#oi Movie Nights

Whoo~! I'd say that was a massive success, haha. Had a pretty big crowd.

Since there were so many, I hope you can forgive me if I miss your name!

But shout out to DHR-107 (who woke up at 3 AM to watch!), LightningKimba (aka Ming-Ming) who supplied me with the subs, and everyone else: Yveltal, The Mighty Kazzoo, Layell, AstralFire, Dorian (aka Veles), Lady Salamence, Veemon (aka Wobbanaut), Flora, shockwave527, Shmoomy (aka Focus), GemOftheDay, starwarsfan, Nexus, and of course Kadew and General Spoon.

Thanks everyone for showing up! Really made it a great night (or morning, for some of you)

Smell ya later!
Hey ya'll,

The new Pokemon movie with the Red Genesect and the woman Mewtwo is out in English! I managed to get a copy of the dub, so if you haven't seen it or want to re-watch it with us, catch us this Thursday at 10 PM EST!

That is all.
Great movie night, even though the movie was...really...not good...at all...in fact it was like the opposite of good (bad).

Shout outs to Shmoohlala (aka Focus), Kadew, LightningKimba (aka Ming-Ming) and the return of Jellicent !!

In my opinion, the only redeeming things about this movie were the bad-ass Feraligatr and the fact that Woman Mewtwo (or as Kadew puts it, Ma'amtwo) and Red Genesect are such a good couple :3

See you all next week!
There was a female alien, a red roach and his cool car roach buddies. Red roach realized he had buds and stopped being a douche. Also there was a jungle lady somewhere.

If anyone could make heads or tails with the plot, that'd be thankful since I'm not sure if there was really a thing going on? Stuff happened and then that was it.
We're going to be watching Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea in like 10 minutes from this post! Click here to join us!

This is the last movie with Max so make sure you don't miss your last chance to make fun of him! (I actually haven't seen this movie yet, so I'm looking forward to it!)
We took a little break last week, but we're back this week and we're going to be watching The Rise of Darkrai!

Ever since XY was announced, we've been getting a ton of new members, even more so after it was released. Just wanted to say that movie nights and the #orangeislands IRC channel in general are great ways for new members to get to know the other users and better integrate into the OI community. At least, it worked for me :P

See you all Thursday, 10 PM EST as usual!
Great movie night tonight! I actually fell asleep so we started about 20 minutes off schedule, but we all had a great time! (Blame Darkrai, he put me in a Dark Void!)

The entire movie all I could think about was how a romance movie with Darkrai and Cresselia would've been so much better...but oh well.

Tonight's drinking game was to take a drink whenever Palkia made the noise that Boga makes in Star Wars Episode III. They literally just stole the cry from Star Wars and gave it to Palkia... -.-'

Shout out to everyone who showed up, Jellicent, Ming-Ming, Metalman (not sure if he is the same Metalman on Smogon, but oh well), Focus, and new guy TheDarknessOfLoyalty. And General Spoon who came in at the end and spoiled the ending for us like 2 minutes before it actually happened. >_<

See you all next week!

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