Ok. Requesting permission for semiOU tourney

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Ok I finally figured Im gonna try and make a tourney. I thought of an idea that REALLY test peoples skill. In this tournament 3 of the pokemon in your team are already decided and you have to pick three pokemon of your own to complement them. This tourney is only for PEOPLE in the USA and US time zones, because I want everyone to be able to be on and for things to actually be done. This tourney is gonna be 16 man to KISS it up(keep it simple stupid) and basically first come first serve if mods/admin agree to this. The prize since its a simple tourney will as well be simple, a copy of GW. Guild Wars which is a mmorpg with free online, Its a computer game so if your computer isnt set for it odds are you wont want it, but trust me its a Good mmo. In any case I bet your wondering what these three pokemon that MUST be on your team are, well their not pokemon I use and their not incredibly UU if thats what you were thinking. They are as simple as ARCANINE, AERODACTYL, and JUMPLUFF. Set them any way you want just as long as it abides with any rules, lol and the other three pokemon are up to you, rules are as follows:
-sleep clause
-pp ups
-battle timeout
-single elimination
-species clause (as in no using two of the same pogey)
-evasion/ohko ban
tell me what you think
A) Too many tourneys ATM
B) If the tournament tests skill why is Celebi banned? If you have skill then you should be able to counter Celebi which is not hard to do.
C) Tournament is a new idea but is still quite standard, knowing every team will have the same three pokemon, the last three will be the same to counter other teams and there will be little diversity.


I could be boned!
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lol no imo and you should pm articuno64 with this shit because all you are doing is posting multiple useless threads.

edit: why is it for PEOPLE only?
Lol. X)

Dude, honestly, I don't think you have a chance. Everyone will just use something like a Water that beats all these three, what's so skillfull.
not to mention an amazing part of the game called a switch! if u arent interested then maybe this tourney isnt for u but dont knock it cause its not your style
and in my defense all i wanted to do is post an idea of a nice little tourney with a unique idea I got. Despite how simple it may seem this tourney could bring about some new movesets for those pogeys and maybe even some nice strategies. It tests skill by allowing the contestants to see what goes well with those pokemon and how they can combine them to make a powerhouse team. meh sorry for spam posting but i like this idea and ill defend it.......
lol :\
I'm not sure if I should even lock this, but this is such a boring tourney (especially with the official tourney running right now) that I probably should do it.


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Milotic@Leftovers: Recover/Surf/IceBeam/Sleep Talk

ok I just beat half of your team pokemon ahoy.


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No, no, and no. What is the point in every team having 3 of the same pokemon when they can all be countered by a water easily? (a water with Surf and Ice Beam). And only members from the USA because of time zone reasons? That is a grave mistake especially if you are trying to appeal to me, as I live in Canada and you said nothing about Canada or other countries that have the same time zones as the USA.

Running a tournament is a big contribution that even some long-contributing regulars have failed to do well. Try establishing yourself in other ways first, by showing yourself to be a friendly, mature, intelligent, helpful poster around the forums. And if you do that, I'm sure the tourney you try to start will look quite different from this one.

PS: You created two of the same topic.
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