(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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Official on Tuesday, 22nd May, 1am GMT+0.

1st: 3.14dgeot-Mega
2nd: GoodMorningEspeon
3rd: Devoxys
4th: Rory Mercury
5th: xhiglocke
Consolation: Scorrchingtheaph, Andrew, LCWCY2, gallant spear


Q1. This berry can guarantee the production of a Pokeblock that increases Cuteness.

Q2. This FRLG NPC only uses an Ampharos (include trainer class).

Q3. In certain main series games, by showing this NPC a Vulpix, the player can receive the evolution stone needed to evolve it.

Q4. The Urban Dictionary user 'OnePunchKeem' contributed the top definition of this word.

Q1. Lansat/ Lansat Berry
Q2. Rocker Ben
Q3. Bill's Grandfather
Q4. owo

Thanks to adiass and Milkshook for qcing :) Grats to all finishers.

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Turns-out-to-be-not-a-record-breaking-because-time-and-space-is-weird Official Hunt on May 23rd at 9 PM UTC
1st place: Meicoo [01:44].
2nd place: Panda [02:05].
3rd place: GoodMorningEspeon [02:12].
4th place: terrapieseven [02:25].
5th place: Rory Mercury [02:29].
Consolation Prize: CloudyNatu [05:20], TheStarmanLord [06:50], WhirlwindBulbasaur [13:57]

1) In Pokemon Sun/Moon, a location was built over a giant whirlpool of void. Name the only Pokemon that can be obtained in that location. [cosmog]
2) In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Cynthia asks the player to deliver an item to her relative. In the anime, Team Rocket stole the item under this pseudonym. (include 'The') [the bandit beauties three]
3) In generation II, Mantine learned this move via event. [gust]
4) In TCG, this is the last Poke-BODY alphabetically. [wonder guard]

Thanks to The Legendary Milkshaker for QC.

May Namakobushi be with you.
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Official Odyssey Hunt on May 23rd @ 9 PM EDT / May 24th @ 1:00 AM UTC

QC: Milkshook and Gallant Spear

1st Place [30]: a wanderer
2nd Place [20]: GoodMorningEspeon
3rd Place [15]: Rory Mercury
4th Place [10]: Meicoo
5th Place [5]: Andrew
Consolation Prize [3]: Barry✗☆✬000, ap♫plo¤, CloudyNatu, Devoxys, SergioRules, WhirlwindBulbasaur, TheWhoDoctor, 3.14dgeot-Mega, LCWCY2

The Foot Fetish Odyssey:
This is the only Pokemon whose footprint changed between Generation III and IV.
2. This is the only Pokemon forme that has no footprint when its base forme has one (format like PS).
3. Dr. Footstep debuted in the manga collecting the footprints of this Pokemon.
4. She is the only Gym Leader who collected footprints of Pokemon that her and her partner Pokemon defeated in battle (in the anime).
5. These two Generation 5 Pokemon share a footprint with Scraggy (alphabetical).
6. According to Dr. Footstep, this is the only "Scary" Legendary Pokemon with a footprint.
7. Whose Footprint? (https://prnt.sc/jkw477)
8. According to Dr. Footstep, these are the only "Voiceless" Legendary Pokemon (alphabetical)
9. In Generation 6, a specific NPC rewards the Footprint Ribbon in XY, while another NPC rewards it in ORAS. Name both trainer classes of these NPCs (alphabetical).
10. In Hoenn, a Scientist blocks this route, confident that he has found a rare Pokemon's footprints.
11. This Pokemon's footprints can be found on a wall at a specific location where a Totem Pokemon is battled in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
12. These are the only Pokemon to share their footprints with Cherubi, who also share a type with it (alphabetical).
13. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, this mini-game requires the player to evaluate footprints at Wigglytuff's Guild.
14. Whose Footprint? (https://prnt.sc/jkwe6n)
15. Dr. Footstep's lowest level of friendship is given if the Pokemon's friendship is between 0 and this number.

1. Mawile
2. Giratina-Origin
3. Chatot
4. Korrina
5. Elgyem Herdier
6. Darkrai
7. Kyogre
8. Regice Regigigas Regirock Registeel
9. Collector Rising Star
10. 102; Route 102
11. Pikachu
12. Budew Cherrim
13. Sentry Duty
14. Reshiram
15. 69
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Jumpstart Official for Saturday, 26th May at 2am GMT+0

Jumpstart Hunt:

Rory Mercury
2nd: Andrew
3rd: Panda
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: Gleeb


1. "Something strange. Distortion. What's this? The Colosseum," says the Pokemon Battle Revolution announcer when this move is in use.

