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Reserving a Gen 1 official hunt at 8:30 PM EDT on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. QCers are Dylas and Flerovium, and host is Meicoo!

Winner: CloudyNatu ♫.
Second place: TheWhoDoctor.
Third place: Rory Mercury.
Fourth place: Sal_inity'³'.
Fifth place: RebornPixels.

Consolation prize to: GoodMorningEspeon.
Solution: clefairydoll, tangela, viridiancitypokemart.

1. In Picross NP Vol. 1, there is one puzzle in the character round that is Pokemon related, but not a Pokemon. What is it?
2. There are cards exclusive to the Pokemon Trading Card Game game. Of the three were released as a real card, which one is last in alphabetical order?
3. The Old Man can be found in which city, and in which building?(format city name building name ex. SaffronCityGym)

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Dylas and Flerovium for QCing and Meicoo for hosting!
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Wednesday March 15th
Two One Fanmade Content JUMP START hunt made by yours truly
QCs by coinboy and Brawl MK, Hosted by Rory Mercury
7pm EDT (11pm GMT)

I'm back fam ;]

March 15th 7pm EDT (11pm GMT)
Winner: pokemonvortex
Second Place: TheWhoDoctor
Third Place: keeping it icy
Fourth Place: Devoxys
Fifth Place: CloudyNatu

Solutions: azombarillyuck, moon, scraggy

Q1: Pokemon Snakewood takes place in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested Pokemon world. These are the only two fully evolved zombified versions of real Pokemon that you can catch (alphabetical order).

Q2: The Fakemon Hyperegg can evolve into one of five Pokemon through the use of stones. Which stone will evolve it into the Pokemon with lowest Base Stat Total among its evolutions? (exclude “stone”)

Q3: Senex is the main antagonist of the game, and appears in a battle as a stand alone Pokemon rather than as trainer. What is the first real Pokemon by national PokeDex order to have the same type combination as Senex?

Real Hunt:

Winner: Rory is a nub (0wO)
Second place:
I Dream of Rain
Third place: p^_^okemonvortex
Fourth place: Luna

Fifth place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Consolation prize to: Devoxys, Meicoo, Bagnet Momb, CloudyNatu ♫, GoodMorningEspeon

Solution: nuclear, seikamater, articunoplusle

Q1: Pokemon Uranium hunt! In Pokemon Uranium, this new type is introduced to the game (omit “type”.)

Q2: This fan-made Pokemon in Uranium, thanks to her ability which works similarly to Steelworker, can have the most STAB move types of any Pokemon, excluding those with Protean.

Q3: The creators of Pokemon Uranium warned players not to accept a certain fan-made Pokemon on the GTS, because it will corrupt your save file. This Pokemon is a cross between what two real Pokemon? (alphabetical order)

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated, coinboy and Brawl MK for qcs and Rory Mercury for hosting. It's good to be back, expect more Sergiofficials in the coming months!
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Hosted yet another official.... this time it's Gen 1 at 10:00pm EDT on March 14th (2:00am on March 15th, GMT)

Winner: Rory Mercury (03:35)
Second Place: BigPimpin12 (10:50)
Third Place: CloudyNatu (12:29)
Fourth Place: grumpig (16:43)
Fifth Place: Meicoo (17:42)

Consolation Prize:
kingofnidoking (20:35), RebornPixels (20:48)

Q1: This Gen I character had a walking sprite that was unused in Gen I, but was eventually put into use in Gold and Silver. | Lance

Q2: This Gen I Pokemon can be found in the debug menu of a different Nintendo-series game, where it was originally intended to be with a PokeBall to aid the person who summoned it. | Ditto

Q3: According to a Pokemon Guide, a pokemon evolution line is in a different order than it is in the games. What changes when this Pokemon evolves, according to the guide? (plural noun) [exclude any articles] | swirls

QCed by Brawl MK and ashiemore; hosted by the one and only Brawl MK

Hope to see you there!
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3/16/17 @ 10:15 PM EST

First Place:
Second Place: BigPimpin12
Third Place: TheWhoDoctor
Fourth Place: Rory Mercury
Fifth Place: Swimmer Dill
Consolation Prize to: Cheese555, I Dream of Rain

