact that his urshifu definitely should've been band/lo.)

G2 I just brought the most comfortable closest to balance team I had and ran into garbage mon comfey. I forgot how to play first half of the game but luckily for me I remembered how half way through and comfey is garbage so I was able to bring it back.

G3 I brought an epic sun team I made that I knew should have a good mu against most of what he was comfortable with and I was just winning with it vs a lot of people in tests so might as well bring it. I did indeed end up running into a p good mu for it other than pult which I put to sleep anyway. I think I played this fine (except for t4 what the fuck is that t4) since it was a good team and mu I feel I just made the more obvious play every time not really needing to predict because I was always in a pretty good position.

R2 vs Blimax

Was just gonna bring solid teams ended up getting a nice act win instead, ez.

R3 vs Human
Game 1: :metagross: :tapu-fini: :zapdos: :dragapult: :kartana: :moltres-galar:
Game 2: :dragapult: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :kartana: :spectrier: :togekiss:

Round 3 I got another actual DOU player in human my main thought process was just to bring something really good vs the team he brought g1 since he publicly played a round before and used that team every game. The team seemed quite gmoltes weak and this team while I don't think is the greatest definitely had a great mu vs what I wanted and wasn't too bad in other mus. I did end up getting the exact mu I wanted even though I didn't change my zap to the good set (hurricane no tect) the team was able to pick up a pretty free win. This replay also shows kart destroying and snowballing despite two hard "kart checks". Ban kart.

G2 I just wanted to bring this ghost spam team because it's really fun and good against any team without a ghost immunity and not too many dark resists which is a lot of teams rn. I assumed me bringing the g1 team I did would discourage him from using the indeedee team but I still ended up running into double dark. Thankfully I was able to get chip on both the dark types really early so the game became manageable and I won, also once again comfey is a shit mon.

R4 vs Paraplegic
Game 1: :kartana: :ninetales-alola: :kyurem-black: :zapdos-galar: :rillaboom: :zygarde:
Game 2: :volcarona: :rillaboom: :genesect: :zygarde: :zeraora: :urshifu-rapid-strike:

Round 4 yet again I get paired up with one of the better dou players in the tour in Paraplegic. My prep for him was relatively simple, he doesn't use fire types lets abuse that. G1 I loaded up a fun hail team that I was having success with in tests, it has a couple of bad mus but none to something I would expect para to bring. The mu I got was pretty good expect for an annoying metagross that was a threat but I was able to focus it down and kill it t2 which made the rest of the game quite easy from there.

G2 I loaded up broken genesect because as I found out from Nido by now it is broken and it really just destroys if there's not much fire types. This team in particular did have a bad rain mu too but I thought there was no way he brings rain either: " Ray — 07/18/2021 It auto loses to rain But he shouldn't bring rain umbry — 07/18/2021 He's para He won't rain" . Well he rained. Luckily for me Para did not register genesect as the threat and broken genesect fucking ohkos kingdra so after t1 the mu went from in his favour to basically an autowin for me and that was that.

R5 vs Shadowmonstr
Game 1: :naganadel: :rillaboom: :volcanion: :zapdos-galar: :kyurem-black: :togekiss:
Game 2: :volcarona: :rillaboom: :genesect: :zygarde: :zeraora: :urshifu-rapid-strike:

Round 5 and you guessed it another p good dou mainer. I was quite fine with shadow at this point though because I know I'm favoured vs him and with no replays being required yet I was confident I would have the teambuilding and meta jump on him too. The plan was really simple just bring teams I liked, the g1 team was actually built for g3 against para and was a really cool team that can play around almost anything that's not diancie which it gets 6-0d by. On this version it had a cool surprise nasty plot air cutter togekiss set that I liked vs para cuz another one of his weaknesses is usually stacking flying weaks and no real flying checks and I just decided to keep it vs shadow though it ended up being useless. I don't think my mu was too great but I played it incredibly well.

G2 I just brought broken genesect especially since shadow wouldn't have known about it yet and it destroyed. I really should've 6-0d but I'm bad and didn't press the moves that won because I got cocky ig and assumed I could just do anything and win at this point.

