Official Smogon Tournament XVI - Finals [Won by FlamingVictini]

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FV - msg on discord FlamingVictini#3784
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won vs mncmt, ggs

I'll keep this short. I want to thank everyone who was supporting me and cheering me on throughout this journey. There were many times where I didn't feel like prepping or just wanted to quit playing outright, not just in this tour but throughout my years of playing competitive, and your support has kept me going. This was a fairy tale run for me, from not having touched SS halfway through SPL and largely considering my days of serious tour play being over, to making it all the way here. Without this community, I could not have come this far.

I especially want to thank TPP. Without you, I would have certainly lost or dropped out of this tour long ago. From just bouncing ideas back and forth to cramming all my teambuilding and testing into all-nighters before game day, you have been a rock for me. Seriously, you are the most positive and supportive person I know, and I am lucky to call you my friend. Thank you.

Last, a few people had requested me to make a brief return to youtube, and I do enjoy breaking down the teams I used and analyzing the games I played. I'll start uploading analysis of my finals next week and go back a few rounds. Feel free to check it out if you're interested!


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Great finals, really deserved from FV who had an amazing run in this tour and proved everyone that he's among the bests if he puts effort in it. Congratz to mncmt as well who surprised many of us by coming this far, and had a great run as well, with many tough opponents on the way. I'm excited to see him play in WCoP.
Well that was sad but grats fv, poor teams choice in this finals but im super glad i got this far i didnt realized it till i was on top 16 LOL see u guys in stour playoffs(maybe)
Quick s/o
Rewer : I just got this far bc of you and HANTSUKI i was soOO desmotivated with mons after wcop last year, i even considered giving my opp r2 the winlol, but after u guys bought me for spl and trusted me to play in playoffs made me so happy and motivated (even after i lost to ferrothorn lmao) so yeh if im this far is bc of you EU TE AMO GOSTOSA
HANTSUKI : LOOOOOOOOL COMO EU CHEGUEI NA FINAL PQP, you gave me fucking final gambit SIRFEDE bro LOOOOOL what a bad team jeez but tbf i played like shit =[ shouldve gave 0 credits,( its all ur fault but i still love you)

Askov : another person that helped me a lot (i shouldve used his team in final i wouldve 6x0d alas) but yeh my favorite builder in this meta he knows what i like to use for the most part, always supporting me in tours in general amo meu amigo japones
BoA GANG AKA LANSA A BRABA AKA CPL WINNERS AKA EQ: a lot of gostosas except sogeking and Perry Always supporting me, sorry to disappoint u guys :(
Another special thanks to Empo : I reused his spl teams every fucking week lmao
[20:36] Rewer: kekek
[20:37] Rewer: bruh im so happy mence won
[20:37] zaladouloveme: :3
[20:37] zaladouloveme: me2
[20:37] Rewer: mencemito
[20:37] zaladouloveme: he shouted out askov in his win post
[20:37] zaladouloveme: but not me
[20:37] zaladouloveme: after using 2 teams of mine
[20:37] Rewer: LOLOLOL
[20:37] Rewer: LOOOOOOOOOOOL
heres ur s/o Empoor
Alexander. :Omg themost GOSTOSA in this community always supporting me not much else to say thank you
@ruiners: omg s/o to u guys love u all except Sayuze And Caasi
And finally s/o to everyone that pmd me love yall


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Congrats FV! I'm glad that the sleep I lost wasn't in vain. Really impressive run from mncmt as well. I hope you treat this as a start rather than a finish because you did really well and I personally enjoyed your matches. Finals being between two of the more offensive players was definetely a treat.


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mncmt, good run bro. You have broken out as a strong OU player and I cannot wait to see more of your teams and play. Do not be discouraged by this loss; your peak is ahead of you. FV, great run and congrats on a well deserved individual trophy. I recorded the finals series and semifinals series if people care



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Great run mence, unfort u couldnt bring it home but you had some well played games and the balls to bring innovative techs at such an important series so im only happy. well played games from FV as well, grats
I remember sitting in Skype at the end of the draft SPL season 6 or 7 in Wolfpack, and we had people saying lets save money for midseason, and Nails was saying but I promised one more person a spot. I said, a promise is a promise. We then drafted him.. I'm pretty sure with our last pick.

The legend known as FlamingVictini.. you've come a long way since then. Congratulations and well deserved.


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grats flamingvictini for wining a tour where i recognise the name and also great job to mence and unlucky on your team choice i know how hard it can be selecting the wrong team accidentally or having immediate second-thoughts on choosing a team you bring to any game.
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