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Welcome to the Orange Islands, the Pokemon sub-forum where the stick up Smogon's collective hindquarters is loosened up just a little bit!

This forum is for discussion of anything in the Pokémon games, anime, or manga that does not relate to competitive play against other humans. In this forum you may discuss everything from battling the AI in the Battle Subway to playing Pokémon's various spin-off games such as Pokemon Snap, Mystery Dungeon, Puzzle League, etc.

Here is a list of this forum's rules:
  1. Smogon's general forum rules still apply.
    • Please do not flame other users and use appropriate language for the situation.
  2. Only discuss released or announced aspects of games, anime, and manga.
    • Do not post "wishlist" threads (e.g. "What abilities do YOU want to see in Gen 8?")
    • Do not post PC++ threads like "What is your favorite/least favorite _____?"
    • When discussing games during pre-release, only discuss information confirmed by trustworthy sources.
    • Rumors may be discussed once they have been proven beyond reasonable doubt.
  3. Do not discuss competitive Pokémon (Smogon metagames).
    • There are tons of other forums on Smogon made specifically for this purpose.
  4. Do not ask for links to emulators or ROMs, provide access to them, or discuss ways to exploit them for personal gain.
    • Let's Plays of Pokémon hacks are fine, but do not provide links.
  5. If you have a question about an in-game team, use the appropriate thread (e.g. Battle Maison) or post in Simple Questions & Simple Answers.
Here are the tags that are available in this forum:

(Challenge): If you have an idea for how to make the games harder you can document the rules and keep track with other players, create the next Nuzlocke!
(Lets Play): For creative and interesting ways of documenting just a regular game run, or a specific challenge use this tag.
(Sticky): The mod team will use this to make note of important threads that will be at the top of every page. Don't think by having this tag your thread will be stickied (in fact the exact opposite may occur).

In addition to this

At its heart, Orange Islands is a place to discuss playing Pokémon games, watching Pokémon anime, and reading Pokémon manga. There are a few components to this statement that I think need to be made clear. :toast:

Discussion: the action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas
  • Threads that are posted in Orange Islands either need to work toward a specific goal (i.e., generating a list of tiers for "efficient" run throughs of a game) or they need to promote discussion among users. Threads that ask users to post once and never look at a thread again are not what we are looking for. — We want threads that draw users back time and time again. We want threads that facilitate an exchange of an ideas, rather than threads that serve as a dumping ground for ideas.
Additionally, Orange Islands discussion should be about active processes. This turn of phrase can be a bit confusing, so let me break it down for you!

  • Threads should deal with your experiences either playing Pokémon games, watching Pokémon anime, or reading Pokémon manga. This forum isn't for casual Pokémon discussion in general; threads like "What is your favorite Pokémon?" and "What is your least favorite trainer class?" don't promote active engagement with the games and do not promote the aforementioned exchange of ideas between users. Threads like The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2 and Battle Maison Discussion & Records push people to play the games and to discuss their experiences.
Everything else is probably fine here! If you have any questions about what type of discussion belongs in this forum and what type doesn't, please contact the eminent mods of Orange Islands, through PM or profile message. We'd be glad to help with any questions! Have fun. Please use these tags so other users can better find the content they are interested in.

The mods of Orange Islands:



New Mods for Sun/Moon

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Do you read the XY discussion thread for hours on end? Do you refresh it obsessively, hoping to discover some new tidbit of information? Have your posts ever been infracted or deleted because they were "off topic"?

If so, #orangeislands is the place for you! Most of Smogon's discussion happens behind the scenes on IRC. In fact, most of Orange Islands' regulars frequent our IRC channel, where you are free to theorymon new Pokémon, discuss all your hopes and dreams for XY Z, and get all the off-topic craziness out of your system. Remember, IRC is the place for discussing anything that pops into your head, not the XY Z thread!

You can access our IRC channel very easily by clicking on the following link. I'd like to invite everyone to check it out, we'd love to get to know you more and to build our community here in the Orange Islands.

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I think this needs to be said: forums are not the same things as chatboxes. If you need to tell someone something but it doesn't directly contribute to the thread you are viewing, send the person a visitor message or a private message. This also means you shouldn't spam responses to pre-release threads by responding to every little thing or by posting "witty" one-liners after every other post.
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