R6 vs Qwello Lee
Game 1: :naganadel: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :rillaboom: :tapu-fini: :zygarde: :heatran:
Game 2: :naganadel: :rillaboom: :volcanion: :zapdos-galar: :kyurem-black: :togekiss:

R6 I get Qwello and at this point I'm pissed because my run has already been arguably the hardest and now I get the one person I didn't want my friend and snake teammate Qwello. At this point I was starting to experience some burnout and motivation loss especially because I decided to do a really stupid thing this meta and felt like I needed to build a team that had a winnable mu against everything. The more I tried the less and less motivated I was because it is essentially impossible and I should've just been doing what I was always doing prep wise. By the time game time came around I was still mostly at a loss because there really is nothing that beats everything that I could think of, and kinda just randomly picked a team before the game I think this team is p cool despite being basic I think fini and urshifu on the same team is fine if u can handle grasspam well enough (fini helps urshifu deal with rilla anyway). I did end up losing though I'm not too upset about my play this game Qwello played well early on and got a decent lead and then all my predicts and plays to try and get back into a decent position failed and I lost. Specs fini was also just really annoying for me to deal with.

G2 I brought the same team I brought vs Shadow but with better sets. I tested with the original sets a lot vs Qwello and I figured he'd play based off of the sets he saw. After taking advantage of that I got myself into a position I should never lose but Qwello played perfectly and I did not play well and ended up losing the set in 2. Definitely wasn't the way I wanted it to end but overall I enjoyed my time playing in osdt as it was nice to have a competition that felt like it mattered a lot more and to prep and test with my friends a lot.

s/o to umbry Nido-Rus and Grandmas Cookin for some of the teams I used, s/o to the rest of uf for all the help and support, and s/o to my non dou cheerleaders chlo and 100%GXE for cheering me on and being cool people. edit: and hs
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This is basically a replay dump I used 2 teams a rain team and semiroom psyspam more focused on tr cuz ppl love tw these days. I think rain is very strong and theres tons of ways to build it. for the ppl that think urshi is broken well its even more insane on rain. psy seed dian is gr8 esp if you have other bulky mons that you can baton pass the boosts to, this team doesnt so wp could be good too. in terms of anti meta mons ppl started using like naga latis blim buzz drago etc i think most r trash but naga is legit good.

r1 vs crunchman

r2 vs tqew

r3 vs jrl (i threw cuz bad)


Banned deucer.
Hello here sawamura/Zikam, Although you already know me today I will share with you my journey through the OSDT and my teams with which I was able to become top 4.

In summary I never thought I would have Peake the Top 4 of this first edition because my performance in the Circuit has been very low and with external problems that always complicate everything together I have been able to give confidence to my build to be able to give an accurate hit and to return to the Circuit.

Round 1 vs Zoaw

The first game I decided to make with the team with which I was working on the volcanion QC and it kept me active during a long period without creations. I took Landorus in his worst moment and through the expectation of zoaw I did not know what to play him and after the loss to Kyurem B left me a bad taste in my mouth to recover the Breath in a match Up Neutral and Closed.

Game 1: The first game I decided to make with the team with which I was working on the volcanion QC and it kept me active during a long period without creations. I took Landorus in his worst moment and through the expectation of zoaw I did not know what to play him and after the loss to Kyurem B left me a bad taste in my mouth to recover the Breath in a match Up Neutral and Closed.

:landorus-therian::rillaboom::kyurem-black::diancie::volcanion::metagross: - :kyurem-black::tapu-fini::rillaboom::incineroar::metagross::porygon2:

Thread Team to More Description

Game 2: In the second game of this match up I was somewhat inclined to Psyquic Spam because I felt that it was one of the most confident teams at that time and I felt a good potential seeing that the Meteor Beam was something that could put Kyurem B and Incineroar in trouble, however the Match Up was something super favorable seeing that I could counteract its Trick Room very weird and that was what gave me the victory.

:heatran::urshifu-rapid-strike::kartana::indeedee-f::necrozma::amoonguss: - :Tapu-Lele::Indeedee-F::Necrozma::Regieleki::Stakataka::Torkoal:

Team Credits To ZeeFable For and Actuarilly

Game 3: repeating the same team I found a matchup which I knew perfectly well since I had seen and played it in ladder. It was very easy to fight with the Psy Spam because it gave me more confidence to continue on the path.

:Heatran::Urshifu-rapid-strike::Kartana::Indeedee-F::Necrozma::Amoonguss:- :Incineroar::Landorus::Tsareena::Weezing-Galar::Tapu-Koko::Urshifu-rapid-strike:

Round 2 vs Quairo: Before Quairo I am not going to lie to you I felt some pressure because he eliminated me in a seasonal in this year in Round 3 since I was going through a bad moment and he didn't even give me time to prepare myself. All of this was just a bad pass and I was able to get the victory capitalizing with one of my best teams that I currently have.

