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Does the tier update include changes between RU and NU (if a cutoff level has been chosen)? I know that NU is nowhere near being an official metagame at this point, but these changes would be relevant for determining the initial RU list as RU is due to become an official metagame with this tier update.
Yes. I will be publishing the initial NU Beta banlist.
Regarding stats this month.

I'll still be throwing them up on rather than trying to fit them in a thread, but I won't be doing quite as many levels.

I'll be doing baselines of
  • 0 (essentially no weighting)
  • 1500
  • 1630 (consider these the "standard stats")
  • 1760 (consider these the "1337" stats)
Except for OU, where 1630 and 1760 will be replaced by 1695 and 1825, respectively.

Also, a tip on how to use moveset stats (which I will put somewhere more prominent):
  • If you're trying to figure out what's good in a tier (in terms of movesets), 1760/1825 is probably the way to go, since that tells you what the very top players use on their Pokemon.
  • If you want to determine what the likelihood is that your opponent's Pokemon carries X move or Y item, consult the moveset stats closest to your own Glicko R rating.
  • If you're having trouble dealing with a certain Pokemon and are looking for checks/counters, consult the 1500 (or even possibly the 0) stats: the lack of "1337"ness is vastly preferred to the sheer lack of data you encounter when you get that high.
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