(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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Hello! Originally created by stellar user Joim, the Scavengers room is a long-standing public room on Pokémon Showdown that focuses on Scavenger Hunts, short and engaging trivia games that test the user's knowledge and searching skills in a variety of question types. In particular, the room focuses on Official Hunts, which award points to the finishers. Official Hunts are primarily led by the room staff members, but any user can help out with making regular hunts.

Official Hunts award points to the five highest placing users; first place earns 20 points, second place 15 points, third place 10, fourth place 5, and fifth place 1. If any of the top three users finish within 1 minute of the hunt's starting, they will earn 10 extra BLITZ points.

We also create Mini-Officials that are hosted spontaneously and also count towards the monthly ladder. First place finishers will earn 10 points, second/third place 5 points each, and fourth/fifth place 3 points each.

Every month, users will compete to gain points on a ladder hosted here; the top players from each month will be recorded and receive special mentions in future ladders and the room itself. Any non-auth members in the top five places of the monthly ladder will also receive a nomination for Room Voice. Additionally, the highest finishing non-staff member of each monthly ladder will receive the opportunity to have the mouse cursor icon in the room intro be a Pokémon or item sprite of their choice.

Lastly, every month's ladder has a unique twist that allows for different question types, point scoring systems, and more, making each month's ladder a different experience.

Our room also has a website with all sorts of information, so if you're looking to get into the room for the first time or refresh yourself on some rules and details, check it out!

The official hunt can also be viewed by using the command /scavtop when in the Scavengers room; however, a record of some of the past ladders can be found on the site's ladder archive.

May ladder twist: Every regular official will consist of four questions! As such, the BLITZ period will be extended to 80 seconds.

Please refrain from unnecessary posting in the ladder thread, as it is used primarily for documenting hunt reservations and results. If there are concerns with the thread that need to be addressed, you can message a staff member on either Smogon or PS. (This has been an unspoken rule of the ladder threads over the past few years but I'd like to officially put it here for reference.)

And of course, thanks to all of these folks for helping out a ton with the room in the past: Spy, Darnell, Level 51, The Captain., Vacate, Alter, Shame That, Joim, The Immortal, sirDonovan, queez, Xylen, ashiemore, Flerovium, and Painter Espeon!
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Good for you
Wednesday March 1st @ 2 PM EST with coinboy
Second place: MukUsedDrillPeck
Third place: I Dream of Rain
Fourth Place: Grumpig
Fifth Place: Rory Mercury
Q1) In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, in an extra battle where Archie had a Huntail, he has two of this item.
Q2) In Generation III, this was the first Pokémon by Pokédex order to be the Tiny Pokémon.
Q3) In this Generation III location, many pictures of Ludicolo can be seen.

Q1) Super Potion
Q2) Squirtle
Q3) Realgam Tower

Grats to all who participated!. Thanks to Painter Espeon and Flerovium for qcing and coinboy for making q2 and q3.

Also TheWhoDoctor and Cyllage are bad users, I dibsed second post :I
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Rory Mercury

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2/3/17 18:00 GMT -5 Rumble Official

Winner: TheWhoDoctor
Second Place: CloudyNatu
Third Place: BigPimpin12
Fourth Place: MOO
Fifth Place: Meicoo

Solutions: darkrustsfort, oshawottzoroark, spinarak

Q1) You don’t get any money after completing this level for the first time in Pokémon Rumble Blast.
Q2) A certain special trait is exclusive to these two Pokémon in Pokémon Rumble Blast (alphabetically).
Q3) There are placeholders for some Event-Pokémon in Pokémon Rumble World, this is the Pokémon which is in place of Volcanion.