Game 1: In the first one I faced a Standar Match Up which I was able to handle well, making some good positions and capitalizing on serious mistakes by Quairo which helped me to concentrate on a very favorable match up.

:Kyurem-Black::Incineroar::Tapu-Fini::Amoonguss::Zapdos::Celesteela:- :Zygarde::Heatran::Zeraora::Tapu-Fini::Kartana::Rillaboom:
Click For More description

Game 2: this match up was something I knew but at the same time I didn't and I totally trusted that I made mistakes because of that to such a degree of a missclick as I am used to doing it unintentionally.

:Zygarde::Heatran::Zeraora::Tapu-Fini::Kartana::Rillaboom:- :Urshifu-rapid-strike::Tsareena::Heatran::Zapdos::Kyurem-Black::Grimmsnarl:

Game 3: Once again my hunch was "Psy Spam is very strong right now" and my thinking didn't change so I went for it and it came out just as I planned and I wanted to prove that this team was the strongest or is for me at the moment.

:Heatran::Urshifu-rapid-strike::Kartana::Indeedee-F::Necrozma::Amoonguss:- :Zapdos::Tapu-Fini::Zygarde::Heatran::Tsareena::Kyurem-Black:

I do not intend to post team that is not mine. :D

Round 3 vs Grandmass Coocking: For me I think this was the only match where programming without losing the Internet could be possible and I said to myself "I must win yes or yes". Grandmass is an excellent player and I had to beat him for all the effort he had put in and well, the good things came to be expected. I also want to give an EXCELLENT "THANK YOU" to Grandmas Cookin for waiting and making the game happen and we were able to play because he was able to wait for me to solve one of my many external problems.

Game 1: Here first of all I didn't know which team to use because I didn't even have time because of how busy I was and I decided to bet on myself and my team which was the one with the lowest winrate in the smogon competitive games. But given the surprise I got a very favorable MU in my favor in which Metagross has been the great figure in everything that had been going on so far and which was the winning card of this Mu.

:landorus-therian::rillaboom::kyurem-black::diancie::volcanion::metagross:- :Metagross::Tapu-Fini::Zapdos::Dragapult::Kartana::Moltres-Galar:

Team show Up

Game 2: The second one was something that nobody expected, I basically together with SMB are fans of the Trick Room and I was inclined to it and I did not hesitate to use it seeing that I had not played it for a long time. I assumed that the grandmas teams did not have a solid MU to this play stile and everything went as expected.

:Torkoal::Hatterene::Porygon2::Indeedee-F::Diancie::Scrafty: - :Latias::Heatran::Zygarde::Kartana::Zeraora::Urshifu-rapid.strike:

Ask for SMB if I can Show This :D

Round Vs Hys: I had no idea who Hys was but I figured if he was here playing against me it was for a reason so I literally didn't trust him and went for it, I knew nothing about his MU, nothing about his game, absolutely nothing about how he played since I only saw him in some gen7 games and maybe in the WCOP but I can't find him.

Game 1: In the first MU I took out the team with less confidence, I knew the weebs were hanging around but I didn't assume he would use it so metagross was the best pick I had to be able to face this Mu without knowing it so I could comfortably win this game.

:landorus-therian::rillaboom::kyurem-black::diancie::volcanion::metagross: - :Ribombee::Heatran::Kyurem-Black::Rillaboom::Kartana::Nihilego:

team is UP

Game 2: In a second game I wanted to implement the same ideology "No one is doing Counter Pick AL Trick Room" and after playing Balanced I thought I could repeat Team so I went for the JRL Trick Match Up that I had saved a couple of months ago and I went for it and it was literally an easy thing to win. Hys did a great tour and is to be admired.

:Diancie::Indeedee-F::Torkoal::Amoonguss::Porygon2::Necrozma: - :genesect::Zapdos-Galar::Incineroar::Tapu-Fini::Kyurem-Black::Kartana:

Ask For JRL to the Team

Top 16 vs Mukkuro: This was generally one of my most difficult and complicated to play since I just hadn't seen mukkuro in a long time and knew I could have a favorable match up. What I couldn't know was that he would give me more trouble than I could get with any Top Player like Nido Qwello SMB JRL. Sincerelly Ty Mukkuro It had been a while since I had a game where I was stressed and had fun at the same time.

Game 1: in this game I decided to bet on the team that went from being the best to the worst but mukkuro knew how to counteract that and threw me a BP Iron Defense kommo that literally blew up all my mu even though I had several mechanical errors mukkuro knew how to take advantage of them and took the win by showing his excellent preparation.

