Finals Official Smogon Tournament XII - Finals [no winner]

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I'm tired of discuss about this, i come back from my rl now

Now i know how to lose a pilot tour for fake log

Enjoy your 100$ njnp, and you fame!
i have proof that njnp was getting ghosted too

he beat whitequeen

no one can beat whitequeen without the assistance of a super computer and as such i demand she be given another yellow trophy
When you don't know NJNP is the black Bill Gates
Is ghosting from Microsoft not allowed as well?

PlotTwist: NJNP and his corporation were going to fund Smogon if he won and were going to send extra profits to the Tournament Directors, but NJNP feared that Newrof would unghostedly(ha) end his reign and steal the glory so as a last means of defense, NJNP ordered ISA to stage a false predicament with fake logs of Newrof getting ghosted. It's a win/win

My mother always told me to visualize things from all points of view ~

At least Smogon has gained a new meme out of this (Y'all better watch out for Italy this year's World Cup)


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Sadly, that's one of the reason why the italian community is so hated. I did round 5 that's not bad, but not that far after all and I'm proud of my run because I did it on my own and with my skills. Reach finals is cool, sure, but I wouldn't replace my result with that faked result.

The most embarassing thing is that Newrof frequently pmmed me random talking about OST like "OH NEXT ROUND I'VE TO PREPARE AGAINST PIKACHU00" or "wow i'm round 7" looking for sum sort of congratulations. He also pmmed me when he was against Bad Ass and said "wow, he really thinks i'm ghosted! ahahaha how stupid can ppl be".

I had no doubt he was not the one that was playing cuz I know Newrof's level and it's not that high for sure, and in past he was accused of ghosting for a random italian clan war (and there was the asuya's name even there). Brag about a win that is not deserved cuz you only clicked the buttons someone other told yah to click is sad as fuck and it should be and offense to you, Newrof, rather than to the whole community. I just wanted to say, guys, no matters if you reach round 9 or get slayed round 1. What it's important is that you can say you did it without help, only counting on yourself.
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