Official Smogon VGC 17 Tournament ROUND 1 PAIRINGS [Extensions: Deadline 1/12] [Check Post 651]

Hello everybody!! Thank you for getting the matches done. If your opponent never responds, keep trying. In cases of clear activity, your continued efforts will help me determine whom should walk away with the win.

And for everyone asking me, VM means "visitor message." When you click on their profile and see the text box to type things, that's a VM. I know there's a character limit, so respond multiple times. A PM is a private message. I can't see those and I do not want to be added to everyone's PMs, that annoys me. So please try to further your communication via VM and if it did happen in PM or off-site, take a screenshot and put it in vm. It makes my life a lot easier to just be able to go to your profile and see who's trying to get the match done.

Thanks everyone! People whom I want their match streamed will be contacted soon.


formerly TopLel TopKek
My oppo contacted me, but it seems to be like he's gonna miss our schedule. I'll try to re-schedule w/ him.

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