Official Smogon Fantasy Football Thread - 2015-16 Edition

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The Grand Mr.E Smogon League A Review: Playoffs?! Don't talk about playoffs!

Check up on the past here:
[79] Industrial Justice (im the best)
[78] Adrian Beat Her Son (don't mess with Texas)
[91] Kd24 Drafts First (kd24)
[89] Big Ass TDs (Batpig)
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[109] The American Dreams (tad)
#1 The American Dreams [tad38] (5-2, 876 Points For [#1], 703 Points Against [#3]) Predicted: distant 12th
#2 Shady's Party [Stallion] (5-2, 859 points [#2], 667 against [#2]) Predicted: 10th
#3 kd24 drafts first [kd24] (5-2, 820 points [#3], 749 against [#7]) Predicted: 3rd
#4 Big Ass TDs [Huy] (4-3, 790 points [#5], 732 against [#6]) Predicted: 4th
#5 Walking Wounded [WaterBomb] (4-3, 716 points [#6], 707 against [#4]) Predicted: 11th
#6 Two Steaks Bastards [moot] (4-3, 694.14 points [#T8], 798 against [#11]) Predicted: 8th
#7 Adrian Beat Her Son [Texas] (3-4, 795 points [#4], 750 against [#8]) Predicted: 2nd
#8 Industrial Justice [Mr.E] (3-4, 694.14 points [#T8], 764 against [#10]) Predicted: 1st
#9 Punts With A C [biggie] (3-4, 693 points [#10], 709 against [#5]) Predicted: 9th
#10 Like a Kevin Boss [makiri] (3-4, 599 points [#11], 646 against [#1]) Predicted: 6th
#11 Duston MoP [MoP] (2-5, 708 points [#7], 829 against [#12]) Predicted: 5th
#12 Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [Dubulous] (1-6, 562 points [#12], 751 against [#9]) Predicted: 7th
How'd we shake out? Final standings:

#1 Shady's Party [Stallion] (12-2, 1656 Points For [#1], 1352 Points Against [#1]) Preseason: 10th, Midseason: 2nd
#2 kd24 drafts first [kd24] (10-4, 1554 points [#3], 1398 against [#3]) Preseason: 3rd, Midseason: 3rd
#3 The American Dreams [tad38] (9-5, 1604 points [#2], 1368 against [#2]) Preseason: 12th, Midseason: 1st
#4 me Two Steaks Bastards [moot] (8-6, 1407 points [#9], 1500 against [#10]) Preseason: 8th, Midseason: 6th
#5 Big Ass TDs [Huy] (7-7, 1523 points [#5], 1526 against [#11]) Preseason: 4th, Midseason: 4th
#6 Industrial Justice [Mr.E] (7-7, 1482 points [#7], 1444 against [#7]) Preseason: 1st, Midseason: 8th
#7 Glass Cannons [WaterBomb] (7-7, 1455 points [#8], 1492 against [#Columbus sailed the ocean blue]) Preseason: 11th, Midseason: 5th
#8 Adrian Beat Her Son [Texas] (6-8, 1528 points [#4], 1403 against [#4]) Preseason: 2nd, Midseason: 7th
#9 Like a Kevin Boss [makiri] (6-8, 1231 points [#11], 1420 against [#5]) Preseason: 6th, Midseason: 10th
#10 Duston MoP [MoP] (5-9, 1483 points [#6], 1562 against [#12]) Preseason: 5th, Midseason: 11th
#11 Punts With A C [biggie] (5-9, 1342 points [#10], 1489 against [#8]) Preseason: 9th, Midseason: 9th
#12 Sweet Cuppin' Cakes [Dubulous] (2-12, 1130 points [#12], 1440 against [#6]) Preseason: 7th, Midseason: 12th

So, on my midseason predictions, it was Huy who fell instead of kd24. And it wasn't Texas who grabbed the coveted four-seed, despite being 4th in both PF and PA. Wasn't me either, although it should've been god dammit Stallion. 0.64 points... :( It was, in fact, moot! Who scored the fourth least points this season and had the third most scored against him. Huh? Fantasy football gonna fantasy football sometimes, man.

