Official Smogon Tournament XVI - Round 2-B (Pokémon Home NOT ALLOWED this round)


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Round 2 is the pre-Home metagame! Changes to the tiers as a result of Pokemon Home's release should NOT be utilized until Round 3!

Welcome to the second round of this year's Official Smogon Tournament! The OST is one of Smogon's longest standing traditions in tournaments and has crowned many great Pokémon players as its champions across five generations. Over the next few months, thousands* (!) of players will compete to the best of their ability as they attempt to join the exclusive ranks of the OST trophy holders. Only one of those players will succeed in their journey and earn the recognition that comes with their victory, along with the iconic OST trophy.

The tournament will have a best of three format. This means that players will play until one of them wins two games. Players are allowed to switch teams in between games, or use the same team throughout the set; it is completely up to the player. If players only partially complete a series before the deadline, it will be considered an uncompleted match and action will be taken accordingly (either an activity win or a coin flip).

Just like last year, there will be a cash prize for this tournament! The winner of this year's Official Smogon Tournament will receive 200 USD! With the Finalist receiving $100 and both semifinalists taking home $50 each.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or another TD team member!

OST Specific Rules
  • This is a standard SS OU tournament.
  • The tournament will be single elimination.
  • Players will play a best of three series of games each round
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!. If you can't agree on which server to play on, the Smogtours server is the default option.
  • Liking this post increases the accuracy of your Hydro Pumps.
Standard Rules and Clauses
  • Sleep Clause: A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two of the same Pokémon on their team. For example, a player cannot have two Koffing on his or her team.
  • Evasion Clause: A player cannot use the moves Double Team or Minimize in their Pokémon's movesets.
  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, or Fissure in any of their Pokémon's movesets.
  • Team Preview: Players must turn on the Team Preview feature where players can view the opposing team's Pokémon and choose their lead Pokémon.
  • Timer Clause: If a player exhausts the timer, he/she loses.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Any moveset on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned from competitive play. Check this thread for more information.
  • Baton Pass Clause: The move Baton Pass is banned outright.
  • Uber Clause: Players may not use any items, moves, abilities, or Pokemon that appear on Smogon's OU Ban List. If the tiers change or new items, abilities, moves, or Pokemon become available in the middle of a round, the changes will take effect in the following round. There will be an announcement in the relevant round if this occurs.

About Activity Decisions

Activity Decisions / Coin Flips
: In the event that there is an uncompleted match at the deadline, it will be coin flipped unless one or both of the players involved in the match specifically request an activity win and explain sufficiently why they deserve to win over their opponent. Attempting to schedule a battle is required in order to receive the win by activity. To make it clear that you are requesting an activity win when you post, you must open your post with "Activity Win Request" in bold.

For example, if you believe your opponent is making an unfair request and that they don't deserve the activity win over you, you can either make your own request or quote their post and explain why they don't deserve it. You should try to make your activity win request posts at least 24 hours before the deadline to give your opponent a reasonable opportunity to contest it with their own activity win request.

In case of disconnections, if you played in the SmogTours server, call a Tournament Director as soon as possible and we'll see about the possibility of having a rematch.

General Tournament Rules

Please read this guide if you're unsure how to schedule with your opponent! Alternatively, watch this video made by teal6:

Now then, without further ado..

(If your name isn't in this list check the OST Round 2-A, 2-C and 2-D threads for it!)

