Official Smogon Doubles Tournament I - Round 2

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so i tried to schedule with my opp, they tried to settle for a time but i said i probably wouldnt be able to make it, to which they never replied. come the time we "agreed", im here and theyre not responding or challenging. its late and i wanna go to sleep so im calling act


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devin  vs  dnagerbadger
yovan33321  vs  Laurel
JRL  vs  Drivetacos
tko  vs  Sharifa Airen
Maki  vs  txitxas
fespy  vs  Eisenherz

Activity Wins:

 vs  Sensei Axew - Sensei Axew hasn't replied since initially making contact and did not contest against ExtremeHD's activity call; ExtremeHD gets the win
Eonito  vs  Perish Song - Perish Song missed the scheduled time and hasn't replied, so Eonito gets the win
McSim  vs  QWILY - QWILY waited at the scheduled time for McSim to get ready and finish his ongoing battle, but after waiting for at least 30 minutes, the game never happened. QWILY gets the activity win
Toxigen  vs  JuanSG - JuanSG never replied after initial contact and did not contest against Toxigen's activity call; Toxigen gets the win
Blimax  vs  Z Strats - Blimax missed the scheduled time so Z Strats gets the win
Huston vs  Sagisolar - Huston never replied after initially making contact and did not contest against Sagisolar's activity call; Sagisolar gets the win
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