:landorus-therian::rillaboom::kyurem-black::diancie::volcanion::metagross: - :Kommo-o::Rillaboom::Kartana::Heatran::Zeraora::Zygarde:

Game 2: After losing in a match up where I was left with insecurities I decided to go for the Zee/Actuarilly Factor which was the best I could have opted for where a reegistel was the headache after losing Heatran and my necroz took the Team down like a real carry and hero of the match.

Pd: Don't fuck with me that second team comes from my I want RKD.

:heatran::urshifu-rapid-strike::kartana::indeedee-f::necrozma::amoonguss: - :Registeel::Mew::Rillaboom::Dragapult::Landorus-Therian::Volcanion:

Game 3: as no other team could enter but my MU Principal with Double Surge. It was the best Pick I had here and honestly from the First Turn I had the victory because of the perma Shift I had with the Rilla and Fini. Realizing that Kartana was the best tailwind in the world with Heatran at 100% health to hit Eruption with desire.

:Zygarde::Heatran::Zeraora::Tapu-Fini::Kartana::Rillaboom: - :Urshifu-rapid-strike::Tapu-Lele::Amoonguss::Zapdos::Heatran::Necrozma:

Top 8 vs QWILY: From here on I said to myself "I must make my own Teams because I can be Counter picketed and it would not be the most pleasant thing to do. I was talking to SMB a few rounds ago and here we decided to play with certain mons that could give me problems because the Standard MU are the ones that Qwily has taken and had played against Yoda and Yobuddy.

Game 1: SMB and I were talking about the Weebs and how lethal they could be against a Zygarde Band or Set up since Kyurem and Fini are strong problems and we went for a more situational Match Up. We thought about a DD Pult that wins Weebs and with a Zeraora doing the best possible Lead with Taut and fake out would help Dragapult's coverage much better. Togekiss to put Tailwind being faster than tran + Follow Me and air slash to hit other monkeys. Rillaboom was the variant more against that I had here since SMB convinced me to take Banded to hit Incineroar and Heatran and of course to kartana. giving good hits to fini Retrociendola before putting his Set up, We made this Core without knowledge to a Possible Genesect since Qwily had not played it almost in the Tour so we discarded the Possibilities. But when I saw gene was the terror that tormented me throughout the Match, I could control it and I got a 5-0 in the Game being Pult the MVP.

:Dragapult::Zeraora::Incineroar::Rillaboom::Kartana::Togekiss: vs :Incineroar::Rillaboom::Zygarde::Genesect::Tapu-Fini::Zapdos:

Game 2: in Game two we went for an Infiltrator and a metagross option with Occa to counter Tran Zeraora as lead and a good Rilla Av too bad my mistake was losing metagross so early in the Match.

:Dragapult::Urshifu-rapid-strike::Metagross::Rillaboom::Zeraora::Togekiss: - :Incineroar::Rillaboom::Urshifu-rapid-strike::Metagross::Kyurem-Black::Zapdos:

Game 3: Game 3 was crazy. I just read SMB's words "Play Trick Room" and it was Insta Win.

:Diancie::Torkoal::Porygon2::Scrafty::Hatterene::Indeedee-F: - :Metagross::Tapu-Fini::Zapdos::Dragapult::Kartana::Moltres-Galar:

Top 4 Vs Mishimoon:
Crushed for one of the best players right now I can't complain

Game 1: Smashed 1

Game 2 : Smashed 2

Other team that I was Do With SMB :

First of all thanks to Elian-san / Juan13Pro(la puta madre no se tu Tag ;_;) / SMB /actuarilly (otro que no me se su Tag de smogon)/zeefable for helping me on this great Tour, here is my tour and I hope to continue playing Pokemon with you

especially to SMB who despite the problems we had in the past we are now best friends in this incredible community of dou who is always there with me along with JRL

Ty for the support all


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Don't feel like writing a shit ton, but I'll drop two teams. I liked to use variations of different teams depending on my opponent and some stuff that I don't really think was that solid, but these were probably what I felt were the most consistent compositions.


