Official Smogon VGC 17 Tournament ROUND 4 PAIRINGS [Deadline 2/17] (See Post 357)

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asking for an extension, both my opponent and i kinda forgot about this week. we made a quick time to play today but he wasn't there, but i'd hate to get an activity win when its pretty much just as much my fault
Posting here since Jibaku said blarajan wants me to.

I'd like to ask for an extension with my match with Chras if possible. Long story short, 2 weeks ago, I ended up getting both food poisoning and a really nasty stomach bug, which totally fucked up my balance between College and Smogon. This week, I've been heavily focused on catching up in my college work, and didn't think to schedule my match with Chras till Monday, for Thursday night EST and "any time" Friday.

Unfortunately, I only just came on Smogon about 3 hours ago, while Chras hasn't been on for about 4 hours as of this post. I'm worried he isn't going to log on time for the deadline. I wouldn't want to call activity myself since I've been mostly going on Smogon only to upload finished analyses and hanging out on short pockets of time on Discord while trying to catch up.

Apologies for the poor timing of this post, and I understand if this can't be accommodated for. If it can, I'm free this entire weekend to do the battle (hey, maybe I'll even get lucky and he'll log back on before the deadline lol).
just take the win, voluntary work + school is really busy for me rn, getting to overwhelming to play pokemon
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