Official Smogon VGC 17 Tournament ROUND 4 PAIRINGS [Deadline 2/17] (See Post 357)

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I'd like to quit the tournament, sorry. I didn't really have time to play lately :(. Good luck for those who still participating
I tried to reschedule a match with my opponent, but he said he isn't available. So blarajan, I don't know how you handle this, but in the messages I placed on his wall and in the PMs, he didn't answer until two days ago. Furthermore, he disabled his wall so I couldn't even initially talk to him until two days after telling him he did that.
EDIT: Since there was an extension, I will try my best to schedule a match with him. If he doesn't battle then, well I don't know what happens at that point.
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Ok wait is there no activity this round? My opponent is completely unresponsive and I have no clue what to do.


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Of course the tags weren't for activity. To everyone who won, great job, it was just too much work to remove you all from the tags and take this as an opportunity to double check that you are correctly bolded in the OP, as it will be difficult to change results after the fact.
Calling activity again, opponent hasn't been on since Feb 12 and has not responded to any of my messages. Convo on their page.
I was unable to battle my opponent due to him being offline when the pairings were announced (he was offline the entire week). Now I do realize we received an extension, but unfortunately I was unable to battle him during the extension. However, my opponent has now been offline for the past two days so I'm unsure if we would have been able to schedule our match regardless. I'm not sure how this is going to work in terms of who wins, but I'll let you guys decide.
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