Urshifu-Rapid-Strike @ Choice Band
Ability: Unseen Fist
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- U-turn
- Surging Strikes
- Close Combat
- Ice Punch

Naganadel @ Life Orb
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sludge Bomb
- Draco Meteor
- Tailwind
- Flamethrower

Genesect @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Download
EVs: 140 Atk / 116 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- U-turn
- Flamethrower
- Iron Head
- Ice Beam

Rillaboom @ Assault Vest
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 192 HP / 120 Atk / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Grassy Glide
- High Horsepower
- U-turn

Zygarde @ Choice Band
Ability: Aura Break
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Thousand Arrows
- Scale Shot
- Extreme Speed
- Superpower

Heatran @ Charcoal
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Eruption
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Protect

This is probably my favourite team that I used recently and I don't think I ever lost a game with it in ost or ssnl. It's just a basic offense team, but with naganadel as the tailwind setter. I think using naga is super solid with its coverage + fast twind which can outspeed basically everything if it gets a speed boost and it really gives you the edge vs offense teams with slower tailwind setters. Offensive teams are epic in general because you can destroy balance teams and spamming eruption and thousand arrows does not require much thought. This is the most recent version I have in my builder, but I used many different versions such as different zyg and rilla moves, tect naganadel, and goggles tran.

:Clefairy: :Kyurem-Black: :Volcanion: :Zapdos-Galar: :Rillaboom: :Naganadel:
Clefairy (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Friend Guard
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 192 Def / 68 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Moonblast
- Follow Me
- After You
- Toxic

Rillaboom @ Assault Vest
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 120 HP / 196 Atk / 192 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Grassy Glide
- Superpower
- U-turn

Naganadel @ Life Orb
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sludge Bomb
- Draco Meteor
- Tailwind
- Flamethrower

Zapdos-Galar @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- U-turn
- Close Combat
- Brave Bird
- Blaze Kick

Kyurem-Black @ Leftovers
Ability: Teravolt
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 160 HP / 96 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fusion Bolt
- Icicle Spear
- Dragon Dance
- Protect

Volcanion @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 220 HP / 240 SpA / 48 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Steam Eruption
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Protect

I used the 5 of kyube, cano, zap-g, naga and rilla many times throughout ssnl and osdt with different last mons, but I think clefairy is the coolest so I'll post that. Some of my other offensive teams were lacking protects which could make dealing with trick room difficult, so I wanted this team to be better vs that while staying offensive. Yoda gave me a team with after you clefairy to help the trick room matchup awhile ago and I thought it'd be a cool option to bring back vs tricking who had been using trick room in his previous matches. I used wg celes as a 6th slot with av kyube on another version as different way of helping the tr matchup. I used indeedee vs nido in finals which is probably not the version I like the most, but I thought it could be useful vs him because he seemed to like to use multiple fake outs.
Now that I'm finally done with OSDT, I'll be trying to take a break from serious pokemon gaming for a while. Unfortunately, this next semester, and possibly the full academic year, will be incredibly busy for me. I'll be trying to avoid signing up for any major tournaments since I can't afford the time commitment they need, but I truly am satisfied to have finally accomplished something like this after years of participating in DOU. I'll post replays of my run from each round, a bit of my thought process and teambuilding through each round and game, along with all of the teams I've used across this run (pretty much emulating Z strats formatting). The pokepaste links are embedded in the pokemon icons. Note that I've made some small changes to sets over time on some teams, so they might have a slightly different set in older games compared to the paste.

R1 vs crying
Game 1: :ninetales: :venusaur: :tsareena: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :heatran: :mew:
Game 2: :kartana: :zapdos-galar: :kyurem-black: :incineroar: :rillaboom: :zygarde:

Round 1 I was against crying, who I didn't really recognize as someone who played doubles so I decided to go with some fun teams. In G1 I figured I could just overpower with sun hyper offense, and I landed into a pretty good matchup. They had a very interesting scarf trick mew set and I might've gotten lucky with a crit on a bulky tran (bad set), but apart from that the game went pretty well. After I got rid of the rillaboom, a well-timed sub with LO urshifu cleaned through the endgame.

G2 I brought an edited version of a team actuarily had been using. I replaced fini with rillaboom and it still worked fine, so I hung on to this version of his team. Here, they led bulky lando-t on a team with no flying resists against scarf zapdos-g and it was already pretty much over. Zapdos claimed 3 kills before dying, and at that point my health advantage was significant enough that the rest of the game didn't really matter. I did get some crits after this, but again it was too late to have made any difference.

R2 vs umbry
Game 1: :pelipper: :tornadus: :mew: :ferrothorn: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu-lele:
Game 2: :kingdra: :genesect: :zeraora: :tornadus: :pelipper: :rillaboom:

Round 2 I had horrible luck and ended up facing umbry. I was hoping to not have to worry about tough opponents until at least a few rounds later, so having to prep for umbry in just round 2 was painful. Looking through forum posts, previous games, etc, I realized here that umbry generally shared teams with GMA, emma, Z strats, etc and all of them were using either pretty similar bulky offense compositions that involved stuff like sticky webs bee, moltres-g, comfey, fini, etc., or variations of the usual Z Strats offense. For both of these I realized that hyper offense had an incredibly good matchup.