Congratulations to all finishers and thanks to all who participated. Extra thanks to Flerovium and Brawl MK.
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Wednesday, March 1st, at 7 PM EST
adiass (02:47)
2nd : BigPimpin12 (06:43)
3rd : Teiger (10:45) (aka koac)
4th : Embar (12:07)
5th : Saint Justice (12:10) (aka Illusio)
Consolation Prize : Rory Mercury

Q1: This NPC trainer appeared in gen 2 and gen 3 main games and their remakes, also in Fire Red and Leaf Green but in different trainer class. He also has the same name as a Pokemon game English translator's first name. | nob
Q2: This character is the referee of the match between Ash and Winona. | zachary
Q3: This name was suggested as Spiritomb's English name. | phantomb

Congratulations to all participants, thank you to Meicoo and Dylas for QC.

note: this hunt was reserved on the previous month, so blame me for the inconvenience.
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Glitches & Beta Official Hunt on March 7rd 2017 at 5 PM EST.

1st: Mr. Uncompetitive (11:59)
2nd: Rory Mercury (19:55)
3rd: LilBlueShuppet (21:01)
4th: pancake (29:11)
5th: 0wO (32:14)

Q1: In a main-series Pokemon game, a glitch allowed the player to surf on land. Name the slogan of the location where the item needed for the glitch is obtained. | Ride in gravel and shake up your soul! (Rydel's Cycles)

Q2: The English version of this Pokemon game is "missing" exactly 4 Pokemon that could be obtained in the Japanese version, even though the unlocalized audio clips for those Pokemon are still in the game's code. (replace é with e) | Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure!
Q3: It is possible for the player to scale 1 tile's worth of mountain (without stairs/ramp/rock climb) due to a glitch in this location. | Sootopolis City (Outside the old lady's house who talks about mt. pyre)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Flerovium and Meicoo for QCing
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Theme: Anime & Movies
10:00 PM GMT, 3rd of March, 2017.
2nd: Brawl MK
3rd: I Dream of Rain
4th: pokemonvortex
5th: bartimaeusjr
6th: SparkSupreme4
7th: SergioRules
8th: Devoxys
Solutions: disturb, spearow, chinchou.

1) One of the Pokemon movies was accompanied by a short film featuring the only non-legendary Pokemon to debut in the movie. This movie featured a prophecy of some description; what was the first word of said prophecy?
2) In the anime, this was the first Pokemon seen being fought by Ash's Pikachu.
3) In Arceus and the Jewel of Life, the titular Jewel of Life consists of some of Arceus's plates, which correlate with a Pokemon type each. What is the first Pokemon in dex order to have two of these types? (Forms not included.)

Thanks to Meicoo and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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Anime & Movie Official Hunt on March 3rd 2017 at 9 PM EST.

1st : Meicoo (01:35)
2nd : grumpig (01:38)
3rd : 0wO (01:39)
4th : Stylus (02:30)
5th : chupps (03:02)
Consolation prize : terrapieseven, beej, keeping it icy, bartimaeusjr, pto͜͡ad☆

Q1: This Pokemon Anime episode title is a combination of a signature ability and a move, in that episode, Brock had 6 fingers in one scene. | Illusion Confusion
Q2: This Japanese voice actor has the same initials as a character in the English version of the Pokemon anime; he is also the voice actor of that character and one of the main characters in Steins;Gate. Name their initials.(ex: Gallant Spear is G S) | ts
Q3: In one of the Pokemon Movies, this Pokemon was created to become a "father". | entei

Congratulations to all participants and thanks to Rory Mercury and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QC

Blame me for the inconvenience
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Reserving a Pokken Tournament official as a part of Other Side Games for 3/4/17 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (10:00 P.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Flerovium and Meicoo, hope to see you all there and get your Pokken on!

I love typos

Saturday 3/4/17 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (2/18/17 @ 10:00 P.M. GMT)
First Place: pokemonvortex
Second Place
: chupps
Third Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fourth Place: MOO
Fifth Place: LJB04
Consolation Prize to: None
Solutions: NormalRock, Giratina, Augustine Sycamore
1. In Pokken Tournament, there are no playable Pokemon of these types (alpha order, exclude "type").
2. This background Pokemon in Pokken Tournament has the highest BST (if multiple, answer with the first alphabetically).
3. During one of the Pokken Tournament events, a style of an NPC is awarded to the main character. What is that NPC's full name?

