(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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9:00 PM UTC, 1st of April, 2017.
2nd: Meicoo
3rd: Brawl MK
4th: TheWhoDoctor
5th: pokemonvortex
6th: grumpig
7th: lotiasite
Solutions: rowlet, secretsworddesign, gladion.

1) This Pokemon has the lowest Speed stat of all unevolved Flying-types.
2) In Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure, this unlockable item contains the name of a two-word Pokemon move.
3) This person gave a certain species of Pokemon a different name - by which it became known - after evolving it into that form.

Thanks to ILRB and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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The March ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: BigPimpin12 in first place with 193 points, Rory Mercury in second place with 151 points, and CloudyNatu in third place with 148 points!
BigPimpin12: 193
Rory Mercury: 151
CloudyNatu: 148
TheWhoDoctor: 135
Illusio: 122
0wO: 116
pokemonvortex: 96
I Dream of Rain: 90
Embar: 80
3.14dgeot-Mega: 66
Dylas: 55
Lucas87: 55
keeping it icy: 53
chupps: 52
RebornPixels: 52
Anno-nyme: 46
Devoxys: 46
adiass: 45
Flerovium: 45
Moo: 45
Luna: 42
Meicoo: 33
grumpig: 31
Brawl MK: 25
coinboy: 20
Gargoyle 31: 20
JK Howling: 20
Mr. Uncompetitive: 20
Teiger: 20
The Majin: 20
bartimaeusjr: 16
Gallant Spear: 16
1987 was a year: 15
GalectiGames: 15
Level 51: 15
Lixnir: 15
MukUsedDrillPeck: 15
terrapieseven: 15
Bagnet Momb: 10
LilBlueShuppet: 10
rafooa11: 10
SparkSupreme4: 10
102112I1: 5
lotiasite: 5
pancake: 5
Salinity: 5
Stylus: 5
Anotal: 2
Alarms: 1
Darthikyu: 1
DatHeatmor: 1
kevinrocks: 1
JB04: 1
Loneliest: 1
SwimmerDill: 1

The ladder twist for April will be revamped from a previous one: points will be distributed to twice the places as normal, so first and second place both get points for first place.
Good luck and have fun during the upcoming month!
Hosting an official on 2nd April 2017, 2:30am GMT, QC: Flerovium, Brawl MK
Hosted probably by Dylas
First: terrapieseven
Second: Ninjadog13
Third: Spearoth
Fourth: Rory Mercury
Fifth (Harmony): BigPimpin12
Sixth (form): Cyllage
Seventh: grumpig
Eight: CloudyNatu

1) This Pokemon was part of Pokemon Snap's beta build but was not present in the final game (ans: ekans)
2) In a special course of Pokemon Dash - Pikachu can ride another Pokemon; which Pokemon is that? (ans: lapras)
3) Which fossil pokemon(s) share their category name with a fully evolved starter? (alphabetically) (ans: kabuto kabutops)
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First Official! (4/2/2017 @ 5pm EST)
First: Devoxys
Second: Meicoo
Third: Rory Mercury
Fourth: BigPimpin12
Fifth: Anno-nyme
Sixth: Grumpig
Seventh: TheWhoDoctor
Eight: Lawrence
Ninth: Cyllage

1. In Pokemon X and Y, this item that was originally planned to be in the game let the player change clothes at any time. | traveltrunk
2. This female pokemon-character, appearing in a single movie, is voiced by an actress that voiced a Pokemon with every base stat as 100 in that same movie. | layla
3. In the anime, Ash's Bulbasaur placed second in a tournament because his opponent's Pokemon learned what move during the battle? | Solar Beam

Reserving my first Aprilfishul for tomorrow, April 6, 2017, at 5:00PM EDT (9:00PM GMT)!

This hunt was QCed by coinboy and adiass, and will be hosted by Meicoo > Dylas > Brawl MK >@Flerovium


1st place: terrapieseven (11:18)
2nd place: BigPimpin12 (16:12)

3rd place: CloudyNatu (20:20)
4th place: pokemonvortex (27:16)

5th place: Rory Mercury (37:12)

Q1: This episode of the Pokemon anime features two characters of the day, both of which wear crowns. (episode title).
A1: Awakening the Sleeping Giant!

