(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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10/11/17 22:00 GMT -5

Winner: MemelordExeggutor (19:02)
Second Place: Barry✗☆✬000 (19:38)
Third Place: CloudyNatu (22:35)
Fourth Place: castaways (24:12)
Fifth Place: golden009 (27:06)

Q1) This location in the Pokémon main series games has a changeable name. (Answer with its standard name.)
Q2) The bonus segment of this Pokémon anime episode marks the anime series debut of a pair of characters from Rota that had already appeared in eight Pokémon movies at the time and would go on to appear in two more.
Q3) This is the most expensive purchasable held item (highest cost you can buy it at, not selling price) in the Pokémon main series that is not a Mega Stone.
Join Avenue, Pathways to Performance Partnering!, Hard Stone
Congratulations to all the finishers and thanks to everyone who participated! Extra thanks to Boiviaa and badlyfurry for QC'ing! Hope you enjoyed the official :).
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Held an official hunt on Monday, November 13th, at 3:30 PM EST!

Winner: Arcadium
2nd: A Phantom
3rd: BigPimpin12
4th: ScorrchingTheaph
5th: Darthikyu
Consolation Prize: LCWCY2

(1) Flygon, (2) Swift, (3) Mewtwo
1) Which gen 3 Pokemon's dex number is divisible by 4 different prime numbers?
2) The dual-typed Flygon TCG card has this attack.
3) Name the fastest Generation 1 Pokemon that could learn Swift by TM in Generation 2 but not in Generation 1.(Numerical Format)

Thanks to CheeseMuffin and Rory Mercury for quality checking!
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official by shadowtheorem and I for Wednesday, November 15th at 2PM EST!

Thanks to Rory Mercury for QCing and Meicoo for QCing and hosting!

1st: Gallant•Spear [7:50]
2nd: aegii [8:55]
3rd: TabascoTime [30:30]
4th: Merlee [32:13]
5th: psmathgeek [33:50]
Consolation Prize: Arcadium [35:02], WhirlwindBulbasaur [41:08], BigPimpin12 [43:54], beej [56:44]

1. In Gen VI, Dragonite could get these egg moves only from parents that don't share a type with it (alphabetical order).
2. Consider the level up learnset entries of all Pokémon in Gen VII. Which entry has the smallest quotient of the move's power divided by level? Name the Pokémon and the move in that order. Ignore moves without a numerical power value.
3. Among all of the Pokemon allowed in Amity Square, this one gains the most BST upon evolution. Answer with the Pokemon before evolution and the BST it gain in that order.

1. Aqua Jet, Haze
2. Victini Stored Power
3. Happiny 230
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official hosted by CheeseMuffin on Wednesday, November 15th at 11PM EST!

Thanks to Meicoo and CheeseMuffin for QCing!

1st: Rory Mercury [2:18]
2nd: golden009 [2:19]
3rd: LCWCY2 [2:54]
4th: Arcadium [3:02]
5th: keeping it icy [3:30]
Consolation Prize: Aeolia [4:13], ScorrchingTheAph [4:23], Aegii [4:43], TabascoTime [6:01], psmathgeek [6:32], dgurg [7:09], flarehydra [8:43]

1. This is the last Pokemon by dex order whose name has the same number of letters as its category name (excluding the word Pokemon).
2. Nihilego's category name contains the name of a Pokemon that shared a debut episode with these Pokemon that aren't owned by a main character (alphabetical order).
3. In the episode in which Baltoy debuts, a certain clay artifact makes its first appearance. It is later shown in 2 more episodes, one of which contains an error where a Pokemon uses a move that it cannot learn. Name the Pokemon and the move in that order.

1. Nihilego
2. Clefable Clefairy
3. Pikachu Tackle
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official hosted by Meicoo at 2:30PM EST on November 17th!

Shoutout to Meicoo and Stylus for QCing!