2. This song, released on the official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel, references the four Alola Islands and the respective guardian deities that reside on them (answer in English).

3. In the Adventures manga (Chuang Yi translations), this was the song written for Pryce by his friends to cheer him up when he lost his Lapras.

1. Trick Room
2. Alala, Alola
3. Riding on the Stars

Official Hunt

Winner: BigPimpin12
2nd: Gleeb
3rd: Panda
4th: Cheese555
5th: Rory Mercury
Consolation: LCWCY2


1. This Hoenn location appears in the TCG as a TRAINER card, which allows the Poke-Bodies of Basic Pokemon to be ignored (Answer as per in-game location).

2. This Pokemon has the most number of body styles of all Pokemon.

3. A lake purportedly designed after a Gyarados is found in this main series game location.

1. Mossdeep Space Center
2. Necrozma
3. Malie Garden

QCed by adiass and Meicoo :o

Grats to all finishers n_n
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Hosted a collab Official with LCWCY2, WhirlwindBulbasaur, and Steven Snype (Andrew) on Saturday, May 26th, at 7 PM EDT!

As per our May twist, it had 4 questions! (That'd be why there were 4 people collab'ing :D)

Winner: 3.14dgeot-Mega
2nd: WeepingDevil
3rd: SunGodVolcarona
4th: LJB14
5th: SonofDaw13
Consolation Prize: namakobushibushi
(1) Arcanine, (2) Jungle / Jungle Pattern, (3) Phantump, (4) Satoru Iwata
1) Andrew: Some Special Trainers in the Battle Tree use non-gen 7 Pokemon with non-STAB Z-Crystals. List any such Pokemon alphabetically.
2) LCWCY2: This is the only form of a certain Pokemon that can be found when the player is in Malaysia. Answer with only the form, don't include the Pokemon's name itself in your answer.
3) Meicoo: When using standard finger placement while touch-typing on a North American QWERTY keyboard, a certain finger is used to type exactly one letter: this finger is not used to type any other letter. Which dual-typed Pokemon's name both starts and ends with that letter? (excluding forms)
4) WhirlwindBulbasaur: In the anime, Max's glasses are identical to the ones worn by this real life person. (Full name)
Thanks to Milkshook and Rory Mercury for quality checking!
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OWR - Official Weekly Results:
May 20th - May 26th (in EDT)

May 20th - Official Hunt - (Andrew)
May 21st - none
May 22nd (2) - Official Hunt - (Alex)
MINI~ Host: Milkshook, top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, Gallant Spear, GuiShark, 3.14dgeot-Mega, and raypent (keeping it icy) (QC: GoodMorningEspeon)
May 23rd (2) - Official Hunt - (Gallant Spear)
Official Odyssey Hunt - (Stylus)
May 24th - none
May 25th - Official Jump Start - (Alex)
May 26th (2) - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: p^_^okemonvortex, adiass, WhirlwindBulbasaur, aegii, and Cheese555 (QC: Rory Mercury)
Official Hunt - (Meicoo, Andrew, LCWCY2, and WhirlwindBulbasaur)

May 20th to May 26th:

Meicoo: [30! - BLITZ] + [20] + [10] = 60
3.14dgeot-Mega: [20] + 3 + [3] + [20] = 46
GoodMorningEspeon: [15] + [10] + [20] = 45
Rory Mercury: [5] + 10 + [1] + [15] + [1] = 32
a wanderer: [30]

BigPimpin12: [5] + [20] = 25
Panda: [15] + [10] = 25
SunGodVolcarona: [15] + [10] = 25
p^_^okemonvortex: [10] + 10 = 20
Gleeb: [15]

WeepingDevil: [15]
Devoxys: [10] + [3] = 13

Cheese555: 3 + [5] = 8
WhirlwindBulbasaur: [3] + 5 = 8
adiass: 5
Andrew: [5]
Gallant Spear: 5
GuiShark: 5
LJB14: [5]

terrapieseven: [5]
aegii: 3
applo: [3]
Barry000: [3]
CloudyNatu: [3]
keeping it icy: 3
LCWCY2: [3]
SergioRules: [3]
TheWhoDoctor: [3]
mgperson: [1]
SonofDaw13: [1]
xhiglocke: [1]

All Minis unless specified below.
[denotes regular official]
denotes special official]

Come out this Friday for our weekly tournament at 4:00 PM EDT for a (Single Elimination) Random Monotype Battle!