Grats to all finishers! And sorry for any confusion with q3's wording.
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Official hunt on March 9th, 2017 @ 8:00 P.M. EST (1:00 A.M. GMT).
Thanks to GoodMorningEspeon for hosting the hunt and Brawl MK & Flerovium for QC'ing.

Theme: Gen 2

Winner: Rory Mercury (03:23)
Second Place: flyingj138 (04:39)
Third Place: SergioRules (05:12)
Fourth Place: Anot (06:15)
Fifth Place: broil (06:25)
Consolation Prize To: BigPimpin12, pokemonvortex, Meicoo, 0wO, beej

Solutions: electabuzzmukraichu, scizorlightmetal, eeveeumbreon

Q1) In Pokemon Crystal, there is one in-game trade that was not available in Pokemon Gold/Silver. In the location that this trade can be performed, these three Pokemon have a 5% encounter rate in generation 1. (alpha).
Q2) Two new types were introduced in Gen II. Of all type-exclusive abilities to these two types, only one Pokemon from Gen II can get one of the abilities. List the Pokemon and then the ability.
Q3) These Pokemon that are part of the same evolutionary line, if they could be caught in the wild, can flee from battle in GSC. (alpha).

Thanks to everyone who participated & congrats to all finishers.

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03/05/17 8:00 PM GMT-5
Theme: Mobile Games

First place:
Second place: 0wO (Cyllage)
Third place: Bagnet Momb
Fourth place: Rory Mercury
Fifth place: Illusio
Consolation prize to: bartimaeusjr, pokemonvortex, keeping it icy

Solution: invisibilitycape, pidgeotmega, dunsparceqwilfish

1) Which plate in Pokemon Duel has the highest energy cost of those with an EX rarity?
2) Which Mega Evolved Pokemon in Pokemon Shuffle has a Mega Power that has the greatest potential number of Mega Speedups among those with a letter-shaped pattern? (Format your answer as pokemonmega; for example: Yanmega-Mega)
3) These two Generation II Pokemon that can be hatched from 5 kilometer eggs in Pokemon Go have the same base stat total (sum of Attack, Defense, and Stamina) in Pokemon Go (list the two in alphabetical order).

Flerovium and Meicoo quality checked, so thanks to them, and of course thanks to everyone who participated in my 100th official (including collaborations and special styles).
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Rory Mercury

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2/3/17 21:00 GMT -5 Ability Official

Winner: chupps
Second Place: 0wO
Third Place: Illusio
Fourth Place: keeping it icy
Fifth Place: BigPimpin12
Consolation prize to: Stylus, CloudyNatu, Devoxys, SergioRules, Brawl MK

Solutions: poisontouch, thirtysix, pressure

Q1) In Generation V, this ability has a different chance of activating in the Japanese versions.
Q2) In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Drought activates every ____ rounds. (fill in the blank, spell out the number)
Q3) According to in-game-data, Munchlax was programmed to have this ability it normally wouldn’t have in Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue.

I hope everyone that participated had fun and congratulations to all finishers! Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Painter Espeon for QC'ing.
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Reserving an official for Tuesday, March 7th at 4 PM EST / 9 PM GMT.
The theme is Glitches & Beta.
QC'ed by Flerovium and GoodMorningEspeon
Thanks to Flerovium for hosting as well.
Winner: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Second: Rory Mercury
Third: keeping it icy
Fourth: Meicoo
Fifth: Alarms
Consolation Prize to: TheWhoDoctor, 0wO, Luna, BigPimpin12
This location uses music from Route 206, Route 29, and Icirrus City.|mysteryzone
This location has the most Pokemon owned by trainers with a Special stat needed to encounter MissingNo (in Red and Blue).|silphco
This line is shown if a Wonder Card is received without any text stored in it (in X and Y).|a wild wonder card appears
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Theme: Abilities
10:00 PM GMT, 6th of March, 2017.
2nd: bartimaeusjr
3rd: 0wO
4th: pokemonvortex
5th: k.i.icy
6th: was bored
Solutions: ledyba, stunfisk, lucario.