1st: Arcadium [3:30]
2nd: LCWCY2 [17:29]
3rd: coolgamer564 [38:15]
4th: TabascoTime [48:09]

1. This move can potentially have the highest base power of all special moves.
2. Of the Pokemon that learn Stored Power by level up, the one that doesn't share an egg group with the rest is also the only one of its type that can learn these other moves by any means other than evolving from a Pokemon that knew them (alphabetic order).
3. This is the lowest base power at which Stored Power will have a different base power from any move with a set base power, and it can be achieved in one turn using this signature move (format as base power in number form, signature move ie:60, Earthquake)

1. Stored Power
2. Cosmic Power Meteor Mash
3. 220 Extreme Evoboost
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Held an official on Saturday at 7:00 PM EST, on November 18th, 2017!

Winner: Rory Mercury*
2nd: Lycanium Z
3rd: ScorrchingTheaph
4th: rubsomebacononit
5th: xhiglocke
Consolation Prize: none

(1) does nothing, (2) Neo Revelation, (3) Cobalion
1) In a certain recurring TCG move called Surprise Attack, you: Flip a coin. If tails, this attack [blank]. Fill in the blank with the rest of the move's card text.
2) This is the first english TCG expansion to have zero corresponding theme decks.
3) In the next english TCG expansion (not a mini-set) to have zero corresponding theme decks, this Pokemon was released as a steel-type TCG card.

*I screwed up and looked at the wrong post, and thought rory and cheese qc'd. Cost Rory a blitz, super sorry about that D:

Thanks to Gallant Spear and lovemathboy for quality checking!
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Held an official hunt on November 20th, at 6:30 PM EST!

Winner: Rory Mercury (00:29 - BLITZ)
2nd: ScorrchingTheaph (00:55 - BLITZ)
3rd: Aeolia (01:09 - twist BLITZ)
4th: Melancholy Queen (01:50)
5th: Vatredox (02:22)
Consolation Prize: TabascoTime (09:53)

(1) Bl, (2) it, (3) z
1) In a certain tier/banlist, the lowest base stat total of any Pokemon is 423. Name the tier/banlist.
2) This is the second word in the title of the episode where the only gen 3 LC poison-type Pokemon debuts.
3) The first Generation 7 move shown in the anime forms a [blank]-shape in its attack animation in the main series games.

rip Snap w/ top 3 only rule

Thanks to Gallant Spear and Stylus for quality checking!
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Chasing Pavements
Reserving an official hunt for Tuesday, November 21 @ 9:00 PM EST! Big thanks to Meicoo and Brawl MK for QCing!

This post is Kananu Approved™

Official Hunt on Tuesday, November 21 @ 9:00 PM EST

Ninjadog13 (04:34)
2nd Place: Rory Mercury (05:17)
3rd Place: BigPimpin12 (13:14)
4th Place: Emboar02 (21:02)
5th Place: terrapieseven (22:10)
Consolation Prize: Wan the Avatar, Arcadium
1.) Due to an in-game event, when displayed using the /dt command on Pokemon Showdown!, this Pokemon, that has two non-hidden abilities, is also shown to have two different hidden abilities.
2.) The trainer who owns the Pokemon with the highest speed stat belonging to a Pokeathlon opponent shares a Japanese name with this other in-game character who has a unique trainer class (include trainer class in your answer).
3.) The cover of this Pokemon music CD features these Pokemon on it: Pikachu, Vanillite, Darumaka, and Keldeo.
rockruff, domeacetucker, memories

Thanks to those who participated, and congratulations to all finishers!
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official hosted by Brawl MK Tuesday, November 21st at 2PM EST.

Thanks to Brawl MK and Gallant Spear for QCing!

1st: SunGodVolcarona
2nd: LCWCY2

1. These are the only two items held by any Pokemon belonging to an NPC in Battle Chateau (alphabetic order).
2. The translated Japanese title of the 49th chapter of the Pokemon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga contains a homophone of this Pokemon.
3. These two trainers that can be battled can potentially have a Pokemon that is higher leveled than Red's Pikachu in HeartGold and SoulSilver (include trainer class, alpha order).

