Old album scraping scripts

chaos / Hugendugen I tried making it using JavaScript / jQuery. Turns out that getting the images spams with a lot of GET request idk why :( even though I'm using regex to get the image src attribute now .-. stuff not included: ignoring images in quote tags because people can quote from other people and mess it up.

Currently it loads 10 pages worth of images and everytime you click the button it loads 10 more. Not sure what can be done about the image stuff without flooding with GET requests sooo :( anyway it's in http://www.smogon.com/album/albumtest might lag your internet a bit. (It brought me to 1.0Mbps when I used it fsr ._. maybe too spammy) !_! <_< >_> ^_^

Edit: did nexus edit those smileys in...
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Nexus is literally the worst.
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I brought the massive amount of GETs to sandz' attention (~200-500 per load) and I'd be happy to look at it to try to filter that stuff out.

When the new forums were first put up, I could access a json feed for just about anything. Now I get a security error. This would, of course, help a ton with this project and at least a few others. Is it possible to bring that back?

Edit: This was resolved. We're down to like ~30. If there were a services, this could be improved.
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mostly harmless
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I think Brain wrote them and I added stuff in if I remember right fyi.

Weren't the best written stuff tbh, but it did the job (atleast back then).

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