Official Smogon Fantasy Football Thread - 2015-16 Edition

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Good morning folks! Since people have started to get impatient I am throwing this thread up to get the ball rolling. For now I am just going to have people post their interest so I can gauge how many leagues we will need. Last year we filled 3 leagues and had a great time, and in the past we've gone up to 4.

One thing though, and I cannot stress this enough. If you join a league, I expect you to remain active throughout the entire season, whether you win a single game or not. I am going to start cracking down on inactives more than in the past, doling out multiple year bans for those who flake. Flaking makes the league less fun for everyone, so don't do it.

Now that I've gotten my rant out of the way, let's get this going. For the purposes of matching everyone with the ideal league, I've decided to add a little more info to the signup. Please use the following form when responding to this thread:

Time Zone:
Preferred Draft Method:
(Snake or Auction)
Yahoo! Email Address: (this can be PMed to me if you wish it to remain private)
League: (only list the league you were in last year, if applicable)

For existing leagues, previous members will obviously be given priority in rejoining. If you were in a league last year and no longer wish to participate, Please PM me so I can have you removed and give your spot to someone else. Open spots will be given to new participants on a first come, first served basis.

Commissioner: WaterBomb

1. WaterBomb
2. MrE
3. NiGGiE
4. moot
5. MoP
6. Stallion
7. tad38
8. makiri
9. kd24
10. Huy
11. Texas
12. Dubs

Commissioner: Lakers

1. Stallion
2. Fabbles
3. Lakers
4. Nova
5. LonelyNess
6. Stone_clod
7. YTP2
8. remlabmez
9. Sugar K Leonard
10. jpw234

Commissioner: BiGGiE

1. BiGGiE
2. Texas Cloverleaf
3. Dubby
4. Del Rio
5. Killah
6. Mercy
7. Snowflakes
8. B-Lulz
9. djanxo unchained
10. SkylarGreen
11. Pretzels
12. cbt

Commissioner: Milos

1. SpareAacount
2. ck49
3. Homeslice
4. Milos
5. Imanalt
6. Rainman Legends
7. Unlucky Desperado
8. toshimelonhead
9. jacob


Sugar K Leonard
Rainman Legends
Unlucky Desperado
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Texas Cloverleaf
GMT -5

It was league C!

whatever my last year (whiteguystoners) league email is
Either smogonbomb or angelbunni Idr

I'm in for as many leagues as possible, didn't finish out of the top four in all five of my leagues last year, done a stupid amount of mock drafts (somewhere around 50), hyped as fuck for the season. Want back in the league from last year and volunteering to fill non returnees from upper leagues
I think I join a Smogon league every other year.

GMT -6 for the first half of the season, GMT + 5.5 for the second half

edit: Turns out I was in league D last year, I did really badly and forgot about it. I don't particularly care which league I'm in this year, however.
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Once I renew League D I am going to need someone to step up and take over as commish. Preferrably someone who is established and has played in our leagues before. Please let me know if interested.


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Ofc I'm down to fill in as needed. Pretty sure I've been in every league at least once. Ideally I'd like to be in more than one league.
no interest

waterbomb you can give my slot in any of the leagues (might just be league A) to anyone who wants it here

DFS all day everyday =)


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EST (GMT - 5)
Snake (don't remember why I made it this but whatever)
Haven't participated in one of the leagues here before so I don't have a preference where I am placed.

I guess since I'm new maybe I'll drop some info about myself. I'm a Giants fan but you probably wouldn't guess that based on how I play FF (I never have Eli Manning.. smh dude throws too many picks) or even if you talk to me about Football you'll see I'm not a total homer. I've been playing FF for 4 years in multiple leagues every year (2, 4, 5, 4 in that order) and I've won at least one of my leagues every year :D

Definitely a lot less prepared this year than I have been in the past (last year I had already done ~25 mock drafts at this point). Time to start cramming :)
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This looks fun

Username: jpw234
Time Zone: US Central until August 18th, after that I go to school and I'm US East
Preferred Draft Method: Snake
Yahoo! Email Address:
League: newbie

You can guess what team I root for :) I play FF every year with the fam but not too seriously so this should be a fun challenge


Two kids no brane
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I seem to not have access to Leagues C and D anymore, so I must have already passed off commish duties at end of last season.


Two kids no brane
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None of the leagues were keepers due to the relatively high turnover. I think because we have a mix of casual and serious players it's best to leave them as redraft. I may have made Texas the commish of League D, I honestly don't remember -_-
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