1. Gardevoirite Lucarionite
2. Bewear
3. Lass Dye Youngster Kyle

Extreme apologies for giving a misleading hint at the beginning, it wasted a ton of time.
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Do you smell it? It's a fish stew with stir fry aspearagus on side!
Sold out on November 25th at 7 PM UTC!
1st place: Rory Mercury. [Twist Blitz]
2nd place: CloudyNatu.
3rd place: adiass.
4th place: shadowtheorem.
5th place: LCWCY2.
Consolation Prize: Mega Eevee X

In Pokemon Black2/White2, player will meet Professor Juniper in person for the first time in this location. [mistralton / mistralton city]
9 wilds Pokemon were supposed to be available in this gen 3 location via event, but only 1 is available in the games. [altering cave]
In this location, there lives a wealthy lady who lost in the nearby cave and her butler. After she returned, player can receive 7 different luxury items. [resort gorgeous]

100% quality checked by Meicoo and CheeseMuffin!
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Hosted a meal of Pan-Seared Scallops and Fish with Jalapeno Vinaigrette and Anchovy Oil on November 27th @ 8:30 PM EST

QC’d by CloudyNatu and CheeseMuffin. Thanks to them both for tasting the fish before it was ready to be served.

Winner: Ninjadog13 (08:06)
Second Place:
Emboar02 (08:25)
Third Place:
yaicanea (08:32)
Fourth Place:
Lycanium Z (09:32)
Fifth Place:
Meicoo (10:13)
Consolation Prize:
Rory Mercury, Aeolia, charizard942, ForgotToFlush, LCWCY2

A specific stat-boosting item was used in the manga in order for a Pokemon to survive this attack.
2. The Japanese translation of "Techno Blast" translates "Blast" to a specific word. This Pokemon character is known by their nickname made up of the following: A Pokemon Type + Previous Translation.
3. In Pokemon X and Y, a trainer found in a city gives a specific TM. That trainer says that their Pokemon learned the move in this specific anime-specific location.

Techno Blast
2) Georgia
3) Village of Dragons

Congrats to all finishers! And yes, this hunt was a troll to veteran scavengers (says Meicoo)
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official that was be hosted by Stylus on November 29th at 6pm EST.

Thanks to Stylus and Gallant Spear for QCing!

1st: shadowtheorem (3:13)
2nd: Merlee (3:33)
3rd: Rory Mercury (3:41)
4th: Arcadium (3:59)
5th: Embar (5:48)
Consolation Prize: BigPimpin12, charizard942, Snap, ScorrchingTheaph, Aeolia, dasocks, LCWCY2, Lucario1582

1. List all moves that are named in the Blue Assault theme deck description (alphabetical order).
2. The Pokemon in the Blue Assault deck that has the highest BST has dex entries that include the name of an ability and a move, neither of which it can have. However, it shares an egg group with this fully evolved Pokemon, which can have both.
3. The category names of these Pokemon contain (but are not made up entirely of) the name of a nature (alphabetic order).

1. Crunch Electroweb Leech Life
2. Arbok
3. Garbodor Krookodile Trubbish
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Reserving and Official for Thursday November 30th, 2017 at 9PM EST. Thanks to Stylus for QC'ing and thanks to Rory Mercury for QC'ing and hosting.

Ayy thanks to all of you who partook, it was fun making and stuff. (Also Rory sux)

WhirlwindBulbasaur [3:00]
Second: Ninjadog13 [4:01]
Third: blajuly03 [5:46]
Fourth: Emboar02 [6:24]
Fifth: Arcadium [6:52]
Consolation Prize: CloudyNatu [7:14], Meicoo [10:13]

Q1: When facing the members of Team Rainbow Rocket, these are the highest leveled Pokemon that differ in species between the different versions. (Alphabetical Order)
Q2: In the first USUM trailer this is the first Pokemon to be shown in the in-game footage that is the only Pokemon on screen.
Q3: Out of all the wormholes in USUM, a certain wormhole has more standard Pokemon that share a single type than any other. What's the color of this wormhole and the type? (Answer in that order, don't include type in your answer)

Q1: Reshiram Zekrom
Q2: Togedemaru
Q3: Red Flying
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had a collab official with Darthikyu for 5PM EST on December 1st, it was hosted by Stylus

Thanks to Stylus and CheeseMuffin for QCing!

