Official Smogon Tournament XII - Finals [no winner]

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I'm honestly more shocked that people actually thought this was legitimate, than the actual ghosting.

Still got money on njnp, but Bad Ass will reach finals.


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Idk newrof and idk about the ghostin behind this whole shit but chill out keyboard warriors yall actin like every tour since 2012 hasn't been won via some form of ghosting or another
this is a game played on the fucking internet that's like taking online quizzes for ur class no shit niggas gonn get ghosted
Personally I had just ghosted wq to his undeserved trophy last yr I got proof too

[16:04:20]Whitequeer: Bung yasedlord plz ghost me I need to beat blunder
[16:04:31]Danklord: ii faggit better get to suckin
[16:04:46]Whitequeer: yes señor dankjesus *takes off fedora* arghlejgtkrlrlerb

Fuck smogon fuck pokemon
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