Official SmORGon Season 12 sign ups are now open


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Welcome to SmORGon Season 12! Last season we gave away our first grand prize of $50 (USD), and we're looking to do it again this time!

Featuring a series first with an advantage safari to explore, Season 12 will take players on a journey like never before. Everyone's skills will be tested and many will stumble while traversing this new land. In the end, you'll have to search within yourself and find your Hidden Ability to push through the competition. 39 days, 24 players, and one... Sole Survivor!

SmORGon is Circus Maximus's ongoing series of Survivor Online Reality Games (ORGs). If you're a fan of the show Survivor or any spin offs such as Total Drama Island, and you've wondered what it would like to be to play from behind your computer screen, now could be the time for you to try!

As a survivor game on Smogon, SmORGon is specifically designed for Pokemon fans. Challenges often include a variety of Pokemon battles (using Pokemon Showdown), puzzles, and tests of concentration. You certainly don't need to be a battling pro or a Pokemon whiz to be successful in the game, but having a basic understanding of Pokemon or its fandom will help you with certain aspects within SmORGon. At the core though, the game is all about forming connections with other players and working yourself into a position to avoid being voted out.

The game will be played on our Season 12 Discord server.

Applications are now open. The season will start on Friday July 17 and run until late August.


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What is an ORG?

ORG stands for Online Reality Game, typically modeled after a reality TV game show. SmORGon is modeled after Survivor.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is willing to devote a considerable amount of their time from July 17th to late August to play the game. If you don't think you have time to play during this window, please don't apply.

How do I know if I am cast?

We will have a tiered stage of casting. Applicants that strike us as a good fit for the season will be contacted for additional interview questions. From there, we will let all players we are interested in know when and how to check in prior to the game start. If you don't check in during this period, you will not be cast no matter how much we like you. Staying active on our discord server ( is also a big plus to increase your odds of being cast.

What is an advantage safari?

A safari in survivor ORGs is a series of discord channels managed by private roles. Players can navigate different areas of the safari by entering commands that move them to a new location. In certain places hidden in the safari will be advantages for the game, potentially including but not limited to Hidden Immunity Idols that can be played before the votes are read to guarantee a player is safe for one more round.

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