1st: Arcadium (6:30)
2nd: turn off ac (11:16)
3rd: ScorrchingTheaph (18:06)
4th: LCWCY2 (25:08)
5th: CloudNatu (27:13)
Consolation Prize: c (Seel), Emboar02

1. This is the least accurate move a partner Pokemon can have in Pokemon Tretta.
2. Dragon Rush is also the least accurate level up move for these 3 Pokemon that cannot evolve (do not count Pokemon with another move with the same accuracy as Dragon Rush, alphabetical order).
3. Despite Dragon Rush having 75% accuracy, Brock says the opposing Pokemon is frozen and unable to dodge dragon rush when the move was used against this Pokemon.

1. Dragon Rush
2. Dunsparce Garchomp Lugia
3. Weavile
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The November Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Rory Mercury in first place with 125 points, Arcadium in second place with 102 points, and LCWCY2 in third place with 66 points!
Rory Mercury: 125
Arcadium: 102
LCWCY2: 66
shadowtheorem: 65
Ninjadog13: 56
ScorrchingTheaph: 40
A e_o lia: 36
p^_^okemonvortex: 35
yaicanea: 30
BigPimpin12: 26
Emboar02: 26
golden009: 26
Barry✗☆✬000: 25
Trade: 25
CloudyNatu: 25
Meicoo: 21
MemelordExeggutor: 21
Merlee: 20
WhirlwindBulbasaur: 20
Sun☼GodVolcarona: 20
Lycanium Z: 20
Ninetales Alolan<3: 20
lovemathboy: 20
Gallant•Spear: 20
keeping it icy: 16
Che$ese: 15
A Phantom: 15
aegii: 15
TabascoTime: 15
psmathgeek: 11
cseel? ◕‿◕ (: 11
coolgamer564: 10
adiass: 10
blajuly03: 10
Melancholy Queen: 5
castaways: 5
Devoxys: 5
rubsomebacononit: 5
xhiglocke: 1
Vatredox: 1
Darthikyu: 1
t∯errapieseven: 1
Embar: 1
Arcadium, the highest finishing non-staff member of November's ladder, has chosen to have dual Arceus and Arcanine mouse cursor icons in the Scavengers Room intro, so check those out the next time you're in scavs!

The ladder twist for the month of December will be: Finishing in consecutive officials will award one additional bonus point per official (up to a maximum of +10). If you miss an official, the streak will be broken.

Good luck, and go for it this month!
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formerly Phantomgenius
Meicoo hosted an official at 4PM EST on December 5th, 2017!

Thanks to Meicoo and Rory Mercury for QCing!

1st: Wan the Avatar (3:47)
2nd: BigPimpin12 (8:09)
3rd: Coro (9:18)
4th: Arcadium (13:28)
5th: WhirlwindBulbasaur (21:53)
Consolation Prize: MicktheSpud
1. Mew created this pair of items to counteract Dark Matter.
2. In Gen VI, Palpitoad learned three moves that don't share a contest condition with any other moves it learns aside from each other. Of all the Pokemon that cannot learn any of these moves, which one has the largest movepool?
3. The two Pokemon whose names are respectively each one letter away from two different abilities that they can have share this Gen VII move tutor move that one of them gets STAB from.

1. Harmony Scarves
2. Tapu Bulu
3. Shock Wave
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formerly Phantomgenius
Had an official hosted by Rory Mercury at 10PM EST on December 8th.

Thanks to Rory and Meicoo for QCing!