For G1 I edited my old team from winter seasonals (s/o Actuarily for help with building that one) by making it even more extreme hyper offense. I replaced politoed with eject button pelipper and scarf urshifu with band. I was pretty surprised to see rain in G1, but even so I had a solid matchup here. I got a bit unlucky with pelipper not getting its eject button proc against Kingdra's muddy water, but the meteor beam speed tie win right after that more than made up for it.

G2 I decided to use the other team I had been considering for a while. This was the first tournament game in which shift gear genesect made an appearance. I had built this team a couple months before this, but back then people had been running a lot of bulky offense/semiroom teams with p2, volcanion, etc., so I didn't really bother polishing it. Around this time though, semiTR had fallen almost completely out of favor, heatran had very high usage, and incineroar was usable but rare, which worked out perfectly for a coaching zera + shift gear genesect team.
The rest of the team rounds out weaknesses for genesect while being a viable, usable team on its own if genesect doesn't work. Wide guard peli allows genesect to ignore heatran and set up easily against zygarde. Meanwhile, rain helps the team by beating genesect's counters as well as allowing genesect to take a hit from some of them. In rain, genesect just barely lives one timid charcoal heatran heat wave, or comfortably takes an incineroar flare blitz (with one coaching boost). Zeraora can run thunder with rain, which helps deal a bigger chunk to volcanion and comfortably kill urshifu. Kingdra and tornadus both reliably beat heatran, incineroar, and urshifu, and deal major dents to volcanion, while banded rillaboom works as a good endgame cleaner, a pivot, as well as another option to get volcanion or urshifu out of the way.
In G2, I knew from preview that genesect autowon. The only pokemon that could deal any significant amount of damage to genesect was incineroar, and even that just died from a +2 leech life. Not much else to say about the game.

R3 vs Eisenherz
Game 1: :politoed: :tornadus: :mew: :ferrothorn: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu-lele:
Game 2: :kingdra: :genesect: :zeraora: :tornadus: :pelipper: :rillaboom:

Round 3 against eisenherz I was feeling pretty confident about the teams I brought last round, so I just brought more of the same with minor variations. In G1 I brought the original version of the team that I had used in seasonal finals, with scarf urshifu and helping hand hypnosis politoed. Ended up being a great matchup for ferrothorn, and I was more than happy to get mostly rid of buzzwole in exchange for losing urshifu. After that it was just a matter of keeping ferro alive and not risking a stray rillaboom superpower or zeraora close combat. The crit on the predicted zeraora switchin definitely helped, would've been a roll not in my favor otherwise.

G2 I genuinely should not have won. I brought a bad team matchup considering I knew Eisenherz had been using full TR recently (they had been posting their OSDT replays) and could definitely use it again. I fumbled through a whole lot of the early game, losing basically half of my team and making no progress. Finally, a double protect from genesect and a very very opportune switchin prediction (leech life on the stakataka slot as lurantis switched in) put me back in the game. Here the value of bulky shift gear genesect was shown again, with it just barely living after taking a +4 diancie body press and a hatterene expanding force.

R4 vs Yellow Paint
Game 1: :zygarde: :genesect: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :volcarona:
Game 2: :zygarde: :genesect: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :volcarona:

Between these rounds, in test games Z Strats and Toxigen had both been building pretty cool new team compositions around shift gear genesect, so I tried to do the same. Some issues with the previous rain team were its general weakness to trick room, the pretty annoying volcanion matchup, and the lack of redirection to help genesect set up and sweep. So instead I tried to fit shift gear genesect into a more standard offense composition. This team is pretty similar to the usual Z Strats offense, but uses support volcarona over heatran, genesect over kartana, and scarf on urshifu over band/LO. One issue when kartana is replaced with genesect is the loss of tailwind, which volcarona helps patch up. Even so, volcarona isn't nearly as reliable at matching or beating opposing tailwind, so urshifu needed to be scarf here to help deal with opposing kartana/naganadel. This is the team that I passed around to people, and started to see a lot of usage in later rounds from Z Strats, Qwello, and others.

G1 was pretty straightforward, I managed to get zygarde in against mons that did nothing to it, allowing it to set up a DD and receive a few coaching boosts. I choked in the middle by letting it die against kyu-B, but enough damage had been done such that i could clean up the rest of the game pretty handily.