Q2: The first human to be the primary antagonist in a Pokemon Movie has a certain trainer class. These are the only trainers with that trainer class after RSE that use only Pokemon that were introduced in their respective generation, in at least one battle. (alph)
A2: Edwin Ivan Jamal Raymond Terry Todd

Q3: A certain Pokemon has the same attack (albeit spelled differently) on all of it's PTCG cards, except one. For that "one", name the last Pokemon to appear in the same PTCG set.
A3: Kabutops
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9:00 PM UTC, 7th of April, 2017.
2nd: keeping it icy
3rd: Gallant Spear
4th: zacjl
5th: Anno-nyme
6th: BigPimpin12
7th: Concuss
Solutions: hypnosis, suicune, mimikyu.

1) Berry Forest contains Pokemon that are said to use this move on minors.
2) This is the only roaming Pokemon not to share a type with any other roaming Pokemon.
3) If this Pokemon's neck becomes damaged, the Pokemon will attempt to repair it.
Thanks to Dylas and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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2017 April Hunt Marathon from April 9th, at 00:00 AM GMT to April 10th, at 00:00 AM GMT
Gallant Spear
2nd: TheWhoDoctor
3rd: Grumpig
Tied for 4th: CloudyNatu/Lucas87
Full Leaderboard: https://pastebin.com/0mhUGUq5

Questions and Solutions: 24 hunts: https://pastebin.com/wGFnMszc

Quality Checks provided by 3.14dgeot-Mega, adiass, Brawl MK, coinboy, Flerovium, LegendaryMouse and myself
Hosted by adiass, Brawl MK, Flerovium, LegendaryMouse, and myself

This was the inaugural Hunt Marathon, so thanks everybody for participating!
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Reserving an official for 9 PM EDT on April 10th, 2017 (about 4 hours and 44 minutes from now). Hosted and QCed by Rory Mercury and QCed by Meicoo.

1st place: BR\aw/LM!k.
2nd place: TheWhoDoctor.
3rd place: BigPimpin12.
4th place: Dylas.
5th place: terrapieseven.


1) This Pokemon entered into the Pokemon Sky Relay cannot fly or float. [meowth]
2) Of the Pokemon raised by Gold's mother, this is the one that does not share a type with another. [sandshrew]
3) This game has another game, accessed by a secret button combination that was not discovered for 13 years, inside of it. What is the name of the (outer) game? (format é as e) [pokemonpuzzlechallenge]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Rory Mercury for QCing and hosting and Meicoo for QCing!
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formerly Brawl MK
Reserving an official for 4/12/17 @ 8:00 P.M. EDT (4/13/17 @ 12:00 A.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Flerovium and lotiasite, maybe this will be the first official this month to actually have 10 finishers!

Wednesday 4/12/17 @ 8:00 P.M. EDT (4/13/17 @ 12:00 A.M. GMT)
First Place: Illusio
Second Place: terrapieseven
Third Place: Rory Mercury
Fourth Place: Stylus
Fifth Place: CloudyNatu
Sixth Place: Meicoo
Seventh Place: pokemonvortex
Consolation Prize to: N/A
Solutions: MalamarSylveon, Aipom, Battle Bond
1. If all Pokemon evolved as they did in the main series games, these Pokemon would not exist in the Pokemon anime (alpha order).
2. This is the only Pokemon that requires a multi-hit move to evolve.
3. This is the first ability, alphabetically, that debuted in the anime before the main series games.

Congrats to all finishers! I thought this would be easy and have 10+ finishers, but I guess not. ;; Oh well maybe next time.
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Reserving an official hunt for April 13, 2017 @ 7:00 P.M. EDT (11:00 P.M. GMT). QC'd by GoodMorningEspeon and Meicoo! Also, thanks to Mei for hosting as well.

Official hunt on April 13, 2017 @ 7:00 P.M. EDT

1st Place:
BigPimpin12 (02:37)
2nd Place: pokemonvortex (03:03)
3rd Place: Gallant Spear (05:41)
4th Place: TheWhoDoctor (06:07)
5th Place: Painter Espeon (10:04)
Consolation Prize: N/A
Solutions: TheEvolutionSolution, DrampaNinetalesAlola, CallOfLegendsCopycat
1. A character in this episode of the Pokemon Anime mentions that it would like to see Alakazam using a different utensil. (episode title)
2. Name every Pokemon that is exclusive to either Pokemon Sun or Moon and does not share its typing with any other Pokemon (format forms as PS does, alpha)
3. The Pokemon TCG set that had the most Shiny Pokemon available also featured a supporter card that shared its name with this Pokemon Move. (format TCG set name, move)

Congratulations to all finishers, and thanks for participating!
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Reserving an official hunt for Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 10 AM EDT (2 PM GMT). QC'd by Painter Espeon and GoodMorningEspeon. Hosted by me (!!)