1st: sparkychild (2:10)
2nd: chupps (3:58)
3rd: CloudyNatu (4:00)
4th: PikachuSean (15:47)
5th: BigPimpin12 (23:09)
Consolation Prize: Qwili

1. The Magikarp Song's lyrics include the names of these other two Pokémon. (Alphabetical order).
2. A direct reference is made to a notable Charles Lindbergh quote in this episode of the Pokémon anime.
3. In Magikarp Jump, a certain support Pokémon causes food to spawn in the pond for Magikarp. What move does it use according to its trophy description in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

1. Gyarados Pidgeotto
2. Throwing in the Noctowl
3. Snore
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Hosted an official on December 12th @ 8:00 PM EST

QC'd by Rory Mercury and Phantomgenius

First Official of UGM3!

Winner: chupps (04:21)
Second Place:
BigPimpin12 (04:23)
Third Place:
Devoxys (04:45)
Fourth Place:
Alex (04:53)
Fifth Place:
LCWCY2 (06:27)
Consolation Prize:
Ninjadog13 (06:38), CloudyNatu (06:41), Meicoo (07:16), Seafaring◕‿◕ (08:03), Emboar02 (08:45), Aeolia (13:07), WhirlwindBulbasaur (14:26), they have eyes (20:44)

Congrats to all finishers! Good luck with the rest of UGM!

Twist Recognitions:
BigPimpin12 has an Official Streak of 3
CloudyNatu has an Official Streak of 2
chupps has an Official Streak of 2

This orb has only appeared in one core series games release. Include orb in the answer.
2. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gateways to Infinity, this is the only dungeon that contains the name of a Pokemon.
3. Two specific Ultra locations are also the names of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Friend Areas (entirely, excluding "Ultra"). Name the UBs found in each Ultra Location and the Pokemon with the highest BST in each PMD Friend Area (alphabetical).

1. Jade Orb
2. Kecleon Bazaar
3. Buzzwole Celesteela Exeggutor Magmar
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Kakuna official on December 13th at 9 PM EST/2 AM UTC

1st place: chupps [02:51].
2nd place: Arcadium [02:59].
3rd place: BigPimpin12 [04:45].
4th place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [07:29].
5th place: Aeolia [07:52].
Consolation Prize: LordNwahs6 [08:36], Alexander489 [08:44], CloudyNatu [13:26], IWouldPreferNotTo [15:08], they have eyes [16:17], Rekkasaur [17:37], Happinesss [17:43], LYCANiUM Z [18:00], Aegii [19:25]

1) There's a global mission to catch this pokemon in Pokemon Sun/Moon, but it was unreleased. [crabrawler]
Due to a bug in earlier US release of Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Beedrill's category name appeared to be this. (exclude the word pokemon) [poison]
After the first patch of Pokemon Sun/Moon, Hawlucha with Salac Berry in Battle Tree was replaced with a different pokemon holding an item. Name the pokemon and the item in that order. [pidgeot chartiberry]

BigPimpin12 : 4th streak
CloudyNatu : 3rd streak
chupps :3rd streak
Aeolia : 2nd streak
Whirlwindbulbasaur : 2nd streak
they have eyes : 2nd streak

Thanks again to Stylus and Meicoo for QC
Blame me for any inconvenience
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formerly Phantomgenius
Hosted an official collab with friendly neighborhood DS pen Stylus on Thursday, December 14th at 6PM EST.

Shoutout to Meicoo and CheeseMuffin for QCing!

1st: p^_^okemonvortex (1:58)
2nd: shadowtheorem (2:21)
3rd: Aeolia (2:53)
4th: trash irl (3:27)
5th: charizard942 (3:47)
Consolation Prize: Eggoman, command = me, Rory Mercury, BigPimpin12, ScorrchingTheaph

1. Among the Pokemon that learn Rest by level-up, two of them gain a type when they evolve. Which one has a type advantage over the other?(name the LC Pokemon)
2. In Gen IV, the Poke Ball seals that depict any kind of eighth note can be purchased on these days of the week (alphabetical order).
3. In the main series games, this location's theme has been extended by a set amount each generation that it is located in

1. Seel
2. Friday Sunday Thursday
3. Pallet / Pallet Town
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formerly Phantomgenius
Hosted an official on Thursday, December 14th at 1PM EST.

Thanks to Meicoo and Stylus for QCing!

