Official Smogon Tournament X - Round 1

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Activity post. My opponent has been on exactly once since the tournament started.


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Won against Improbable 2-0. Azumarill always fucks my shit lmao GG man.
I said i was in as a sub on the 17th I believe and i saw someone that said they were in as a sub yesterday made it in and I'm still not in, so I don't really know what's going on. Anyways, in as a sub...


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And an another wave of subs entering the tournament!

Props once again to Swamp Link for noticing me (in a kindly manner :p) that I had missed some of you, this guy owns and even called me out like a thug.

Cry A7X subs in over Sand Castle
CF6 subs in over Dark Sphynx
Black Sheep subs in over JaggerJack
Seevea subs in over リッパー
Zeta5 subs in over Hogan
lukw1010 subs in over Mquaza
-Leon- subs in over scottklbrw
AuraRayquaza subs in over Eileesha Love
rotations subs in over LUVIER

New Pairings:

Cry A7X vs Asterat
CF6 vs Black Sheep
Seevea vs Pat Labor
Zeta5 vs Based
lukw1010 vs Raseri
-Leon- vs Lasagne
AuraRayquaza vs Usatoday
rotations vs Jirachee
i waited once again all day for my opponent yesterday and when we were both on he didn't respond. whatever ''we'll try again''
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