Official Smogon Tournament XVIII - Round 3-A

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Sent a message to my opponent around 2 days ago because I've been a bit busy, but haven't gotten a response yet. It shows on their profile that they were last seen on the 21st Jan 2022.
is my opponent
Requesting a extension

missed the scheduled time on friday and we agreed to play on saturday but we havent agreed on any time (posts on FaceOFF's profile) so he thought we would play on the same scheduled time like on saturday but I only told him we can play on saturday without any time. Now I'm available today and can play but he requested an activity win, so i would like to request an extension instead.
requestin activity win against glfgno7. contacted him on early week, we agreed to play saturday early afternoon but he misscheduled to watch a football game, we resscheduled for sunday early afternoon too, he didn t answer to my messages but his profile show that he was online. i m still open to an extension if he can play tomorrow or tuesday


"Activity Win Request" Tried to schedule a game with my opponent, who agreed the time and date twice, and hasn't shown either of the times.


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Claiming activity. My opponent did not show up at the scheduled time (and hasn't been online since Friday), see VMs.
Claiming activity , my rival did not appear at the agreed time and I have been waiting for him for a long time
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jpflame vs utofa
Hollow Soul
vs AceKirazo -- normally you wouldn't get act unless you actually contacted your opponent prior to claiming an act win, but hosting team is fine with this in this instance; however, this is the exception to the rule
GusthavoM vs Call me PK
proudbrownie102 vs ok cool omg
shadow-lxrd vs Leo
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d vs StallSucksBro
tlenit vs Ruft
qsns vs Mimikyu Stardust


James2464 vs pigsaysoinkoink111 -- gonna flip because there was both equal activity



FaceOFF vs Ditching -- decided to go with an extension on this, both clearly wanna get the game time and there wasn't a set-in-stone time on saturday
Leru vs Savouras
Scottie vs blarghlfarghl
Clouds vs ProDigeZz
baconeatinassassin vs Tachibana
banaaaaaaa vs Hockey1
michy47 vs GLFGno7 -- both want to get the game done
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