Official Smogon Tournament XV - Finals [Won by craing ;_;]

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I'm extremely proud of you, craing ;_;. It's hard coming so close and just slipping at the finish line so many times, but you've proven that you can take it all the way, and you did so in spectacular fashion. After so many years of seeing your exciting innovation and play, its satisfying to see you finally win it all, and you truly deserved it more than anyone else.

Of course, I'm also incredibly proud of Lopunny Kicks for coming so far and playing an excellent tournament. It's tough on anyone mentally to come so close and not finish first, but you definitely showed that you can play with the best and I'm confident you'll be roaring for more in upcoming tourneys.

Having both of you on the Scooters was an absolute pleasure, and I'm happy I can say we at least won something this year ;). Enjoy the moment, my friends. I'm looking forward to possibly teaming up with you guys again. :D
So well deserved, Ben. No doubt in my mind that you're the current best player on Smogon by the way you've been building and playing these last few months. Lop - well played, too, bro. You've come a long way in the last year, and are cementing yourself as one of the top players to be feared.

But side note...





Finch coming after Ben like

It's okay, you tried your best. You can let this one way rivalry end now...



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Congrats ben, I think that's one of the most deserved trophy.
Congrats punny as well for the great run, coming this close and not winning really sucks but u should be proud of coming this far, looks like I won my bet when I told I was sure to see u in the tournament scene with important results, head to wcop now❤
congrats ben, youve been consistently impressive for several years. between your unparalleled ability to constantly surprise people with hitherto unseen sets/pokemon you dig up seemingly on command and your adroit ingame maneuvering, you definitely deserve this trophy to cement your top tier status.

lopkicks, your time will come, youre a damn good player and make some really nice teams yourself. this is already a hell of an achievement. keep it up man.
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