Quick Links:
Ladder Archive |
Previous Week's Results | Weekly Tournament Info | Weekly Tournament Leaderboard
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Hosted an (cheesy) Official on May 29th ♥ @ 9:30 PM EDT

QCs: CloudyNatu and 3.14dgeot-Mega

1st place: Dylas [01:58]
2nd place: pokemonvortex [02:04]
3rd place: Emboar02 [02:21]
4th place: Rory Mercury [02:34]
5th place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [02:37]
Consolation Prize: DarkShinyGiratina [02:53], Oof! Tato~EDM [03:09], BigPimpin12 [04:19], Devoxys [04:20], awa~ nderingcaelum [04:23], SonofDaw13 [05:14], Cheese555 [05:18]

Q1: This is the nickname of the Pokemon last seen in "Friends to the End" whose owner battled a Character of the Day.
Q2: On this Route in Kalos, a Roller Skater mentions that she pursued skating to chase a Pokemon that she claims flies around the area, but the Pokemon actually cannot be found anywhere on the route (exclude "Route")
Q3: In the anime, a specific Character of the Day attempted to find a Jigglypuff in the woods for her daughter's birthday for a very long time. According to that anime episode's blurb, it took him six (???). Answer for (???).
Q4: This Bird Keeper is the only one of her trainer class to use solely a single Hoothoot in a specific game.

Q1: Happy
Q2: 4
Q3: Months
Q4: Alexandra ♥
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Hosted a collab Official with Alexender (Alex), Devoxys, and Milkshook on Thursday, May 31st, at 7:30 PM EDT!

As per our May twist, it had 4 questions!

Winner: thimblebony
2nd: LCWCY2
3rd: ptoad
4th: SonofDaw13
5th: gallant's pear
(1) Pin Missile, (2) Rotom, (3) Will-O-Wisp, (4) Bidoof
1) Milkshook: This move used to have a base power that was not a multiple of 5, until this was changed in gen 6.
2) Devoxys: In the episode of the Pokemon anime where Ash's Electrium Z goes missing, the Electrium Z is found in the possession of this Pokemon.
3) Alex: In the Latin American dub of the anime, this Fire-type move was once referred to by the Spanish name of an exclusive Grass-type move.
4) Meicoo: Which Pokemon Zukan Mystery Dungeon 2 figure is not a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness? Answer with the name of the Pokemon.
Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Sparkychild for quality checking!
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The May Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: 3.14dgeot-Mega in first place with 236 points, Meicoo in second place with 121 points, and Rory Mercury in third place with 118 points!
3.14dgeot-Mega 236
Meicoo 121
Rory Mercury 118
pokemonvortex 103
Wan the Avatar 100
Devoxys 74
GoodMorningEspeon 59
Andrew 52
BigPimpin12 48
Milkshook 43
Dylas 38
gallant's pear 37
SunGodVolcarona 36
xhiglocke 30
mgperson 29
Panda 28
CloudyNatu 26
SonofDaw13 24
WeepingDevil 23
Hikanu 23
thimblebony 20
c.kilgannon 20
WhirlwindBulbasaur 19
Seafaring 18
terrapieseven 16
Emboar02 16
darkshinygiratina 15
Gleeb 15
Cheese555 14
GuiShark 13
ptoad 13
thewhodoctor 11
scorrchingtheaph 11
aegii 11
geene 10
A Phantom 10
lordnwahs6 10
fearfire22 8
awesome96birdy 8
stylus 5
thanked 5
shadowsirens 5
LJB14 5
adiass 5
rafooa11 5
SpecsMegaBeedrill 4
sergiorules 3
applo 3
barry000 3
darkdex 3
lilyac 3
skyfigueroa 3
keepingiticy 3
pilica12 3
Wan the Avatar, the highest finishing non-staff member of May's ladder, has chosen to have a Monferno mouse cursor icon in the Scavengers Room intro, so check that out the next time you're in scavs!

The ladder twist for the month of June will be: After the 5th finisher of an official hunt, any finishers within the next 180 seconds will receive 1 point on the ladder. (The 180 seconds is measured from the exact time of the 5th finish onward.) If no one finishes within this extra time, the 5th place finisher receives 5 points instead of 1. This twist does not apply to mini's!

Get out there and solve some officials this month!
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