1st: Darthikyu (2:56)
2nd: LCWCY2 (5:03)
3rd: p^_^okemonvortex (6:32)
4th: Gui♡Shark ><^> (7:06)
5th: BigPimpin12 (8:47)
Consolation Prize: Emboar02

1. In the Battle Subway, Battle Girls can use this Pokemon, which holds an item that will either heal it or damage it.
2. In HGSS, one method of getting the Toxic Orb is to steal it from a poison type Pokemon belonging to a trainer of a certain trainer class. Which Pokemon used by other trainers of the same class in HGSS resist poison but can still be poisoned by the Pokemon holding the Toxic Orb? (Alphabetical)
3. Numel and Magcargo share a double weakness. Which two fully evolved Pokemon have this double weakness, but don't have the same exact typing as neither Numel nor Magcargo? (Alphabetical)

1. Breloom
2. Magcargo Numel
3. Golem Rhyperior
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An Odyssey Hunt was held as the first point event in Scavengers for the 2017-18 UGM! Thanks to Alexender, Phantomgenius, and Snap for collaborating with me to make it! This event was hosted on Friday, at 7:00 PM EST, on December 15th!

Winner: Wan the Avatar [12:12]
2nd: Rory Mercury [12:33]
3rd: pokemonvortex [15:34]
4th: Devoxys [16:43]
5th: 3.14dgeot-Mega [17:12]
Consolation Prize: Bronzecrank, Stylus, Emboar02, WhirlwindBulbasaur, shadowtheorem, PyoroLoli, Spooktune, askdf, concus, scorrchingTheaph, C733937 123, cseel, barryc, Pk-8, keeping it icy, Eggoman, hoi6789
(1) This is... That where life sparkles... That where life has faded... A place where two worlds overlap..., (2) Damp Rock, (3) SalamenceSceptile, (4) The Riches, (5) Wide Lens, (6) Miracle Cycle, (7) Galladite, (8) Counter Shield, (9) Wailord, (10) Linoone, (11) Lucario, (12) Trubbish (13) Bidoof, (14) Drampa, (15) Cherish Ball, (16) growlithe, (17) Swords Dance, (18) Beedrill, (19) Victini, (20) EspeonJellicentUmbreon, (21) 1,000,000, (22) Maid (23) Rage, (24) Mawile, (25) Hippowdon.
1) In Platinum, this message is inscribed on the pillar behind the portal leading to the Distortion World in Turnback Cave.
2) If Surf is used in Terminus Cave in battle, this item may randomly be found.
3) In the anime, Sawyer possesses these Pokemon who are capable of Mega Evolution (Alphabetical order).
4) This Trainer Class exclusively features in Undella Town in Black/White.
5) In HGSS, this item can be obtained by using Thief on wild Yanma.
6) In Japanese versions of HeartGold/SoulSilver, this bicycle chain operates stores in Cerulean City and Goldenrod City.
7) In ORAS, Professor Cozmo gives the player this Mega Stone.
8) For his battle against Fantina, Ash developed this battling technique to prevent Fantina's Hypnosis attacks.
9) In Sun/Moon, by breeding with this fully-evolved Water-type Pokemon, Tepig can learn Heavy Slam.
10) In Pokemon Adventures, Emerald used this rental Pokemon that held a Choice Band during his battle with Factory Head Noland.
11) What Pokemon does Anabel use in the Battle Tree in Pokemon Sun and Moon that she never used in the Battle Tower in Pokemon Emerald?
12) In the Pokemon TCG, the Empoleon card in the Legendary Treasures expansion features this non-water type Pokemon in the card's picture.
13) In Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, which Pokemon summonable with an Involith has the lowest Base Stat Total?
14) In Pokemon Sun and Moon, this Pokemon with a completely unique typing in the main series games can be fought as part of an opposing trainer's team on the Poni Plains.
15) Which Pokeball introduced in generation 4 cannot be bought, but can be sold? (include the word "ball" in your answer)
A Phantom:
16) On a TCG card named after a certain Gym Leader's kindness, that Gym Leader is shown protecting this Pokemon from the rain.
17) In Black and White, one of the Seven Sages gives the player a TM containing this move in the Dreamyard.
18) This Hyper-level Tretta has stats of 174, 128, 108, and 111.
19) In Super Smash Bros. 4, this is the only Pokemon who uses its ability as its effect, rather than a move.
20) In the PWT download tournament "You Challenge the Unova League Too!", these three Pokemon used by NPCs know more than 1 status move (alphabetical order).
21) The first mention of humans eating Pokemon in the games comes with an item that is offered to be sold to you for this much money. (Numerical Format)
22) When fighting in the Battle Maison a trainer class appears as a Waitress since this trainer class doesn't appear in Diamond nor Pearl.
23) In Gen 4, a glitch involving a transformed Pokemon using this move can allow Ditto to learn and pass down any egg move.
24) This Pokemon has a different footprint between Gen 3 and Gen 4.
25) In the first Pokemon Ranger game a character has a tendency to say "Yes, Roger!" when a command is given to them. This is that character's favorite Pokemon.
Huge thanks to Gallant Spear and CheeseMuffin for quality checking!
Hosted an official on December 18th @ 8:00 PM EST