G2 I brought the same team and used it in basically the same manner, focusing on buffing up zyg a ton until it cleaned everything. The coaching defense boost on my zygarde helped it a lot in the mirror matchup here.

R5 vs SMB
Game 1: :zygarde: :genesect: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :volcarona:
Game 2: :ninetales: :venusaur: :tsareena: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :heatran: :mew:
Game 3: :ninetales: :venusaur: :tsareena: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :heatran: :mew:

Once again I ran into pretty tough luck, and had to face SMB in top 16. Definitely the hardest matchup to prepare for so far, but after asking around I managed to get some idea of the type of teams he'd been using, along with teambuilding advice about what would work well. Once again, the general pattern I found out about his stall team and sticky webs slurpuff team (currently posted in teambuilding competition) was a weakness to HO.

G1 my shift gear genesect offense team had been largely successful so far, so I decided to bring it here. This ended up being a pretty big mistake, as I hadn't edited the team to account for SMB's stall sets, and I ended up losing the game after I failed to break through celes/pex while setting up with genesect.

G2 I went with the sun HO team I used in R1 of OSDT, as I thought the combination of scarf tran, sub urshifu, and feint tsareena (to stop fake out and WG) would be great at breaking through his stall and webs slurpuff team. SMB ended up bringing a very interesting different team, which fortunately for me was much weaker against scarf tran. After zeraora t-waved the wrong switchin and mew got rid of zygarde with ebelt ice beam, scarf tran cleaned everything else.

G3 I was still confident with the scarf tran sun team, so I just went with it again. Once again scarf tran had a pretty solid matchup, although zeraora and dragapult outspeeding it was problematic. Meanwhile, venusaur had an amazing matchup, and since nobody had been using amoonguss lately (including me), I expected the togekiss to not be safety goggles. I got pretty lucky with both sleep powders hitting their targets and both targets staying asleep for 2 turns, allowing heatran to clean up the togekiss and dragapult. At this point I had taken basically no damage and was up by 3 mons, so the game was pretty much over.

R6 vs frisoeva
Game 1: :pelipper: :tornadus: :mew: :ferrothorn: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu-lele:
Game 2: :pelipper: :tornadus: :mew: :ferrothorn: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu-lele:

Honestly I didn't prep at all this round, I was getting pretty busy irl around this time. I did know that frisoeva was mostly a singles player and had been using some pretty bulky pivot-heavy teams. What was the best option for that? HO.

G1 HO does HO things. Click click click. Honestly it was pretty funny that my own team was being used against me here, no idea how far down the grapevine the team had to go for frisoeva to not know that I built the team and knew the sets. Scale shot zyg was a new edit though, pretty cool choice.

G2 HO does even more HO things, more clicking involved.

Semifinals vs Qwello Lee
Game 1: :dragapult: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zeraora: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :incineroar:
Game 2: :tyranitar: :kommo-o: :dracozolt: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :volcarona:
Game 3: :dragapult: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zeraora: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :incineroar:

At this point I'd honestly gotten quite a bit further than I expected to, and really needed to build new teams as Qwello had already seen all of my recently built, decent teams. Enormous s/o to all the support Yellow Paint gave with building and testing here, and to SMB for the test games and the very cool hail team I never ended up bringing.

G1 This team was originally intended to be built around specs spectrier, which I had seen yobuddy using and looked very promising. In the end we decided to just scrap the spectrier and replace it with specs dragapult. Not nearly as fun of a choice, but it could actually switch into things with its typing. Outside that, the team was intended to break bulky offense and semiTR cores. I might have been getting a little too mindgame-y, but after everything I had said about HO being a problem, I expected qwello to bring some sort of semiTR that matched well into HO.
I was pretty far off the mark in G1, but the HO Qwello did bring had no spread moves and was extremely kyub weak, so I just focused on getting a straightforward KyuB + amoong win. A risky predict paid off and with pollen puff taking KyuB back to full, the game was over.

G2 I got a little too greedy and brought a very fun sand team I'd been tinkering with for a while. I was a bit concerned Qwello might bring SMB's stall team or something of that sort, since I'd struggled against it last round, but the other main prediction of semiTR ended up being the case. I got very lucky this game, but it wasn't enough to save a meh team and pretty bad gameplay. Completely forgot specs fini was a set and ended up blundering away kommo, along with a bad predict removing my other wincon in Dracozolt.

