Official Smogon Tournament XX - Announcements

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This thread will be used to communicate important information to players in OST.

Required Replays
As a reminder to all players, it is required that you post links to your replays in the same post that you claim your win, starting in Round 2. You are not required to post your replays for your Round 1 games, though you are still encouraged to save them in case of a dispute.

For new players, to get a link to the replay of your game, click on the "Upload and share replay" button that appears below the battle screen after it completes (see image). This will then give you a link that can be used to view the replay. If you click "Download replay", the replay will instead be saved to your computer, which we do not have access to.

Prize pool
The winner of this year’s Official Smogon Tournament will receive the top prize of 200 USD! The winner will also receive their choice of a custom avatar or claiming an inactive username on PS!, courtesy of the PS! Admin team. The runner up will be allowed whichever option the winner does not select.
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