Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 2-C

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My rival just says he can play at certain hours on weekends (ONLY ON WEEKENDS when we have two weeks to play) when we have very different schedules (I am from Spain). I'm tired of writing to him if he can play and he always answers hours later.
Bruh I’m online rn u gave me a time and I was online then and I gave like a 12 hour timespan on weekends and I kept asking when u wanna play but u decided it’s smart to just randomly pop up and say “wanna play now”
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contacted oppo last week, scheduled on Sunday, but disappeared since wednesday (and thus didn't show up despite me posting again on sunday)

I'll notify if he gives a sign of life
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Opponent logged on once several days after contacted - said "how about Saturday" with no context/timezone or anything; and they haven't been online since. They didn't even log on saturday
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