This Warrior Skill in Pokemon Conquest, that is not a unique skill, is learned by the least amount warlords, but is still learned by at least one warlord. (If multiple, name the first alphabetically)| Deep Breath| In Conquest, Hideyoshi may say many lines while in a battle. This is the only Warlord he has a unique line about if battling them.| Mitsuhide| In Pokemon Conquest, this Warlord's Rank II Warrior Skill is the first alphabetically to also be a Pokemon category from the main-series games.|keiji

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Flerovium for QCing. Sorry for being late, but thanks to everyone for still being cooperative~! Thanks to LifeOrbLileep for making Q3 also.
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Reserving the Gen 5 Hunt for March 17th, 19:00 GMT, QC: coinboy and Rory Mercury. Hosted by Flerovium coinboy

also I'm stayin' alive, guys

Q1: What items can Morimoto's Pokémon in Black and White 2 hold (pre and post game; Alphabetically)?
A: oranberrypetayaberry

Q2: Name the trainers with animated battle sprites in Black and White (alphabetically)
A: Bianca Cheren N

Q3: The English voice actor for Serena's Fennekin voiced which major human characters of Unova (alphabetically)
A: Bianca Elesa Iris

First: TheMajin
Second: Lucas87
Third: CloudyNatu
Fourth: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fifth: pokemonvortex
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Good for you
Gen 5 Official @ Friday, March 17th at 7:15 EDT.
First place: rp being a weeb (Reborn Pixels)
Second place: Level 51
Third place: rafooa11
Fourth place: adiass

Questions and Answers:
A Generation 5 Wi-Fi event gave out this Pokemon whose event moveset could not touch any Pokemon with Bulletproof asides from its STAB move.: mewtwo
In Pokemon Black and White, this item is just a recolor of two key items.: god stone
In Pokemon Black and White, this item, that is supposed to activate when the holder is at half of its max HP or less, will not activate if the holder hits itself in confusion and reaches half of its max HP or less.: sitrus berry

Qced by Dylas and coinboy Sorry about the early official, but that was really the only time I can do.
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cool quiz
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March 16th, 2017, at 9:50 PM EST!

Winner: BigPimpin12
2nd: Lixnir
3rd: CloudyNatu
4th: Keeping it Icy
5th: Muto (Anot)
Consolation Prize: TheWhoDoctor, Stylus, Cheese555

Theme: Conquestion?!!!

Solutions: Sturdy, FZP8GqRZRR, GyaradosQuagsire


Which ability that also exists in the main series games is possessed by the most Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest? If multiple, list the latest alphabetically.

2) Certain Pokemon were given away through passwords by GameStop in Pokemon Conquest. What is the GameStop password for the only one of these Pokemon that has both a pre-evolution and a subsequent evolution?
3) In one of the kingdoms of Ransei, there are exactly two different fully evolved species of Pokemon that can be found only at level 3. Each has a 4x weakness to a different type than the other does. Name the two Pokemon in alphabetical order.

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Brawl MK for qc'ing!! Seriously, they're great. It was on super short notice.

This official was brought to you by "gotta go fast" from Sonic. Started making the official to ending it in about an hour. Heh. Hope y'all enjoyed! :P
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Rory Mercury

lacks composure
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18/3/17 19:00 GMT -4 Adventures KO Games | Made by 3.14dgeot-Mega

Winner: BigPimpin12
Second Place: GalectiGames
Third Place: Flerovium
Fourth Place: TheWhoDoctor
Fifth Place: Meicoo

Hope everyone who participated had fun, even if they were knocked out early on! Thanks to Painter Espeon for QC'ing (as well as me) and congratulations to everyone who managed to place in the Top 5!
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Reserving a special Pokemon Adventures birthday official for 3/18/17 @ 5:30 P.M. EDT (9:30 P.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are coinboy and lotiasite, hope to see you all there!

I'm really excited for this :)

Saturday 3/18/17 @ 5:30 P.M. EDT (3/18/17 @ 9:30 P.M. GMT)
First Place: Flerovium
Second Place
: keeping it icy
Third Place: Anno-nyme
Fourth Place: Meicoo
Fifth Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Consolation Prize to: Rory Mercury, ruby, Gallant Spear
Solutions: YellowMarch03, Earth Power, Graveler
1. Of all the characters with a known birthday, this main character in Pokemon Adventures has the earliest birthday in the calendar year (format answer as [character][month][day], ex. AshJanuary01).
2. In Pokemon Adventures, two types are referred to with different names in some of the translated texts. This is the first move alphabetically that contains the name of one of those aliases.
3. In Pokemon Adventures, a Pokemon is shown levitating while it does not have Levitate or is seen levitating in any core series game. What is the Pokemon?

