Official Smogon Tournament XX - Round 1-B

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Me and Irella will be settling our match tomorrow @ 12 PM GMT-6/7 PM GMT+1. I just wanted to make this clear. Thank you for your brief attention.

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A substitute wave has occurred.

The following games were double-substituted, and as such have new players in both slots facing each other. This is because neither opponent contacted the other publicly since the start of the round and did not show me any hidden scheduling after the warning ping.
Gustsz vs LityL (was gali vs TheRealWipper)
ShamylSA vs Mylo Xyloto (was kyledalegendary vs Xander31415)
pignoufland vs UltraGeist (was zalko00 vs Dan002)

The following games had a single substitution, with an inactive or unresponsive player being substituted out to give the opponent that reached out a new opponent. The person who was substituted in will be on the right of each matchup.
-Taka- vs Goootzinho
TGA vs serperiorr
Altthiel vs Joga
BrunnoGreen vs Capital Bra
Lostmemories vs Ziyeh
Rasche vs pdt
Dragonite4242 vs Kate
QWILY vs Astoria
UmPM vs Figull400
sapphiree vs landlord42
Ack3641Ack vs fa500
Hybuyn vs Mashin Sentai
fade vs Nalorium
giove97 vs vAdeRaven
Azamat140499 vs rs
sufys vs Suhayb
Royal5888 vs @It's that breloom guy!
plunder vs na-kanon69
ima vs 691
Fablle vs capo the battler
Vkhss vs jacob
Amaranth vs CobsonYaoi
FadedCharm vs A Helpful Rayquaza
Beuto vs Volcaronium
MCJD931 vs WormStepper
Kebab mlml vs MarcieDaHomie
Abbehat vs Huston

If you were pinged, you must contact your opponent and play your game. Being substituted in is not an excuse to ignore messages, and you risk being substituted out if you are not active or responsive. Similarly, if you recieved a new opponent, a previous activity claim or an attempt to contact a previous opponent will not be sufficient to avoid an unfavorable result should your game not be played - you may even risk being substituted out if you ignore your opponent's contact, depending on sub availability.

Below is the evidence of randomization. An error meant that a group of eight slots were randomized seperately, and I combined that with the "final one left" from the first wave to make this second wave.






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