G3 I just went back to the other team that I knew would be good into Qwello's g2 team, and I ended up facing it again. I think qwello could have been better off just going for the TR instead of ally switch, since I didn't really mind KOing the necrozma and removing the TR option. With necrozma gone, I could safely focus on a Kyu-B DD endgame, which worked out well.

Finals vs Mishiimono
Game 1: :kingdra: :genesect: :zeraora: :tornadus: :pelipper: :rillaboom:
Game 2: :dragapult: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zeraora: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :incineroar:
Game 3: :dragapult: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zeraora: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :incineroar:

Finally, the last set. I probably should have put in more teambuilding prep going in, but instead I just played quite a bit to make sure I wouldn't be out-of-touch during the set.

G1 I ran into a really bad matchup for shift gear gene rain, between scarf zapdos-g, volcanion, rillaboom, and a semiTR option in diancie. Only thing that could've made it worse would've been p2 semiTR over diancie. I also can't say I played well this set. I got greedy with my banded rillaboom and decided to go for a coaching u-turn, which completely wasted a turn. I also kept expecting mishi to switch out his diancie when it was taunted, and took a lot of chip damage overpredicting the switch. In the end, thunder full-paras saved me the game. Good move thunder did it again

G2 I went back to the team I had gotten pretty comfortable using, the specs dragapult + DD KyuB team. Despite me getting a pretty strong early lead, mishi played well this game, capitalizing on my scarf zap weakness. I messed up pretty badly on turn 8, where I decided to protect kyurem instead of just RP amoonguss and take the kill on volcanion. If the volcanion had protected, scarf zap would still be dead (or would have switched out), and I could have taken it further from there. Once Kyub died it was over.

G3 was honestly a pretty messy game. I tried to play too conservatively, ignoring the heatran as it wracked up chip on the team, while mishi got a good predict in to kill incineroar early. I also overpredicted by not clicking pollen puff with amoong on kyuB while I could. In the end, though, DD KyuB did clean house, and predicting non-scarf urshifu as the last mon (made sense given tailwind togekiss would go to waste otherwise) worked out.

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone for all of their support throughout my run. Yellow Paint , Z Strats , Toxigen , Actuarily , YoBuddy , Crunchman , emma , Akaru Kokuyo , SMB , Mishimono , Qwello Lee , Memoric , zeefable , Frania , Grandmas Cookin , and all the others I'm forgetting right now. I absolutely couldn't have done it without you all. I'm really happy to finally have a big win like this under my belt, especially in the wake of my seasonals win earlier this year, but for now I really have to take a break and manage my work irl. Looking forward to more fun times with everyone.
I didn't do as well as I would've liked but I got what I needed for invitational and I always seem to be weeks behind the format so I can't complain. These are teams that served me really well during the recent ssnl and OSDT.

I kinda just wanted to use Togekiss and Heatran since they weren't things I had used much but are super good. Padded it out with Scarf Ursh for a faster option vs Kartanas and the seemingly obligatory Rillaboom. Given the slower way this team generates its offense, Kyurem really aids that by being super fat and able to throw out icy winds all over the place to give Heatran and Togekiss more freedom. Dragon claw was added to give my Kyurem something to do in mirrors and it didn't require any attack investment to work. I never figured out the best 6th but Diancie felt good for its ability to just flip games by itself. The team isnt the fastest either so a well-timed trick room can end games. Theres a lot in terms of suboptimal sets on the team and I could have given it more thought but it worked well enough for me as is. Life dew on Togekiss sounded cool in theory and was better than the original mystical fire i had but i think twave or protect would be better. Team was a lot of fun to use and by the end of my run it was my go to team to give me the best shot of winning games (funny how that worked out)

Nothing special here but my take on the classic physical beatdown offense. Used it to get reqs in the last 3 suspects as well as ssnl and OSDT. Some things here are breaking swipe Zygarde, which was my idea of winning damage trades vs opposing Zygardes and slowing down some other physical mons, it was actually a game saver in my round 1 set vs Amaranth. I am addicted to Moltres and for good reason, its awesome into opposing offense and just rolls over a load of teams with consistent (albeit weak at times) spread damage, like Zygarde in a lot of cases. Sitrus is probably better but I ended up preferring weakness policy. Scarf Urshifu has always sounded better on this team but I really hated not having the damage of band so reverted back to it. Incin is very very good and it feels really strong on the team. It has a good time in the offense mirror since sacred sword doesnt crit much and the u-turns add up. With Moltres, double fake out can make it a menace to deal with. Occasionally in game 3s of sets, I would change Incineroar for life orb Zeraora and blaze kick won me the game every time by sniping Genesects and Kartanas.

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