1) A certain ability will raise one of the Pokemon's stats if hit by moves of certain types. This is the only Pokemon with said ability to have both one of those types and another type.
2) This Pokemon has an ability which makes it immune to a certain status condition, but the generation after this Pokemon was introduced, it was rendered immune to the status condition anyway because of its typing.
3) Not counting its hidden ability, this fully-evolved Pokemon has two possible abilities; one will raise its Speed stat in a certain scenario, while the other ability will prevent said scenario from being possible.

Thanks to Meicoo and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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Today's theme: TCG

First Place: Rory Mercury
Second Place: TheWhoDoctor
Third Place: RebornPixels
Fourth Place: BigPimpin12
Fifth Place: CloudyNatu
Consolation Prize: Storm1337, nyan kat, Alternate Anthony
answers: manaphyxy190, september102007, imakunisoduo

1) The Volcanion and Magearna Mythical Collection boxes currently available in stores feature regular-art prints of the Mythical Collection full art promos previously available separately in 2016. Due to odd numbering, one promo card is hidden behind the packs of one box instead of being displayed with the rest. What Pokemon (including promo number) is this? (format Pokemon XY###)
2) The only Manaphy coin ever made available in the US was released on this date. (Format: MonthDayYear e.g. “March 8 2017”)
3) This Pokemon was the only card in the XY series of sets (XY, XY-Flashfire, XY-Furious Fists, ...) to have a Pokemon Power instead of an Ability.

bold is being badly for me sorry :C
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March 9th, 2017, at 4:00 PM EST!

Winner: CloudyNatu
2nd: I Dream of Rain
3rd: Lucas87
4th: TheWhoDoctor
5th: Devoxys
Consolation Prize: none

Theme: Gen II

Solutions: PokeComCenter, iv, IceSneasel

Which Goldenrod City location only exists in the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal? (give its abbreviated english translation, format é as e)

2) In generation two, a shiny Unown would have to be an Unown of one of these two letters. (alphabetical order)

3) For one of the 17 types that existed in gen 2, exactly one species of Pokemon (e.g. Bulbasaur) of that type (e.g. Grass) could be encountered by walking through a grass patch in at least one of Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal. Which type, and which Pokemon, in that order?

Thanks to Flerovium and Rory Mercury for QC'ing!
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March 10th @ 10:00PM EST
Pokemon Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness theme.

Winner: Illusio
2nd: Embar
3rd: Luna
4th: TheWhoDoctor
5th: chupps
Consolation Prize to: SparkSupreme4, GoodMorningEspeon

Solutions: Citadark Isle | Kids Grid | Fein

1) In Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, this location has the most Shadow Pokemon.
2) Former members of this club in Pokemon Colosseum went on to create ONBS in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
3) This character in Pokemon Colosseum references a Beatles song prior to the player's battle with them. (Don't include trainer class)

Thanks to coinboy and Rory Mercury for QCing, and to Rory for hosting!

first official in a year gg
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Reserving the Gen 7 official for 3/11/17 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (10:00 P.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are 3.14dgeot-Mega and ashiemore (:pirate:), hope you all played Sun and Moon!

Saturday 3/4/17 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (2/18/17 @ 10:00 P.M. GMT)
First Place: Lucas87
Second Place
: CloudyNatu
Third Place: Rory Mercury
Fourth Place: grumpig
Fifth Place: Luna
Consolation Prize to: beej
Solutions: Earthquake, Hail, Exeggcute
1. Excluding Hau, Gladion, and Kukui's Pokemon, this move can be used the most by an opponent's Pokemon during a Title Defense.
2. This is the first move, alphabetically, that can be used to increase the chances of summoning an S.O.S. Pokemon.
3. During one of the Pokken Tournament events, a style of an NPC is awarded to the main character. What is that NPC's full name?