(cleann vs zbr) vs Aethernum
(Energy vs sablolol) vsChicos
rinnegan418 vs Kardistry King
silver97 vs patlop2307
Perry vs PKMN Master Chad
RandomLord6 vs Mysterious M
Zortea vs robjr
Tace vs Ruft
KryogenicCygnus vs Drookez
WkPlague vs MarquisPhantom
mfhoundoom vs Polish Vodka
bossman9494 vs TrivDiego
FireJolex vs Bassai Dai
Ya Boy MostDope vs TJ
akaFila vs ceraa
apologies vs soulgazer
Andrewboi vs MONNA LUSA
Icemann vs Ho3nConfirm3d
sagar0027 vs Kepwi
cellerino vs TectonicDestroyer
TheRedBuffalo vs B@oba
M Dragon vs Jaajgko
-Niko- vs McMeghan
KmjNext vs Vay
bro fist vs air_dan
Oiseau Bleu vs BLC
davidTheMaster vs Pais
Glurakaiser vs Fakee
Cam vs Tubaplayertyler
G-O-D BASTI vs Taylor
KnightsofBlood vs thomas888
AliImtiaz vs HenshinHEro
Paolo_Rodriguez vs LilyAC
PedroRocket14 vs Lambo_murphy44
Luigi vs Angels & Airwaves
Exiline vs naruto(sage)
SoulWind vs Levraii
AlexCM_2004 vs (TonyFlygon vs Steve Angello)
Gabi benitez vs pigassaultking
Cpt. Sebasaur vs Slave Of Passion
Rune7117 vs Ricardo
Groudon vs Mikaav
Asuya vs Fireon1234
LightScreener vs iAruban
Torresnylon vs Nelson
praj.pran vs SANJAY
Winterains vs Khenan07
JKongh vs WarioMasters
cdizzle1987 vs Sandwichwild853
p2 vs Beraldinhoo
Career Ended vs Rolo Sparkler
DYA vs RedEmption
EazyBruvaTMG vs (Hamhamhamham vs OminousDraco)
Artistical❤ vs Yami
Kdva vs umbreon098
Sacred Wings vs snaga
EliaMartell vs Wevton
Laggronite vs Kingofcrimea
Deathsarose vs Indignado
Marlon Lando vs DevinSmokesYall
Randomnick vs ExodiPie
Souw vs Quaze
Veteran In Love vs Pidge
AnthonyV vs zeroslasher1992
iNoLife vs Mr.J0126
Mikaso04 vs Sparzza
Mannat vs Spiderz
Eeveeto vs PsychosPain
MetalGro$$ vs Xufactor3
ILoveMilk vs Kickassin666
TopLel TopKek vs Cabose6
NxSola vs Uribe13
c kai vs DragicMag
Chris32156 vs UltraNecro
DugZa vs Descending
Zooch vs Pierrick
Miss Novelist vs Kiichikos
irruushi vs ramboss
Martsian Jr vs kt3
oldspicemike vs (WhiteQueen vs EviGaro)
PlatDog vs Skysolo
BitchKicker vs christopher_ 1942
Ac130gaming vs Fylkir Pudin
Lacus Ichinose vs Heika
NDShepard vs Conar234
SrsName vs Leon_98
Bad At Battles vs zf
Sieeeffmon vs czim
Skilpad vs DAVIDpwns
Dragonflo vs Draphirion
Stefan1515 vs Choice Specs
Squash17 vs GoukazaruSD
Hockey1 vs Awesomedp24
Sciroccoo vs comme des garcons
Lillia2.0 vs Hakumen
shieldpoke vs Torchic
Bartho vs 0NI
ShinySkrelps vs Pete1328
LolTrollGame vs SamuelBest
kop8283 vs the pharoah
apesh!t vs Laz
xiaop vs Sand Castle
ThelordofbadRNG vs PokeKnight2545
Michael213 vs wagi_sang
Flyte vs cromagnet42
mc56556 vs neverdeverdd
Crabbu vs The Kyle
Goootzinho vs Chloe
Best12112 vs Flares.
Stanley1923 vs Star
NRTS vs Jhonx~
Nico54800 vs curiosity
Tedel Weve vs -okara
toljs vs Welli0u
ZamaBino vs TPP
LimpingHorse vs Bloodz
True Reset vs BigCaptain
SpringCoder vs Eo Ut Mortus
gallame X vs MacGargan
PresentLP vs Icequake
(DnkeyMemez26 vs Balotelli45) vs ukaaa
(DoguisTheatre vs PowerfulSlash) vs Dirtyboy0708
Osda12 vs Pesadilla
(Pynapel vs Arlius [frxtion]) vs aceguy123
Master Origami vs Sacri'
Altthiel vs lyd
Lambovino vs Ice Cream Cone
Flamita vs KK-Nimbus

Deadline is Sunday, February 23rd, Midnight EST.
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