1) A certain member of the information network Wes uses in Pokemon Colosseum is also seen as a wanted person in the Pyrite Town police station. What is this character's grandfather's name? [makan]
In Generation VI, this class of item has the lowest positive friendship value increase for friendship values below 200. [battleitem]
This was the second-highest selling video game in North America in 2005. (format é as e) [pokemonemerald]
First Place:
coinboy ミ☆
Second Place: Brawl~MK idle
Third Place: Level 51
Fourth Place:
gallant's pear
Fifth Place:
Lucas87 ^-^
Thanks for participating!
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In my element.
Flerovium x GoodMorningEspeon
9:00 PM UTC, 14th of April, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: 3.14dgeot-Mega
3rd: adiass
4th: sparkychild
5th: BigPimpin12
6th: Meicoo
7th: Rory Mercury
8th: Cyllage
9th: GalectiGames
Solutions: hardstone, aerodactyl, stevelandskiploom.

1) This item, which can be excavated in Sinnoh's Underground, boosts moves of a certain type, despite the fact that it is not a plate.
2) Under normal battle conditions, three types are capable of damaging every Pokemon, regardless of their type or ability. Out of all of the Pokemon that get STAB on two of these types, this one comes first in the Pokedex.
3) In a particular anime-exclusive competition, this competitor and his Pokemon defeated a Team Rocket member's Yanmega, but was defeated by a Honchkrow owned by one of Ash's rivals (format your answer as trainerpokemon, for example: ashpikachu).

Thanks to Dylas and lotiasite for QCing, and thanks to GoodMorningEspeon for collaborating with me and providing Q3!
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Bold and Brash
Reserving my first official hunt for Saturday, April 15, 2017 @ 8:30 EDT (April 16 @ 12:30 AM GMT)! Hosted by Meicoo and QC'd by Meicoo and Rory Mercury.

1st (20 points): terrapieseven (1:00)
2nd (20 points): BigPimpin12 (1:12)
3rd (15 points): DatHeatmor (2:41)
4th (15 points): Gallant Spear (3:55)
5th (10 points): GoodMorningEspeon (5:17)
6th (10 points): Cyllage (11:26)

Q1: This Pokemon with a unique ability evolves into a Pokemon with a different unique ability. (Don't include Mega Evolutions) | Wimpod

Doing /ds [Pokemon] and /dt [Pokemon] provides the same results. | Ditto

Despite being one of Ken Sugimori's favorite Pokemon, Sugimori has stated that this is his least favorite Pokemon to draw. | Venusaur

Thanks for everyone who participated in my first official hunt!
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Did an official hunt on Sunday, April 16, 2017, @ 5:00PM EDT (9:00PM UTC)

1st Place: FireghtBug (01:28)
2nd Place: I Dream Of Rain (10:11)

3rd Place: Anno-nyme (16:09)
4th Place: a name (20:30)

Q1: In the Pokemon games, a certain character introduced in Generation IV has also made appeared in every generation afterwards, helping to advance the story (either pre- or post-game story). In the manga, someone used a certain Pokemon to save that character's life using only one hit. Name the Pokemon doing the saving and the Pokemon he needed saving from, in that order.
A1: Dewott Scolipede

Q2: In the anime, only one "main" protagonist has had a starter Pokemon that was shown in just its first form, and its fully evolved form, without ever showing the intermediate form. Name the person and the Pokemon (e.g. Twid's Espeon, use the final form of the Pokemon)
A2: May's Venusaur

Q3: This fire-focused trainer went from having an all-female party to having an all-male party in the third game in it's trio.
A3: Flannery

Hosted by adiass and QCed by adiass and 3.14dgeot-Mega

Thanks for playing!
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4/17/17 @ 6:30 PM EDT

First Place:
Brawl MK
Second Place: Gallant Spear
Third Place: TheWhoDoctor
Fourth Place: Grumpig
Fifth Place: DatHeatmor
Sixth Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Seventh Place: Stylus
Eighth Place: Barnaba

