Official Smogon Tournament XV - Finals [FRIDAY 26TH @ 3-6 PM GMT-4]


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Gay ben was pretty impressive winning that 3rd game in the semi and is definitely favored to win it all this time around. As someone who’s known for pulling wins outta his ass even in the direst of situations, gay’s comeback that game was something special.
Looking forward to this series. Both players obviously deserve it since they both made it this far. Best of luck to both! :]
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craing ;_; vs Lopunny Kicks
(60/40) I think ben gay is a step ahead of everyone in the actual metagame in terms of knowledge and building skills. In the other hand Lopunny Kicks proved me wrong every week from round six and I've seen him being really prepared in all his matches. Anything can happen, I just hope the serie will not be decided by matchup or hax so we can watch some really high quality games.
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