QC'd by Brawl MK and Phantomgenius

Winner: Bronzecrank (04:22)
Second Place:
askdf (04:43)
Third Place:
pokemonvortex (5:58)
Fourth Place:
ScorrchingTheaph (06:52)
Fifth Place:
Devoxys (08:16)
Consolation Prize:
Aeolia (09:02), DarkShinyGiratina (10:15)

Congrats to all finishers! Good luck with the rest of UGM!

Twist Recognitions:
pokemonvortex has an Official Streak of 3

This move has a BP of 120 and an accuracy of 60%
2. There is only one type that is composed of all the same Contest Conditions (cute, beautiful, cool, tough, clever) except for one single move. Name that move
3. There is only one type that has THREE moves that are each the only ones of their (respective) conditions (in that type). Name the moves in alphabetical order (excluding Hidden Power)

1. Shadow End
2. Ice Fang
3. Rock Tomb Rollout Stealth Rock
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formerly Phantomgenius
Hosted an official on Wednesday, December 20th at 3PM EST.
Thanks to dairy product CheeseMuffin and DS accessory Stylus for QCing!

1st. BigPimpin12 [1:55]
2nd. Meicoo [4:08]
3rd. castaways [4:47]
4th. gallant's pear [7:18]
5th. uuuuuuuuuhhh [8:16]
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex, lycaniumz, MickTheSpud, Sun☼GodVolcarona, Gui♡Shark ><^>

has a twist of 4

1. A clock in this main series Pokemon city has 13 hours on it (include the word city).
2. The first Pokemon Tretta set to include mega evolution as a mechanic featured these three Pokemon capable of mega evolution (alphabetical order).
3. The art from several different TCG cards is featured in this in-game location in the main series.

1. Laverre City
2. Audino Charizard Mewtwo
3. Lumiose Museum
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Hosted an official for Wednesday, December 20th at 11 PM EST.
Thanks to Phantomgenius and Stylus for QCing and Phantomgenius for hosting ^_^

1st place: lovemathboy [01:29].
2nd place: Level 51 [01:55].
3rd place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [04:08].
4th place: Arcadium [04:31].
5th place: Aeolia [05:10].
Consolation Prize: Emboar02, ChristmaSeel, ScorrchingTheaph, LordNwahs6

{1. The Kanto Pokemon Fan Club Chairman's two favorite Pokemon learn this move via an event in Gen 1.
2. When it evolves, this Pokemon loses two of its 4x weaknesses and gains a new one, loses a 4x resistance, and loses a immunity and gains a new one. 3. In a Pokemon TCG National Championship, a deck featuring only 2 different Water-type Pokemon made it to the Finals of the Masters Division without attacking once. However, if they were to attack, these are the moves those two Pokemon would use (alphabetical order).}

{1. Pay Day
2. Pupitar
3. Aurora Beam, High Breaching}
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