OHKO Moves

Why are OHKO moves not allowed in Gen 2?
I remember back in the day, pre 2000 at a local GSC link cable tournament, OHKO moves were allowed.
Ubers were banned of course, but OHKOs made the format seem a lot more balanced. They miss a lot, and by no means were on every team, but some Pokemon like Pinsir and Gligar and Lickitung, even Lapras become much more viable.
The biggest issue is that they totally devalue the importance of skill. If I outplay my opponent over the course of the match that could mean nothing if they get lucky with a couple OHKO moves and bust through key walls. Can the player using OHKO moves then really claim they're actually good? And if I'm being handed a loss in that fashion, am I going to treat it as any other loss? Of coure not, it would literally be nothing but RNG deciding the game. Sure, this happens some of the time anyway, but OHKO moves make it much more possible for bs scenarios such as that to occur

Ironically, ubers being unbanned makes a lot more sense than unbanning OHKO moves (imo)
OHKOs in Gen II are up there with the single most broken things I can think of. A stallish metagame with moves that kill Pokemon in one hit. What can possibly go wrong???
Even with a shaky accuracy, a 30% chance of removing any key member from an opposing team is definitely too powerful (especially in a bulky metagame such as GSC); you can easily fish for an eventual KO and you can't even rely on Flying- or Ghost-types as an form of counterplay vs. threats with the combination of Horn Drill + Fissure (Nidoqueen, Rhydon, Tauros etc).

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