Grats to all finishers! I hope you enjoyed this hunt, I had lots of fun making and hosting this.
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Hosted the Game Freak official on 3/19/17 at 1:00 P.M. EDT (5:00 P.M. GMT). QCed by ILRB and coinboy and hosted by the lovely coinboy

Winner: adiass (08:32)
Second Place: Anno-nyme (13:59)
Third Place: ShinyStocko I Dream of Rain (18:09)
Fourth Place: Lucas87 ^-^ (30:27)
Fifth Place: Gallant Spear (33:12)

Consolation Prize: rafooa11 (33:32), GalectiGames (37:03)

Q1: Prior to Generation IV, this is the location of Game Freak's headquarters in the Pokemon games.

Celadon Mansion

Q2: This Game Freak game features a name-changing doctor, and a not-totally-human protagonist, and the "GG".


Q3: In this Game Freak game, the player controls a fairy trying to help the blind protagonist complete levels.

Mario & Wario

Had a lovely turn out! Congrats to all finishers :)
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Reserving an Items official on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 9 PM EDT. QC'd by Rory Mercury and Meicoo and hosted by Rory Mercury.

Winner: Illusio.
Second place: 1987 was a year.
Third place: Embar.
Fourth place: TheWhoDoctor.
Fifth place: keeping it icy.
Consolation prize to: Gallant Spear 真.
Solution: snarl, eggantberry, mirorb.

1. The TM that contains this move was once unobtainable via normal means (aka no hacking)
2. This berry is referenced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, despite only being available in Generation 3. (include word 'Berry')
3. An item found in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is meant to track a certain character. What is the name of the character?

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Meicoo for QCing and Rory Mercury for QCing and Hosting!
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Hi there, reserving PS/Smogon official for 8*PM Monday 20th (ET). to staff members, i know i said i would postpone this but im not going to school today cause sick so im hosting it now for convenience

PS & Smogon Official: 8PM ET 20th March, Monday

Second: Flerovium
Third: pokemonvortex
Fourth: Luna
Fifth: CloudyNatu
Consolation prize to: Meicoo, terrapieseven, keeping it icy

Solutions: Glalie, V4Victini, Scandinavia

1) What is the first (by registration) username on Smogon which shares its name with a Pokemon?
2) This PS Leader (&)’s Smogon username is their PS username + a Pokemon. (Answer is the Smogon username)
3) This PS! Language room was created in 2014 and no longer exists.

Thank you to Brawl MK and Rory Mercury for quality checking and thanks to everyone for coming!
>8 minute gap between 3rd and 2nd
>4 second gap between 4th and 5th

[11:23:16] +CloudyNatu ♫: terrapieseventh

smh first official in about forever
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it's been a long time coming
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Tuesday, 22nd March 2017 @ 10pm GMT-4
First Place
: Jk Howling
Second Place: Illusio
Third Place: Embar
Fourth Place: 102112I1
Fifth Place: kevinrocks
Consolation Prize to: No one
Solutions: masquerainpelipper, 36 (8), 2017combee

1. Pre-Pokemon bank, these two fully-evolved Pokemon can be used to legally breed on all of Mareanie’s Egg Moves. List in alphabetical order.
2. In an SOS battle, how many Attack EVs would a Bagon with Pokerus and holding a Power Band gain from defeating 2 Mudbray? Format in digits, e.g 1, 11, 111
3. A common way of obtaining shiny Pokemon is by TSV hatching, so if the 4-digit Trainer Shiny Value (TSV) of the trainer is identical to the 4-digit Egg Shiny Value (ESV) of the Egg, the hatched Pokemon will be shiny. By looking at information of Alex’s ingame team here: http://pastebin.com/U27Jkch4, what is Alex’s 4-digit TSV, and therefore which Pokemon from this list: http://pastebin.com/vcyDLXKH will be shiny when hatched by Alex? Format as [XXXX][Pokemon]

Q1: http://prntscr.com/emx6vb screenshot proudly presented by TheWhoDoctor, from Bulbapedia.
Pelipper is obviously one of the answers. Why Quagsire and Greninja do not qualify is because they are not available Pre-Bank. Ash-Greninja cannot breed. Surskit can evolve.