Grats to all finishers! And glad people liked Q2 :)
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Rory Mercury

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12/3/17 17:00 GMT -4 Non-Adventures Manga Official

Winner: pokemonvortex
Second Place: Gallant Spear
Third Place: Brawl MK
Fourth Place: I Dream of Rain
Fifth Place: Luna
Consolation prize to: chupps

Solutions: pocketmonstershorizon, lightscameruptaction, 4734

Q1) This Pokémon Manga was created by the author of Inazuma Eleven
Q2) Name the anime episode in which Pokémon manga characters appeared
Q3) This is the answer to the first math problem presented to a Slowking in a certain gag manga consisting of four panels (round the answer to the nearest whole number)

Gratz to all finishers! Thanks to Dank Memes and Mister Cool Quiz for QC'ing.
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3/11/17 @ 11 12:30 PM GMT-5
Gen 7 ft. Flerovium

Second Place: MOO
Third Place: SparkSupreme4
Fourth Place: lotiasite
Fifth Place: grumpig
Consolation Prize to: chupps, Embar, Rory Mercury, chatterseel, Phantomgenius, Alarms, CloudyNatu

Q1) This is the only single-typed Pokemon introduced in Sun and Moon that can be caught in one of the games but not the other. (Do not count formes)
Q2) These two Trial Captains are known to be related to each other. (Alphabetical order)
Q3) What is the maximum amount of individual Zygarde in any form (out of those that can be used in battle) that can be assembled from the contents of a single Zygarde Cube?
passimian, molayne sophocles, 99

Sorry for being an hour late ;; I was counting on being home from work by the time I've literally been home all but twice, but I guess they needed someone to close pesp's pizza palace. Thank you all for being patient (or maybe some of you werent and left)!
Also super special thanks to Flerovium for making Q1, and to coinboy and ILRB for quality checking. I'll make sure not to be late to the next one I reserve :^)
Hosted a Pokemon Ranger official at 8:30 PM EDT (12:30 AM GMT) on March 13 (14 GMT)

Illusio (01:18)
Second Place: terrapieseven (02:55)
Third Place: Devoxys (04:47)
Fourth Place: pokemonvortex (07:50)
Fifth Place: RebornPixels (11:00)

Consolation prizes to: Stylus (16:20), 0wO (16:36), grumpig (18:34), BigPimpin12 (19:23)

Q1: This line of unused text from Pokemon Ranger describes an unfinished joke | This gimmick is under development

Q2: This Pokemon-related fan term was first used in an official Pokemon game in Ranger: Shadows of Almia. | Eeveelution

Q3: A certain evolution line had main-series storyline-related quests in both Gen IV and in Gen VI. One of the Pokemon in that line can be obtained in Ranger, after you help a character with a special connection with said Pokemon. Name the character connected to him and the special move that Pokemon learns, in that order. | Kyle Aura Sphere

Congrats to all finishers, and thanks for coming!

QCers are Rory Mercury and Meicoo
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Rory Mercury

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13/3/17 17:00 GMT -4 Ranger Official | Collab with Alexender

Winner: CheeseMuffin (Moo)
Second Place: CloudyNatu
Third Place: I Dream of Rain
Fourth Place: BigPimpin12
Fifth Place: anotal

Solutions: teleport, 10500, bulbasaur

Q1) Bronzor is able to use this move, that it doesn’t learn in the main series games, in a Pokémon Ranger game.
Q2) If the player is to catch a Psyduck, Kingdra and Wailmer in the Safra Sea Marine Challenge, what is the minimum number of points they would have at the end of the challenge?
Q3) This is the name of the only dual-typed Normal-Type Pokémon, that isn't part Flying-Type, to get the Field Move Cut in Pokémon Ranger 3

Hope you enjoyed this official and gratz to all finishers! Thanks to Flerovium and lotiasite for QC'ing! Extra thanks to Alex for making Q2!

2 finishers in 30 minutes :}

Also: [17:36:11] +I Dream of Rain: I simulataneously want to tell you to go to hell for q3 and to just laugh
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