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I would have made it, but final exams have my internal calendar messed up... The Jirachi movie might be most appropriate because it has a new Groudon forme and so does Omega Ruby potentially. How about a double feature of the Jirachi and Manaphy movies for the sake of Groudon and Kyogre?
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hey, so, this died ;-;

tomorrow night, let's watch some pokemon, yes / yes?

we've watched all the movies like 2-3 times, so i'm thinking diamond and pearl episodes cuz piplup is the best character on the show

bulbasaur is a close second, if you want to go that route, but let's be honest, piplup

10 PM EST on Thursdays was the good old standard. who's in?

#oi is the chan now, btw~


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I'll definitely join in if I get the chance. Been a long time since we've had a movie night, and I have quite fond memories of them myself since it was one of the first ways I became involved in OI and Smogon as a whole.

I'll also point out that the Diancie movie aired not too long ago on CN. Watching that could be an option as well if it's doable, since afaik those with Dish Network as a cable provider didn't get the chance to see it last week.

Edit: Fixed, Hula. Haven't slept well in several days. ;_;
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Yeah, I'm all for reviving these if someone else is mostly running them, I just didn't really have the time to run the grunt work for it anymore. Internet at my new place isn't so great though so I'll have to get the video ahead of time :pirate:

Also, I was planning to do a one-time movie night again once I got a hold of the Diancie movie anyway. I'll still see if I can get it soon since it's a movie most of us haven't seen yet.

I'll defiantly join in if I get the chance.
You'll DEFIANTLY join???


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That's technically true, but I knew that was not what he was going for, which was also proven by his edit. :pirate:
Well..I can be that guy that keeps joining and getting kicked until someone IP bans me to make the statement correct, if you'd prefer that. :3

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