Official Smogon NFL Fantasy Football Thread (2016-17 Season) - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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LEAGUE A - WaterBomb
LEAGUE B - toshimelonhead
LEAGUE C - Flowsnakes


Howdy folks! It's that time of year again. This thread will be the multi-purpose thread for all things fantasy football, from smack talk to signups to whining about injury luck. I will do my best to track who is in what league here.

Currently there are four leagues in existence. Returning players will be given a chance to reclaim their spots up until August 1st. If you have not rejoined your league by August 1st your spot will be given to a newcomer. If you are a returning player, please specify your League and the name of your team in that league when you register so I can properly track it. If you are a newcomer, please simply post your interest here and I will find an opening for you when it becomes available.

Let's have another great season!

The leagues are as follows:

League A [Commissioner: WaterBomb ]
1. WaterBomb - 30,000 Emails
2. moot - Two Steaks Bastards
3. Texas Cloverleaf - Adrian Beat Her Son
4. niggie - Punts with a C
5. tad38 - The American Dreams
6. Stallion - Shady's Party
7. MrE - Industrial Justice
8. Huy - Big Ass TDs
9. kd24 - kd24 drafts first
10. Hornak
11. ck49
12. SpareAacount

League B [Commissioner: Lakers ]
1. Lakers
2. Sugar K Leonard - CornJulio
3. Del Rio - Saints Air Raid
4. Stallion - Everest.
5. Nova
6. bludz - Green eggs and Graham
7. Rainman Legends
8. toshimelonhead
9. Randombobman
10. Mizuhime
11. naYpalm
12. leremyju

League C [Commissioner: biggie ]
1. biggie - The Step Dads
2. Texas Cloverleaf - [Team Name TBA]
3. Del Rio - Seek and Destroy
4. cbt - Luck of the Draw
5. Dubby - Dubby Destroyers
6. Snowflakes - Snowflakes
7. smashlloyd20
8. Pretzels
9. cbt
10. B-Lulz
11. Milos
12. Homeslice

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Hello yahoo is ass and I can't pull up your email in the league messages, so yes hi, I am here for another season yet again.

moot - Two Steaks Bastards

here to take yet another undeserved 2nd place trophy
Returning for another stint in League D as Spill the Bill. Also would like to try my luck in other leagues if there aren't enough spots filled.


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Reminder that I totally won the fucking 'chip last year DON'T THINK I FORGOT :mad: unofficial BACK-TO-BACK DEFENDING CHAMP HERE

Did I miss any good NFL memes over the past three months? My brain has been pretty shut off since the draft. I need a new team name but I suppose Industrial Justice is one of the better keepers if I can't come up with anything better.


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League A - Shady's Party
League B - Everest.

Please don't luck me out this year guys. #1 and #2 overall in scoring respectively, the first team puts up its worst week of the season rd1 of the playoffs, the second team somehow didn't make them rofl.
biggie you can sub me out for someone because inevitably I'll forget to log in after week three or four, that's what happened the past couple years and everyone yelled at me so it's about time I was kicked out lol
Can I please, PLEASE get into a league this year?
I tried last year but it was too already too late.
I've played in multiple leagues before but not sure I'm up to facing all the vets haha
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