Official Smogon Tournament X - Round 1

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Activity Request. My opponent and I were supposed to battle yesterday, but seemingly stopped respoding and bailed. I'm just waiting.

Andy Snype

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Activity Win Request:

is the only conversation both Lavos and I had. We responded to each other in due time, but were unable to find each other like I thought we would've been, so I attempted to pick a specific day and within the range of hours, I was on IRC, waiting for lavos to show up since ~ 8:30 PM my time (see post in team tourney thread for me vs yondie, didn't realize I hadn't told lavos until like an hour later). Waited for him until 1:30 AM his time/ 4:30 AM my time. checked /ns info Lavos when I woke up

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yeah i didnt make the scheduled time, sorry about that i was taking care of my mom who has the flu and completely forgot about this. so you can take the win if you want
Confirming gg. You deserved to win, cool teams. I didn't practice or prepare much so I just winged it.

Gl in the rest of the tournament. You played well.
Activity Win Request

I am ready since the first day of the round and I sent a message to my opponent during the first week. He answer my message in like two or three days and then he told me that he was not ready so we were supposed to play on the last weekend but he did not show up and I was on IRC, forums and PS!.
Activity Win Request

My opponent hasn't responded to the vm I left on the same day over a week ago.
He told me to meet him on oriserver on January 26th, and I went on and waited for him to show up for nearly 4 hours. He never came on. He never gave me any other time to schedule and him having disabled profile messages made it impossible for me to contact him. I can still battle now if he is willing to.


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Activity Win Request

I asked my opponent to play on january 31st / february 1st, but
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'nuff said


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Activity Win Request

I contacted my opponent right after the pairings went up. After being busy for a while and etc., we were not able to set up a match until this week. He had said that he was available any time, so I suggested one. Since then, he has not contacted me. I also take it that, since he hasn't been online for the past week, he is not interested. I believe I deserve the win due to this.
activity win - i contacted him on the first day or so (as mentioned in the thread), and he didn't contact back until last wednesday but i had no time then (because i had a really big school project), not to mention that he didn't give any time-zone etc in his response and he hasn't been on since the last wednesday anyway


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Confirming gg. You deserved to win, cool teams. I didn't practice or prepare much so I just winged it.

Gl in the rest of the tournament. You played well.
Sometimes, winging it works. You just need to believe in yourself.


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I have looked through every matchup and either coin flipped (for matches where nobody requested an activity win, or neither player made a strong enough case for their activity in their activity win request) or awarded activity wins (only for players who explicitly requested them).

Activity Wins:

Jeff.B vs D4RR3N
vs Gil4
C05ta vs fatty
vs yondie
vs 1996ITO
NightFox vs Malfunction
Ray Jay
vs McBarrett
inji vs shartruce2
Mario With Lasers
vs David Beckwitt
dcae vs DittoCrow
PttP vs Karppi
vs XenoBlade911
symphonyx64 vs Cicada
vs Shuckleking87
vs Masterclass
vs Pan.
vs -Frexa-
NegaNiels vs DestinyUnknown
FreyrEuxine vs MAlkaviano
vs Donkey
badabing vs Jukain
Subject 18 vs VN.
kd24 vs Anno nyme
vs Ojama
vs The DragonKnight
The Baker
vs Ajwf
Dkvn vs Fuzznip
kenny s vs Agnaktor
vs Hangover
JMcFizz vs Darkdiglett
diaoman vs Nelson
vs Cry A7X
Kojes vs Hawkstar
Steven Snype vs Lavos Spawn
CF6 vs Black Sheep
Pat Labor
vs Seevea
vs Jayde
KingDragonite00 vs Hill
vs drcossack
Eeyore vs CyberOdin
The_Chaser vs Golden Sun
vs Asek
vs Rudy
Nova vs Darkmin93
Temptation vs coolbiz
vs Dizney
Lasagne vs -Leon-
vs ATH
vs Uomo Solo
[K-12] The Madchine
vs DracoMalfoy
Enki vs Swamp Link
vs jackinthebox1210
vs GuglioM
vs Bob The Ninja
vs dragonuser
Mestre Drako vs JSND
Mylo Xyloto vs Shoka
vs 213Reaper
emboar rises vs malkthegreat
Atticus vs Roxas_Gaming
vs ssbbm
KJJBA vs Wyvern56
vs Rodriogo Reis Oliveira
vs .Robert
vs Royal Flush
Lady Salamence vs Dr Ciel
vs Merritt
dbzmariogeno vs Agammemnon


DC. vs 6A9 Ace Matador
LeoMence vs fhugwigads
vs locopoke
Shoot vs Tendie
vs The Hitman
vs Lothras
Aurora vs silver ghost
vs MiloticRaichu
saruko vs SOMALIA
vs davidness
GatoAjato vs Arrandom24
vs New Breed
CaosZero vs Papiluche
vs nikolt14
Morpheus vs Kipa1236
vs nadav69
vs Kevin Garnett
Honor vs Sceptile198V
Sync- vs Launcher

Round 2 will be up shortly.

edit: Also, I assume some people will be curious about why I made a certain decision about their match so feel free to PM me on the forums or on IRC and I will respond when I can.
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