Q2: http://www.trainertower.com/ev-training-hotspots-in-pokemon-sun-moon/
Power Band was intentionally added as a diversion. It does not add Attack EVs at all. So the relevant calculation is:

Defeating a Pokémon that yields 1 EV

  • With Power Item + SOS Battle: 18 EVs
18 x 2 (I asked for 2 Mudbray) = 36 EVs.

Ok, made a mistake:

SOS + Pokerus = 1 x 2 (SOS) x 2 (Pkrs) = 4
4x2 = 8

Q3: Everything else with a TID not 'Alex' is a diversion. So are 90% of the details. Just zoom in to OT, TID and ESV.

- Toxapex, with OT: Alex, TID: 047867, is a self-caught, non-shiny Pokemon. Therefore, it being non-shiny indicates that 0465 is not the correct TSV.

- Meowth (Shiny), with OT: Alex, TID: 274568, is hatched by another Alex, as you can tell the TID is different.

- Popplio (Shiny), with OT: Alex, TID: 047867. It shares both OT and TID with the Toxapex and details listed at the top of the pastebin. Therefore, this is a Pokemon that has been TSV hatched by (the correct) Alex.

Ctrl-F Popplio's TSV, 2017, into the second sheet.

Grats to all finishers, thanks to GoodMorningEspeon and Rory Mercury for QCing and Rory Mercury for hosting. Sorry to everyone who tripped on Q2 bc I'm bad.
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March 23rd @ 5:30 PM EST

First Place:
Rory Mercury
Second Place: Devoxys
Third Place: Embar
Fourth Place: keeping it icy
Fifth Place: Loneliest
Consolation Prize to: CloudyNatu

This is the only prop found in Pokemon Musicals you can only receive on one date yearly, without changing the time/date or any other settings of the Nintendo DS.|Toy cake| Hoenn's contest idol Lisia is the niece of a gym leader that also performs in contests. What is Lissia's nickname for her famous uncle? (Excluse the word uncle in your answer)| Wall| In Pokestar Studios, there is an opponent known as MT, which is based off of a Pokemon. Said Pokemon was first encountered by Ash in which episode of the Pokemon anime? (Exclude movies as valid answer and answer with episode title)| Address Unown

Thanks to Meicoo and Brawl MK for QCing. Grats to all finishers, and thanks to all for participating.
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In my element.
Theme: Gen 4
10:30 PM UTC, 25th of March, 2017.
2nd: I Dream of Rain
3rd: 0wO
4th: pokemonvortex
5th: BigPimpin12
Solutions: heartscale, mtcoronet, blastoisecharizardvenusaur

1) Sinnoh's Underground has a feature in which the player can mine items; which of these items covers the smallest area?
2) In the anime, Team Galactic succeed in completing only three fifths of an examination of this location.
3) In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, these Pokemon are tied for the highest-levelled fully-evolved trainer-owned Pokemon in the game. (alphabetical order)

Thanks to Meicoo and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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Reserving an official for Merchandise at 7:00 PM EDT (10:00 PM GMT) on Monday, March 27.
Thanks to Rory Mercury and Brawl MK for QC'ing.
Thanks to Rory Mercury for hosting!

Winner: Big♥Pimpin12
Second: what even the HECK
Third: The(Who+Doctor)²
Fourth: CloudyNatu ♫
Fifth: None
These are the only Pokemon not to be retired that were available before the fifth release of a certain set of two inch figurines. (Alphabetical order)|flareonjigglypuff
In a set of stamps that emphasize both rolling and playing, these two Pokemon have stamps that are not the same as their PokeDex color (orange=red). (Alphabetical order)|jigglypuff raichu
In the deck of playing cards where the jokers are represented by Grandpa, the queen of spades would have this character and this Pokemon on it. (format answer as [character][Pokemon])|hazel pikachu

RIP me missing Pikachu for Q1
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Hosted a Collab KO games with Devoxys and Flerovium on Locations at 4:00PM EDT (8:00PM GMT) on Sunday, March 26.

QCers are Meicoo and coinboy and I believe Flerovium is hosting. Seeya there!

