Activity Call, I showed up for 21:00 in GMT +1 stayed on until 22:30 to make sure I didn't screw up the time zones. They never showed up. Stayed on for an hour and a half. Conversation is on the opponent's wall. I hate taking wins this way. Edit: We are in Flight 2
Haxvic98 posted on my profile last week and wanted to talk on Twitter instead. I never got any messages or anything on Twitter. I gave him my name but he didn't give me his. I think he followed me but no messages. I posted on his message on my Smogon profile page yesterday asking if he could play tonight. He has not responded.

Activity call, my opp didn't appear in the extension deadline time. I had problems to contact him during the week and now I think that he want to use those problems to get the default win... dunno if it's to late (I guess so) but I'd like to play if we already can. (I dont want a default win) I use to play in extension time cause of my bad availability during the week, but he didn't say me nothing to play with me yesterday or today.

PD: I've already contacted with my opp of the next week, we ll have 0 problems to play.
Just to make sure (as should be clear from Youroy's activity on my wall): I concede this match to him. Some very serious stuff happened this week and I can't concentrate on absolutely anything. I'm sorry for taking so long to post this.

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