In the interest of being a lazy bastard who is also extremely busy this pre-holiday week, I'll just do write-ups for the playoffs teams. And fuck dubs for going inactive.
#1 Shady's Party [Stallion]
[QB] Rofls, Bortles [RB] Gurley, Martin, L.Murray, Allen
[WR] Green, Decker, John Brown, Moncrief, Amendola [TE] Olsen, Barnidge [DST] Santos, DENVER
Everything in my midseason review still applies. Who knew Decker would be a top-tier WR2 and not a mediocre WR3, dude's RB depth is so deep he doesn't even give a shit that he lost Charles, etc. Speaking of which, he hasn't dropped a game since Week 4. He's rolling into the playoffs as the clear favorite, on fire and with an easy first-round matchup.

#2 kd24 drafts first [kd24]
[QB] Brady [RB] Forte, Langford, David Johnson, K.Williams
[WR] Beckham, Diggs, James Jones, Ma.Floyd, White [TE] Ertz, Graham [DST] Gano, GREEN BAY, PHILADELPHIA
From midseason, Brady has indeed regressed slightly, to being the best by a slim margin. James Jones has regressed to complete irrelevancy. Losing Graham hurts, on which note I wonder why kd24 is still carrying him. His depth is paper thin but at this point, he just needs to hold on two more weeks. Depth doesn't matter so much in the playoffs.

#3 The American Dreams [tad]
[QB] Dalton, Wilson [RB] Ivory, Sproles, D. Johnson Jr.
[WR] Megatron, Marshall, Stevie Johnson, Parker, Randle, VJax [TE] Gronk, Rudolph [DST] Haushka, PITTSBURGH
Losing big waiver pickup Dion Lewis hurts like a mofo, as his RB situation is even worse than kd24. Losing Dalton doesn't look like it'll be an issue because Russell Wilson is hotter than Hansel right now (a line so good I had to use it twice). Luckily, he's getting Gronk back at full strength this week, although he did just fine last week anyway.

#4 Two Steaks Bastards [moot] (Preseason: 8th)
[QB] Newton, Tannehill [RB] CJA, White, Whittaker, Morris
[WR] Sanders, Lockett, Ginn, Washington, Funchess [TE] Watson, Scoobydoo-Jenkins [DST] Gostkowski, NEW ENGLAND
Last time on Dragon Ball Z, dude was 8th in points scored and 6th in the midseason standings. Somehow, he's managed to score even fewer points in the second half of the season and still moved up to #4 to grab the final playoff spot. Fucking voodoo magic, man. That said, playoffs are a clean slate... is the Carolina offense going to finish this Cinderella story in Magical Christmas Land?
Let's just say I expect Stallion to run away with the 'ship, over tad who edges out kd in the semis, but who really knows how this shit ever turns out? Still, he's the only one with no obvious roster weaknesses where kd24 is streaming TE now and lacks a consistent WR3 (if Diggs is even a consistent WR2 at this point), tad38 is lacking at RB2, and moot is just lacking. also he's not a fag with numbers in his name

also RIP Texas, as unlucky as moot is lucky :( And MoP to a lesser extent because he got buttblasted on a weekly basis despite doing decently himself.
so i'm doing some questionable things this week.

in .5ppr i'm starting Denard over Ivory, who joins Maclin on the bench with JBrown/JHill starting. i have a feel at least 3 of these 5 are going to go off big time, hope my guesses are mostly correct.

Smith over Fitz because Ravens.

but here's where i get potentially stupid:

sitting Beckham...god i hate doing this, never sit your studs...but holy shit Josh Norman is good.

feel free to laugh at me when i get knocked out of the playoffs for being dumb.
You do realize the Giants are planning to play OBJ more out of the slot right? Historically he plays 25-30% from the slot, the Giants arent stupid so they're moving OBJ around the formation. Norman is only good until OBJ gets the ball in his hands.


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Shady's Party would be 110-44 if they played every team every week.

