Official Smogon Tournament XII - Finals [no winner]

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Well, I was about to say that I was glad that there was no major controversy in this year's OST, but then this happened...

I'm no TD, but if I were, I would consider even harsher sanctions for cheating in official tournaments. Not like the permaban that Bloo got (and yes, I know there were other circumstances there, but still), but something more than what they have.

Anyway, njnp, for proving his legitimacy, is my pick to win the recreation.
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Oftentimes I do not complain about not getting a receipt after I buy something.
I have "fatto vento" in pubs more than a handful of times.
I really like to get things without paying for them and I often borrow things forever.
I auto invite myself to parties and events.
But seriously ghosting on a Pokemon site is the worst thing my race has done in all his history
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