Official Smogon NFL Fantasy Football Thread (2016-17 Season) - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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I think if he starts at QB he'll get dual eligibility on the fantasy sites. Obviously excellent if he lines up as QB and you start at WR but not impactful otherwise.

That being said there's a possibility the Brisset injury isn't going to stop him from playing.


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It's more likely the Patriots trade for a QB or sign a free agent. I think Dennis Dixon is floating around out there somewhere still


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Michael was a sneaky strong start this week but what is Sanders doing on your bench scrub
Started Mike Evans, Amari Cooper and Travis Benjamin (vs the Colts secondary mind you) over him and our league doesn't have a flex spot which is stupid.


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Marvin Jones chilling on 35 points on my bench in Smogon B will probs stop me from going 3-0 in both leagues :(
so i need 2 points from jones to beat tad

but less than ten points from him in my other league to beat this other dude and not go 1-2 :(
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