Pretty good, although I remember Fabbles once had such a dominant autodradted team that it was like 140-20 for the season

BTW my league b team put up the second highest score of the week last the consolation bracket as the #2 overall scoring team finished fucking 6-7.

My autodraft went WR for first 4 rounds: Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin. Drafted Crabtree in the 15th, who eventually replaced an injured Harvin (League B used to be full PPR with 3 WRs + Flex, was hilarious). Also autodrafted Doug Martin, the highest scoring RB I think and Matt Ryan, one of the best QBs. Ohh and the #1 Chicago Defense for good measure. My ranks by week were 1-1-1-7-1-2-5-1-3-3-2-2. I scored 2017 points. Next highest was 1754.

This is why I believe in the autodraft every year. Got me the #1 this regular season by basically avoiding all injuries except minor ones like Gronk and now recently Ingram.


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- Your lowest win total in the simulations was 3 This win total happened in 2 of the 10,000 simulations.

- Your highest win total in the simulations was 12 This win total happened in 52 of the 10,000 simulations.

- You needed 9 wins to reach the playoffs. You met or exceeded that number in 39 % of the 10,000 simulations.

- You won 6 times. That win total is equal to or greater than the win total in 11.9 % of the 10,000 simulations.

Probably a justified result tbh. Losing Jamaal Charles, Dion Lewis, Keenan Allen, and Carlos Hyde hurt, and Alfred Morris had a reduced role this season. There goes my three best running backs plus my second best receiver.

Looking forward to participate again next year!


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Moot put up 171 points against me in the first week of the League A playoffs after barely scraping in. Fantasy football can go get fucked, I've now been bullshitted out of all 3 leagues.
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spoilers: mop is mop

I'm gonna "beat" you too and continue to be mildly miffed it is not I in the championship game. Meanwhile, tad is putting up a dud and I am the worst predictor ever.


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spoilers: mop is mop

I'm gonna "beat" you too and continue to be mildly miffed it is not I in the championship game. Meanwhile, tad is putting up a dud and I am the worst predictor ever.
John Brown will score again, watch.
Continuing my unlikely championship run in League B thanks to TyGod, Demaryius, Olsen, and dem boyz from 'Zona.

Still awaiting the possibility of also being in the League C championship. Just need Brees, Hightower, and Megatron to not completely suck
against all odds I made the semis after being forced into starting Bryce Brown and Brandon Bolden this week after picking them up on waivers

now I have to spend an entire week figuring out if it's worth it to pick up Michael, or which backup in case Peterson/McCoy miss time...
In one league, I lost Le'Veon Bell and Keenan Allen midway through the season, somehow pulled off a 5 game win streak after to position myself in 1st, then proceeded to lose Dalton and Rawls, which put me in 3rd. After all of that, I score the 2nd highest points among all teams in the playoffs only to lose. *sigh*

At least I made it to finals in all my other leagues so I'll have something to look forward to next week thanks to beasts like Antonio Brown, David Johnson, and CAM.
i'm in the super bowl in my standard league.

so i get the privilege of getting destroyed by this team:

in .5ppr i'm up 24 and he has Hightower and Cooks left.
I'm stuck to starting 2 waiver wire RBs again this week.

lmk if you think this ranking needs any adjustments:

Karlos Williams
Christine Michael
Rashad Jennings
Cameron Artis-Payne
Sproles/Gillislee/Crowell/Abdullah/Donald Brown

I like CAP against the Failcons a lot, but the lack of TD upside in the playoffs makes me worried. I'm only asking because I picked Bryce Brown and Brandon Bolden over Bilal Powell last week and it almost boned me, so clearly I'm not good at this :^) :^)
I'm so torn between defenses for my championship... Denver vs Cincy seems like the obvious choice but I would love to play my Raiders, even though we just lost Mario Edwards for the season. Woodson's last home game, our last home game of the season, chargers can suck a big one, etc
League D 'ship match. Bad match-ups all around. I need to bench Todd Gurley but can't pull the trigger on using Larry Fitz or Willy Snead over him. Thankfully they all play in the afternoon games so I can freak out about this decision for another 3 hours.
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