Official Smogon Tournament XII - Round 2

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I contacted my opponent (Jack Boots) but he didn't came to smogtours to play. He's probably dead, idk.
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WECAMEASROMANS vs Cristal. Great series. Cant decide.
Finchinator vs Stathakis. Finch has been playing good lately, but against subpar competition. He will soon wake up from his dream and go back to being the choke artist that he is.
BLOOD TOTEM vs Arifeen. This will also be a good series. I think Blood Totem prevails in the end tho.
reyscarface vs -Frexa-. Racecar shouldve lost last round tbh. This one will be over fast.
Shoka vs FlamingVictini. FV takes this one. Shoka makes his money in BW, not ORAS.
praj.pran vs Cicada. Will be a great series.
Steve Angello vs BLINGAS. Steve Angello shouldnt even be here. This is a battle of 2 choke artists. Better bring somebody that knows CPR. It will be fun to see who chokes less.
WhiteQueen vs MattyBrollic. WQ is overrated. Couldnt even crack a 1800 ranking in any of the OLT cycles he tried to qualify in.
PDC vs Megazard. PDC too good.
SoulWind vs Korby. Another great series. I think SW takes this one.
tennisace vs Valentine. Val's offensive builds are pretty scary. Homie can make a deep run if he keeps his head on straight.
Tesung vs Level 56. Tesung is a savage. But don't sleep on Level 56. Dude went undefeated in Swiss Tour prelim's and wouldve won it all if not haxed out by Finch in the semi's.
Rewer vs Sweep
Jimmy Turtwig vs atomicllamas
Finchinator vs Stathakis
vs Arifeen
chimpact vs giara
Stratos vs idiotfrommars
vs -Frexa-
NightFox vs Realistic Waters
Shoka vs FlamingVictini
Navy vs MikeDecIsHere
vs (aussicht vs undisputed)
praj.pran vs Cicada
Steve Angello vs BLINGAS
eriados vs majaspic22
vs MattyBrollic
PDC vs Megazard
SoulWind vs Korby
Sapientia vs Esteemed User Ginku
tennisace vs Valentine
vs Level 56
won 2-1 i think?

won g1, he took g2, we picked our teams for g3 and..

★blarajan: oooooh
★blarajan: TR
★blarajan: lgi g3 hf buddy.
★Crashy: take the game, i gotta go
★blarajan: lol oh
Crashy forfeited.

blarajan won the battle!

it was obvious from this point that there was no chance i could lose that game so i'm taking the win, sorry bud. didn't want our match to end this way but i gotta do right by my team

gooooooo sharks
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