[Dylas] Certain installments of the Mystery Dungeon series include Wonder Mail codes for shiny Pokemon. Which of the shiny Pokemon obtainable is the final evolution of another shiny Pokemon obtainable through wonder mail as well?|Roserade
[Cyllage] What is the first episode (full name) of the Pokemon anime to not have any pokemon make a debut? (Format é as e)|The Path to the Pokemon League
[Cheese] There is a glitch type pokemon whose name consists of only 2 alphanumeric symbols, and evolves into Missingno. What pokemon has the same dex number as the level it evolves into Missingno?|Quagsire

Thanks to Cyllage and CheeseMuffin for collabing with me. Also, huge thanks to Rory Mercury and Flerovium for QCs. Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to our winners.
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In my element.
Flerovium x Gallant Spear x coinboy
9:00 PM UTC, 18th of April, 2017.
Rory Mercury
2nd: Meicoo
3rd: TheWhoDoctor
4th: pokemonvortex
5th: Devoxys
6th: grumpig
7th: Dylas
Solutions: static, pokemonrangerguardiansigns, calmcraggyarea

1 [Flerovium]) This is the ability of the Pokemon with the lowest BST to be banned from Sinnoh's Battle Frontier.
2 [Gallant Spear]) In this game, Bronzor can use Teleport. (format é as e)
3 [coinboy]) In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, this dungeon has the most guest party members joining your team.

Thanks to adiass and lotiasite for QCing, and thanks to Gallant Spear and coinboy for collaborating with me!
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2:00 AM UTC, 20th of April, 2017.
QC by Flerovium and Meicool Quizzer
Winner: Brawl~MK
2nd place: Rory Mercury
3rd place: Big⚾Pimpin12
4th place: DatHeatmor
5th place: gallant's pear
6th place: Cyllage
7th place: TheWhoDoctor
8th place: grumpig
9th place: Cheese
10th place: Stuart MacGill
Solution: 01:30, thunderwave cave, aramau

1) Back in October, the Japanese Pokemon Youtube channel posted a music video about a specific 7th-generation Pokemon and its desire to be loved. How long is this video? (Format answer as mm:ss)
2) This rhyming location in the Mystery Dungeon games is named after a move.
3) In the most recent installment of the Mystery Dungeon series, one Pokemon has its name misspelled during its recruitment mission. Give the misspelled name.

Thanks for playing!
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Reserving an official hunt! (Wow it's been a while since I last said that)
Date/Time: Thursday, April 20th at 7:00 PM EDT/11:00 PM UTC

Fun facts:
1) This hunt is on the 3rd anniversary of my registration of the username "Cyllage"
2) This is my first official hunt since November of 2014

Thanks to coinboy and Brawl MK for QC'ing and to Dylas for hosting!

1st: Meicoo [BLITZ]
2nd: adiass
3rd: pokemonvortex
4th: terrapieseven
5th: TheWhoDoctor
6th: mathfreak231
7th: CloudyNatu
8th: sparkychild
9th: Stylus
10th: grumpig
Consolation prize to: gallant spear, DatHeatmor

1) Who is the first trainer one can encounter after exiting Union Cave? (exclude Trainer Class) - anthony
2) This is the only non-Generation 1 main series game in which the game's mascot partially covers the word "Pokémon" on the box art (Exclude the word "Pokémon") - silver
3) A certain in-game character shares his French first name with Brock. What is that character's English last name? - stone

Q3 Explanation: Brock's French name is "Pierre." Steven Stone's French first name is also "Pierre."
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Had an official on 4/19/2017 at 4:00pm UTC!

1st place: gallant's pear
2nd place: grumpig
3rd place: adiass
4th place: TheWhoDoctor
5th place: Lucas87

1. The item that increases a Pokemon's level the most in Generation VI is made from a combination of what two items (alpha order)? | Enigma Berry, Roseli Berry
2. In Pokémon Adventures, this Pokemon is level 59, and uses 7 different moves (all 7 of which match the Pokemon's type) | Braviary |
3. This Pokemon in Generation III learns 5 moves by level-up. 4 of these are at level 1, and the last move is a damaging move with increased priority. Which Pokemon? | Arcanine

Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega for hosting after the initial confusion!
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Reserving an official hunt on Wednesday, 19th April at 10 AM EDT (2 PM GMT).
QC'd by adiass and coinboy.
Hosted by me.

