Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 4-B

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I'm still waiting for my rival, he told me he could play this weekend, but now he tells me he does not know if he could. I can be available if I can.
as I already stated in PMs I did not say all weekend, I gave specific times but something came up today, please don't make me out to be a liar thanks :D
I have to call activity, my opponent and me wanted to battle at 11 pm GMT + 1 today, but I don’t get any response from him. Because of the deadline I have to claim activity win for me
This is true, but I would like to ask for a very little extension since he only could play this day and something irl happened to me. I promise I will make the time he wants in these days. Sorry for not battling today and please let me make the battles :blobthumbsup:
Activity Win Request

Well, until now I can play but my opponent only gives excuses and problems. I even gave him my WhatsApp number to coordinate. Even so I can continue waiting. This I leave as evidence.
and you continue to ignore everything I say
I was around on saturday, as your screenshots show, and you dodged me
something came up yesterday, which should not have been an issue if you had just not ignored me
you’re twisting my words
you start talking in Spanish, a language I do not speak
and even better, the Spanish message was left when I’d have already closed my PC for the night so even if I’d been around last night, you still wouldn’t have been on until after I’d already left
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