Hosted by Flerovium and Rory Mercury (with a dash of coinboy)

1st: Dylas
2nd: Illusio
3rd: BigPimpin12
4th: ILRB
5th: DatHeatmor

Link to all of the hunts used: http://pastebin.com/qLNPPqPe
Oh im late in saying this but im sorry it took like 3 hours we made it too hard
3/28/17 @ 7:30 PM ET
First Place:
Second Place: Rory Mercury
Third Place: BigPimpin12
Fourth Place: CloudyNatu
Fifth Place: Darthikyu
Sixth Place: I Dream of Rain

In order to get both TMs available in ORAS's Jagged Pass, which item must you have?| Acro Bike| In order to get a Damp Rock during a battle in X and Y, this move must be used, which can have its power increased through Sheer Force.| Muddy Water| This is the roughly translated Japanese nickname of a Pokemon traded to you somewhere in the Gen 6 main-games whose nature will always be Calm.| Momo-chan

Thanks to Brawl MK and Meicoo for QCing. Grats to all winners specifically Embar for winning at 1:00, meaning he did not blitz.
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cool quiz
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March 29th, 2017, at 8:00 PM EST!

Winner: Gargoyle31
2nd: BigPimpin12
3rd: User 101 (Embar)
4th: TheWhoDoctor
5th: Keeping it Icy
Consolation Prize: none

Theme: Characters

Solutions: Natural Harmonia Gropius, Corey BruteRoot, Wallene


Most of this trainer's Pokemon, who were used in battle against the player character in a main series Pokemon game, are later catchable by the player character of a separate main series Pokemon game. What's the trainer's full name?

2) In Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back, this trainer's Pokemon was defeated by a move that it has a 4x resistance to in the main series games. Name the trainer and the nickname of their Pokemon, in that order.

3) In the Chuang Yi translation of Pokemon Adventures, a main series rival's older cousin has a name beginning with the same first four letters as that rival. What's the older cousin's name in the Chuang Yi translation?

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Brawl MK for quality checking!

BTW, this was a birthday fishal! :O
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Good for you
PMD Official
Thursday 3/30/17 9:00 PM UTC/5:00 PM EDT
with Meicoolquiz and 114. :]

First Place: Dylas
Second Place: Cyllage
Third Place: Bigpimpin12
Fourth Place: Lucas87
Fifth Place: none

Questions and Answers:
1) In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, this is the first Pokemon that is seen in a state following its transition to stone. | wailord
2) This Pokemon is the only encounterable Pokemon in a certain one of the dungeons in the Voidlands in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon which is not fully evolved. | gastly
3) This Pokémon Mystery Dungeon item's only use is that it cannot be stolen. | alertspecs

Congrats to all who participated. Sorry for not being there, my phone died and I was at school. -_- Thanks to "luxray is the best pokemon, if you disagree, you're wrong" and rory weebcurry for qcing!
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cool quiz
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Scavenger Games Format on March 31st, 2017, at 8:00 PM EDT!

2nd: Dylas
3rd: abysmal ruins (Keeping it Icy)
4th: King of All Cards (Teiger)
5th: CloudyNatu
Consolation Prize: Illusio, LapisHoundoom, Rory Mercury, lotiasite, BigPimpin12

Solutions: several

Questions and Solutions: 7 hunts: https://pastebin.com/PtP4h9A6

Thanks to Brawl MK and adiass for quality checking! Big kudos to adiass for making his first qc's 12 hunts at once!
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Reserving a Point Rally collaboration with ILRB and SergioRules for 3/31/17 @ 3:00 P.M. EDT (7:00 P.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Meicoo and 3.14dgeot-Mega, hope to see you all there for the last official theme of March!

Friday 3/31/17 @ 3:00 P.M. EDT (7:00 P.M. GMT)
First Place: TheWhoDoctor
Second Place: Rory Mercury
Third Place: Devoxys
Fourth Place: King of All Cards (Teiger)
Fifth Place: Anno-Nyme
Consolation Prize to: BigPimpin12, CloudyNatu, rafooa11, Flerovium, Seafaring, Cheese555, keeping it icy, beej, Lucas87 (final standings are here: http://tinyurl.com/llawjog)
Solutions: 13 hunts
Questions: https://pastebin.com/m9LB9DBU

Wow, I completed my first non-regular official hunt. This Point Rally was really fun to make and host. I have to shoutout a few people.

First, to CheeseMuffin (Moo) and TheWhoDoctor for originally collaborating with me.
Next, to ILRB and SergioRules for helping me when I needed some emergency hunts.
Also, to Meicoo and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QC-ing. Props to them for quality checking 13 hunts.
A special thanks to Meicoo for helping me update the spreadsheet during the official. I would've lost my sanity without him.

Congrats to the finishers, and thank you everyone for participating.
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