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Offensive Redirector (Ogerpon-Wellspring) (F) @ Wellspring Mask
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 172 HP / 76 Atk / 76 SpD / 184 Spe
Tera Type: Water
Jolly Nature
- Ivy Cudgel
- Wood Hammer / Horn Leech
- Follow Me
- Spiky Shield / Swords Dance

Ogerpon-W is a threatening offensive redirector, using its good stats and strong movepool to check metagame threats such as Landorus and Heatran, as well as providing a useful Water-immunity to teammates. Ivy Cudgel is useful as a strong Water-type move for Ogerpon-W, but a strong Grass-type move for teammates. In a pinch, Ogerpon-W can also use Ivy Cudgel on a teammate to provide a small bit of healing thanks to Water Absorb. Wood Hammer is stronger, at the cost of having recoil, while Horn Leech improves Ogerpon-W's longevity throughout a battle. Follow Me helps allies like Gholdengo and Iron Hands to set up, as well as helping Trick Room users such as Porygon2 to get Trick Room up safely. Spiky Shield is a useful option that can protect Ogerpon-W from double targets and help it stall out Trick Room, while Swords Dance synergises well with Follow Me and can be used if other teammates are carrying Protect. The given EV spread outspeeds Landorus and lives Landorus's Sludge Bomb, with the rest being put in Attack. Ogerpon-W struggles against Grass- and Dragon-types such as Dragonite, Raging Bolt, Rillaboom, and Sinistcha as they resist Ogerpon-W's STAB combination. Intimidate users such as Incineroar and Landorus-T can also be problematic as they dampen Ogerpon-W's damage output, despite its positive type matchup into them. Ogerpon-W is forced into Tera Water, but it uniquely gives Ogerpon-W a useful Special Defense boost, helping against Pokemon like Gholdengo and Tornadus.

Notable Partners
**Intimidate Answers**: Pokemon that can take advantage of Intimidate like Galarian Zapdos and Kingambit, or Pokemon that can block it like Dragonite make for good partners, as they can prevent Ogerpon-W from having a much lower damage output. When alongside these Intimidate answers, Ogerpon-W can utilise its good typing matchup into the aforementioned Intimidate users and check them properly.

**Physical Attackers**: Ogerpon-W is good with a lot of physical attackers such as Chien Pao, Iron Hands, and Ursaluna. Ogerpon-W can pass them Swords Dance and help them set up with Follow Me, or utilise its strong offensive synergy with these teammates, such as Chien Pao beating the aforementioned Grass- and Dragon-types that Ogerpon-W struggles with, Ogerpon-W beating Landorus for Iron Hands and Iron Hands beating Tornadus in return, and Ursaluna beating Dragonite for Ogerpon-W. Additionally, Chien-Pao provides Sword of Ruin, making the duo very obnoxious to switch in to considering the type synergy between them, as well as making Ivy Cudgel more of a threat against Incineroar.

**Water-weak Pokemon** Teammates such as Heatran, Ting-Lu, Glimmora, and both Landorus formes appreciate the Water immunity that Ogerpon-W grants to its team. Follow Me can enable Substitute users like Landorus and Heatran, while Heatran can check Rlilaboom, Sinistcha, and Amoonguss. Glimmora can provide entry hazard support to chip down would-be checks to Ogerpon-W, as well as check Flying-types like Tornadus and Dragonite that would otherwise cause problems for Ogerpon-W.

**Trick Room Setters** Pokemon like Porygon2 and Diancie benefit from Ogerpon-W’s ability to redirect attacks that would otherwise threaten them, allowing them to set up Trick Room easier. These teammates also have additional synergies, such as Porygon2 passing Download and Diancie passing Clear Body, as well as Ogerpon providing Diancie with a Water-immunity.

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I am on phone however I will QC this the best I can

Despite Ivy Cudgel being a no brainer, there are some quirks that should be mentioned: Strong water move when used by ogerpon, but strong grass move when used by ally, as well as being a healer in a pinch when hitting an ally to proc water absorb.

Water weak mons such as Landorus(-therian), Heatran, and Ting-Lu should be given its own mention because they synergize super well with Ogerpon as well as follow me being super annoying in general which enables sub lando/tran well and other threats. Glimmora could be another solid mention because it can deal with flying types (which ogerpon has a hard time with)

QC 1/2 when implemented


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  • Mention SoR in the partners section, it makes the duo that much more obnoxious to switch into considering their overall type coverage and how it makes ivy cudgel sting THAT much more into incin (you can just say it makes them even harder to switch into).
  • Trick Room setters probably deserve their own mention as well because it either synergizes really well w all of them, since Porygon2 passes Download, Diancie Clear Body (and also gaining Water Absorb is nice for it), while Ogerpon-W makes it that much easier for them to set it etc.

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