Finals Official Smogon Tournament XII - Finals [no winner]

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In all seriousness tho, can the TD's please release the "irrefutable proof" that they discovered that led them to this decision. Or at least discuss how they arrived at this decision. I mean I was pretty sold once Newrof gave that garbage excuse for pushing the match to next week, but just for the sake of clarity here, can we see an extended finding?
Yes, why if i was ghosted you can't post the proof? Because there aren't proof? I wanna see them, and smogon community wanna see too

And i hope they are solid!
The problem with releasing the "irrefutable proof" is that it might reveal who it was who revealed the ghosting was taking place. Confidentiality encourages people to come forward with proof of ghosting for the TDs, not protecting confidentiality does not, it actively discourages it.

I trust Isa and the rest of the TDs to not make this sort of decision lightly and without good proper evidence.
The even bigger problem is that, you know, if proof isn't shown then one may think the TDs may lie or have proof that is not really "irrefutable". its a matter of transparency

Altough I'm italian I dont give one shit about newrof and asuya, but if the only proof for banning a contendant is a bunch ho 5 y/o kids shouting 'newrof obv getting ghosted cuz italian xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD' then this tour is a complete joke


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What a stupid thing to argue for. Not revealing the proof affects nobody negatively, and I'm confident that Ciele, Eo Ut mortus, Isa, Jirachee, Mdragon, Oglemi, Vinc and Zeb as well as those with an Alum'd TD badge are not all coordinating a huge conspiracy or lying for a grand total of no benefit to them. I'd actually argue that this is to their detriment, its extra work that they wouldn't have to do if the ghosting didn't happen or there wasn't sufficient evidence to show that it happened.

Its not a matter of transparency, its a matter of protecting the people who supplied the information.
Whitout proof you are just blame me

Think about this.

I can say for example : I had ghosted pincopallino

Now pincopallino is banned from smogon?
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