I replied to my opponent last monday, but he didn't respond. I have just contacted him again a few minutes ago, waiting for a reply.
Ayyyy 2k posts.

Calling activity on ToastedCrabb. I've vm'd him twice and he hasn't responded. He hasn't been online since March 9th.
Requesting an extension I guess since my opp couldn't play on the time we schedule the first days and he has not answered my last messages.


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Won 2-1 against TwiddleDee ! It was pretty close, with hax being a deciding factor a few times, but I did find the intensity to be fun regardless!
I couldn't play against Youroy' because we messed up on scheduling our battle. It was my fault, as I took too long to reply to his comments. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play tomorrow as I won't be home all day.

I'll understand if he gets an activity win, but I'd like to play against him if we can get an extension. :D
Although I called activity a few days ago, I just wanna point it out again. My opponent still hasn't been seen since Feb 27.
I wanna an activity win.
We are 10 Hours away from each other and wanted to play on weekend.
I could have played friday, but he was out.
We decided to play saturday 10 am my time (but then he couldnt on this time)
Afterwards, we decided to play today, but he wasn't online yet.
So I dont think we can play that, escpecially cause he wanted to play on this weekend.
I was there, he not, so i would like this freewin.


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