1st Place: TheWhoDoctor
2nd Place: jumbowhales
3rd Place: Aegii
4th Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
5th Place: grumpig

This was the only international game that the N64 VRU worked with. (Hey You, Pikachu!)
2: This is the only Fully Evolved Water-type Pokemon used by the leader of Sunny Park Colosseum. (Milotic)
3:This is the first main series game alphabetically (out of two) that doesn't include Beauty as a trainer class. (include pokemon and format é as e) (Pokemon Black)

Thanks for participating!
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formerly Brawl MK
Reserving an official for 4/20/17 @ 4:20 P.M. EDT (4/20/17 @ 8:20 P.M. GMT). THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Quality Checkers are adiass and Rory Mercury, maybe this will be the first official this month to actually have 10 finishers (again)!

Thursday 4/20/17 @ 4:20 P.M. EDT (4/20/17 @ 8:20 P.M. GMT)
First Place: Meicoo
Second Place: pokemonvortex
Third Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fourth Place: sparkychild
Fifth Place: charizard942
Sixth Place: TheWhodoctor
Seventh Place: Devoxys
Consolation Prize to: N/A
Solutions: 110, Masuda, Shattered Psyche
1. If all the Pokemon that could learn Tail Slap used Tail Slap, hitting five times for each tail, it would hit an opponent this many times (include Smeargle, exclude any and all forms).
2. This person credited with the creation of the Pokemon anime has the longest Japanese name (answer with his or her last name).
3. Out of all the attacking Psychic-type moves that can be used by Pokemon that learn Psychic Terrain, this one can potentially deal the most damage without any stat boosts.

Congrats to all finishers! I thought this would be easy and have 10+ finishers (again), but I guess not (again). ;; Oh well maybe next time.
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4/21/2017 @ 7:00 PM EDT

First Place:
Rory Mercury
Second Place: Brawl MK
Third Place: DatHeatmor
Fourth Place: Gallant Spear
Fifth Place: Meicoo
Sixth Place: CloudyNatu
Seventh Place: Grumpig

This wonder key that appears in a Pokemon Rumble Game must be used to progress through the game. However, this key also winds Pokemon up the slowest, making it a detriment to the player. (Include "key" in your answer.| Bent Key| This PokeStar Studios movie is the only one the player does not need to complete in order to get a Black or White trainer card.| Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder| There is a base payout for blacking out in the Pokemon series depending on how many badges you have in your possession. One of these base payouts was changed in the transition from Gen IV to Gen V. In word form, how much was this base payout increased?| Four

Thanks to GoodMorningEspeon and adiass for QCinG! Grats to all finishers and thanks for participating.
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You know me and 3-14dgeot-Mega? We might just have an official coming up on April 22nd at 9AM EST / 2PM UTC that has been graciously Quality Checked by Flerovium and Rory Mercury.

1st place: Growcanine
2nd place: LapisHoundoom
3rd place: adiass
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex
5th place: FireghtBug

This Poison-type can have the poison status condition. Ignore forms, abilities and type-changing moves. | dustox
2) This is the only Fully-Evolved Bug type Pokémon that learns a move that was modified twice within the same generation. | yanmega
3) A certain Pokémon you get in a trade in generation 3 holds a retro mail. What's that Pokémon's nickname? | meowow
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Original Post
You know me and Cheese? Well we definitely have a Scavenger Games Official coming up on Wednesday, April 26 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (9:00 P.M. GMT). Special thanks to Rory Mercury and Meicoo for QC'ing!

Be there or

Scavenger Games on April 26, 2017 @ 5:00 P.M. EST (9:00 P.M. GMT)

2nd: BigPimpin12
3rd: TheWhoDoctor
4th: Flerovium
5th: Lucas87

Questions and Solutions: https://pastebin.com/4rZb7X5v

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Meicoo for QC'ing, and thanks to all who participated!
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In my element.
Flerovium x Seafaring x Dylas
6:00 PM UTC, 23rd of April, 2017.
2nd: Illusio
3rd: TheWhoDoctor
4th: Lucas87
5th: Brawl MK
6th: CloudyNatu
7th: 3.14dgeot-Mega
8th: Gallant Spear
Solutions: rotom, metang, joy ribbon.

1 [Flerovium]) This Pokemon, available on a Rental Pass in Pokemon Battle Revolution, has no evolutionary relatives.
2 [Dylas]) The person who gives the trainer the Professor's Mask in Sun and Moon is battled twice. Which of the Pokemon present in the first battle is omitted in the second?
3 [Seafaring]) What item did Piplup hold in the animated special, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness?

Thanks to Rory Mercury and coinboy for QCing, and thanks to Manaphy286 and Dylas for collaborating with me!
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